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If Guns Were Illegal Then This 13 Year Old Would Be Dead




  • A 13 year old defended his life and home from 2 attackers, killing one. 
  • The two suspects both had a long list of felonys including drug convictions, burglary, and attempted murder.
  • Although never trained with the firearm, the childs quick thinking undoubtedly saved his life. 

Two convicted felons intent on breaking into a Ladson, South Carolina, home Tuesday afternoon were met with surprise when they came face to face with 13-year-old armed with a gun.

According to reports from The Post and Courier, the young boy, who is not being identified, was home alone when he grew suspicious of a car that pulled up outside around 1:30 p.m. Moments later, the two suspects went to the back of the house and attempted to break in, at such time, the boy, fearing for his safety, grabbed his mother’s handgun.

As the suspects tried to make their way into the house, the boy opened fire, but the suspects reacted by returning fire before fleeing from the scene. The boy chased the suspects out of the home and continued to fire as they fled in their vehicle. The boy, who was uninjured, then called his mother, who instructed him to call the police.

Investigators combed the area around the boy’s home and discovered a Colt .45 pistol, which was believed to belong to the suspects.

A short time later, one of the suspects, who was later identified as Lamar Anthwan Brown, 31, was dropped off outside the emergency room of a nearby hospital. Brown, who was shot three times, died at the medical facility. The second suspect, Ira Bennett, 28, later turned himself in to authorities. He was charged with first-degree burglary and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime.

But apparently the two men were no strangers to crime, with both having an extensive criminal history. Brown was convicted six times on felony drug charges, in addition to unlawful carrying of a weapon, disorderly conduct and trespassing. Bennett was previously convicted of assault with intent to kill, pointing a firearm at a person and third-degree burglary, in addition to drug convictions that included possession of a controlled substance, manufacturing and distributing a controlled substance and possession of marijuana.

The boy’s mother, who is just thankful her son is safe, said she kept the gun in the home for personal protection, but she never taught her son how to use it.

“I tell my kids that if anything ever happens to call 911, but I also tell them to protect themselves if they have to,” the mother said. “I never would have dreamed that this would have been a part of our day today.”

The boy, who homeschools and is typically home with another family member during the day, did not wish to talk with reporters, but according to neighbor Debbie Griffin, who witnessed part of the attempted burglary, the boy wished the shooting never would have occurred.

By Jennifer Cruz,

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  • Rafael M Avena says:

    Only the thugs will have guns.

  • Rodger says:

    Home invasions are quite common. We have the right to defend our family at any cost. The boy did the right thing and it took courage to do it. Thanks son.

  • william shore says:

    because if guns were illegal the 13 yr old would be dead. its not the gun that’s the enemy its the idiot behind it and Obama bin laden cant see this

  • joe says:

    he wouldn’t be able to defend himself

  • John Stene says:

    Thank goodness the young man had a gun at his disposal to defend himself. Guns need to remain legal in the United States so citizens can protect themselves!

  • Name says:

    BAD guys with guns, are stopped by GOOD guys with guns. If guns are illegal only BAD guys will have guns.

  • JOE O. STEVENS says:


  • William Lee says:

    The police would either comes on a crime scene, or the scene of a killing. A crime scene is easier and neater to deal with.

  • Earstwhile and working says:

    This is a typical “day’s work” in the life of repeat offenders, of a certain ethnic group who do not want to do an honest day’s work for their own betterment. It has license from our (used to be) “White House” occupant, all the way down to the ner’do’wells themselves.

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR COUNTRY? This is not the way we are supposed to be going.

  • Cary Rosenbaum says:

    The fine young man rightly defended himself and his home. Without the gun he would probably injured or worse.

  • Barbara says:

    He already wasn’t trained with the use of a gun but had he not had one available….he just might be a dead little boy and the criminals who probably got their guns illegally …. would continue to try to rip apart other people. THESE ARE THE people who should not have guns…but…how do you prevent them from obtaining guns?Take away our only protection by banning guns altogether as our fearless leader is trying to impose on us. Good show Obummer.

  • Dallas Ebest says:

    every one should have access to a gun in an emergency

  • Joanna Devine says:

    We must have the right to defend ourselves against criminals who threaten our lives.

  • Dr CJ Collom says:

    The two men facing charges — did they explicitly indicate what they were intent on doing? What were their prior offenses? B&E cases rarely end in kidnapping or murder. The kid merely prevented a theft, which is laudable in its own right …

    • bruce says:

      Being a doctor I would think your reading ability would be better. The story indicated that one of the thugs had been convicted with assault with intent to kill while in the act of a burglary. Should the young man have let them BREAK in with a gun and ask them what their intent was. OMG! It is that ignorant liberal mentality that is slowly tearing this country apart. God bless that young mans heroism.

  • Michael Hughes says:

    If the kid needed to wait for the police to arrive, all they would be able to do is write up a murder report with the kid featured prominently as the VICTIM.

  • Paul Babbini says:

    The only negative point here is that he wasn’t able to kill both of them.

  • Michael says:

    This young man did what he had to do to survive and he needs his Mom or someone to tell him so!! If he had not done what he did he might have been badly hurt or killed by these two dirt bags!!! I guess these are a couple of OSLIMA’S little darling’s who would never do anything wrong!! <(*_*)>
    Well, one is in a hole where he belongs and the other one is going on a long vacation where he belongs also!!

  • Roger says:

    He would have been a defenseless 13 year old.

  • NEAL says:


  • emma says:

    i hope my own would do this

  • Rambo says:

    Guns should be legal for all Law abiding citizens. If his Mom didn’t have one then he would be a statistic.

  • Robert says:

    Because protecting yourself is just common sense!!! The option of being dead is NOT an option!!

  • Nate says:

    Nate we should be able to protect ourselves ,loved ones and homes.Leave our 2nd amendment alone.Obama and his islamic nazi gestapo regime wants us defenseless.So we can’t resist him turning our country into a socialist one.Can’t wait till he is gone.He is a disgrace to our country.The undisputed worst person to ever hold our office of president GO TRUMP!!!

  • Terry Dean says:

    If his Mother had not had that handgun and had not taught that boy how to use it and when to use it. He would most assuredly, be dead now. His Mom should be very proud of how he handled himself. I just hope he does not let this alter his life. Well done, Young Man.

  • SUSAN says:

    I do not agree that we need to seize weapons. Rather we should be storming the gates of pharmaceutical companies for there out right lies, which have caused all I REPEAT ALL OF THE HOMICIDES AND MASS MURDERS. IT SHOULD BE JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS NOT WEAPONS

  • Charles Phelps says:

    A lot of the laws today are written to protect the criminal and not the average citizen

  • Michael Sutera says:

    All through history Americans had gun to protect themselves and family. I think that is one reason Japan did not land troupes

  • Jason says:

    Unfortunately I live in Las Vegas Nevada. And just about every night I hear about some violent crime or murder happening here. I used to own a very nice Walther pintolerant but times being what they are I was forced to sell it to pay rent and for food. Now I find my self saving up again for another pistol to protect myself or my mother. This place is so wrought with crime it staggers the imagination. I was born and raised in Northern California and I never would have thought to need a gun there. But unfortunately I was forced to move out here to obtain work and help take care of my mom. Now that I have been here for 11+ years there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t hate this place for all of the pieces of shit that are allowed to be here.

  • Good for him! We all should fax this story to Obama and our Congressmen.

    Also, mother should have had him trained by NRA or some other.

    Also, does law allow “continuing to fire at criminals after they left the house? Just curious.

  • Tom Fogelman says:

    Your home and some one is a treat and they enter beyond the front door or unwelcomed a person should have the right to protect them selves . Proud of the young man there should be more like him.

  • David Blakeman says:

    The Supreme Court of the US has ruled that the law enforcement officers have to protect society at large, not the individual. The rich and powerful have their armies of armed guards, all we peons have is ourselves . The day that we are disarmed we will no longer be citizens, we will be subjects.

  • charles flemming says:

    good and bad got 1 and 1 got away

  • Verlin Hamby Jr says:

    The story tells it all

  • chuck says:

    keep your arms it our right from GOD

  • Von Boudreaux says:

    To be Free, It takes Force..,,Don’t Tread On Me….
    Come And Take It…May God Bless Us… and Throw the Bumns out….

  • jeff says:

    because scum bags like these two should never see the light of day….

  • Rick Childers says:
  • Rick Childers says:

    throw Obama Out and take the SS from him and his family

  • Larry says:

    What else could he do other than try to hide or escape from a safe exit. He stopped the threat. Yes he could have been injured either way armed or not.

  • Name says:


  • SUE SHARP says:


  • Fred says:

    Very simple. There would have been no guns in the child’s house if Obama had his way. But the bad guys still would have had theirs, and no government policy is ever going to prevent this! The bad guys always find a way to get guns, even though it’s illegal for felons to possess them.

  • Ted Weikel says:

    If guns from legal gun owners are confiscated, the honest law abiding citizens will no longer be able to defend themselves from criminals who will always obtain illegal guns from the drug cartels who will smuggle guns as well as the drugs they now smuggle. More profit for the drug smugglers. The government can’t stop or even slow the drug trade, how would they ever slow gun smuggling?

  • Ramon Huerta says:

    He is a big Hero, for his quick thinking

  • Silvio Di LORETO says:

    I agree because I do not believe in our government

  • ginny says:

    Those crooks did not care if anyone was home or not, if the boy had not done what did yes, he would be dead. I commend the boy for his bravery and cool head. A boy or girl with that maturity should be taught to use a gun for their protection and that of their family. I learned to shoot at the age of 8 and to care for a fire arm. My parents were hunters ND i WENT WITH THEM

  • Paul Throw says:


  • Eric Oglesby says:

    Why were these cowards allowed to get so many breaks out of our so called justice system. They should have never seen the light of day. That is exactly why the 2nd Amendment exists. To protect and defend ones life and property,period.

  • Donald Bean says:

    The gun(s) belong to us. Not Obama.

  • Pete and Laura says:

    It too obvious.

  • Ruben Elizondo says:

    It’s a no brainer! The thief would not want any witness so more than likely the hero would be victom and dead if that were the case.

  • robert sladecek says:

    he should have tried to talk to them first

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