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Obama Proves Himself A Fool Once Again In Vietnam



On Obama's “historic” trip to Vietnam this week, he has had a great many PR stunts. However, this one may take the cake.

In the video, we see the president beat boxing while encouraging a local girl to rap for the audience.

What president before would ever have done a display like this? It's as if the very role of president is just one giant joke to the man. However, he encourages the girl who goes onto to rap something in Vietnamese that she translates to being about economic and gender equality. Fitting for our current president.

Obama's time is thankfully running very short, but he never passes up an opportunity to make an awkward gesture on the world stage that weakens the office he serves.

The whole exchange in the video is very typical of the man while being typically hard to stomach. I sware we have given weapons to Vietnam just for the photo ops the president has taken.

He goes on to talk about inspiration. A man who has failed at every opportunity to even inspire his own party. You can look at the current mess the Democratic Party is in and blame it directly on the crises of leadership that he has instilled in them.

November Can't come soon enough.

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  • James Pearce says:

    You know Obama you should follow the old Chinese proverb. Better for one to keep his mouth shut than to open his mouth and remove all doubt.

  • John Grindel says:

    Because he is a fool.

  • paul says:

    Have no idea what he was attempting to say…

  • jim says:

    He is more then a complete fool

  • David Fleury says:

    Obama is not making a fool of himself or his office. He is simply engaging a young student into the conversation. He is doing something that is helping to put this young lady at ease as she talks to the most powerful person on the planet. When he is having a press conference and a heckler starts to mouth off, he doesn’t stop them he allows them to have their say and then he responds to their comments. He doesn’t just have security grab them and throw them out. He is a very fair and open president. He is such a breath of fresh air as compared to what George W. Bush was like. See if the current Republican front runner Donald Trump would ever act presidential. I can’t believe that so many people are flocking to a man that acts like the biggest BULLY on the block. Now, that’s a far flung cry from being presidential.

  • Bob says:

    Obama has done everything he can to make our country look bad, weaken it and morally corrupt it. This transgender fiasco is just a distraction away from all the unconstitutional actions he and HiLIARy have done. But i guess we shouldn’t be surprised, Congress has no guts to stop it and the media is complicit. He did say he would “fundamentally” change America. In Obamese talk, “fundamentally” means destroy

  • jackie jones says:

    You”ve been so long with your heads up your ass”es .at least he”s willing to converse with people of other nations. Diplomacy is a good thing in cASE YOU DID”NT KNOW? I don”t think it is so much him, as it is boss”es like the Clintons, etc. It”s not about always taking control but seeking truth and peace in all this chaos. He”s only a pond as you know. When you are willing to talk truth, exposing the true maddest in all this crapola politics, Hit me back. You are just skimming the surface! How far are you willing to walk the walk or is this just another agenda to discredit America? Thank meindopie02!

  • Nick says:

    Obama is such a fool and a disgrace to all proud Americans of which he is not one! Once a lowlife always a lowlife.

  • edward clapp says:

    I am a veteran and a true American and I am waiting and hoping that he will be put away in prison for good before he accomplices he mission to destroys our nation from a republic to a socialist nation. To get rid of a snake is to stop if by its’ head.

  • Daren D. Theige says:

    I LOVED this video of President Obama!!! He manages so effortlessly to make himself one with the crowd and display a real human side and you can see that the crowd is definitely responding to that!!! SO refreshing to have a President who brings an intelligent and warm persona to his International visits!!! A far cry from when Lil Bush Jr. would embarrass the People of the United States with his childish, foolishness!!!!

  • eric swirczynski says:

    I have had friends and realitives served in ‘Nam.So once again this POS needs to disappear off the face of THIS Earth!!!!!!

  • K. Burton says:

    As usual Obama rambles on, says nothing of importance, spouts inane thoughts and in general embarrasses our entire Country with his complete lack of knowledge on any subject. Who IS this guy?

  • Blake E. Edwards says:

    He spoke of 5 minutes and said nothing meaningful or intelligent.

  • BOB says:


  • JB MARKS says:

    He is more than a fool he is a moron and cannot wait till he is out of office and we can get back to reality….instead of his BS ideology

  • Beau says:

    He simply is a Fool at any time or any place!!

  • Sackrider says:

    Obama has never even liked America or anything she stands for. He is for everything that is good for the traditional family and wants to take away all guns so the criminals would be the only ones that had guns. He will go down as one of the worst presidents this country has ever had.

  • Lee Smith says:

    Obama has never done anything but look like a fool.

  • Patrick says:

    He has been a fool in everything he has done or tried to do. He brought back ugly again!
    Everyone sees him as a clueless wimp!

  • Trish says:

    He rambles because he does not know what he is talking about. He on purpose, makes America seem ignorant. God have Mercy on us.

  • Wayne Wise says:

    Obama is now and has always been a complete moron.

  • Gerald Slay says:

    Do I really need to explain?

  • George Knoll says:

    Besides performing without dignity, he has cheapened and dismissed the murder and hardships experienced by the South Vietnamese subsequent to the American withdrawal. By the way, China and Vietnam are historic enemies, but we are trying to develop sound trade, cultural and political relationships with China (and Vietnam) so why are we selling weapons to Vietnam? Fair disclosure; I am a Vietnam veteran.

  • Frank Dietl says:

    A REAL MEATBALL! Lets hope we never have another like him. At least in my Lifetime.

  • patti volz says:

    I think Obama is a joke and is a disgrace to our great country.I still can’t believe how far down we have come since he took office.Also,still mad a black comedian called Obama a nigger and Obama liked it.What would happen if I called him a nigger in front of an audience and tv cameras?!?

  • vlad says:

    obama did the right thing

  • Martin Osborne says:

    He constantly apologizes for us the American people where most of us feel no need to apologize just like this he forgets who started this war and how many Americans died from a sneak attack on American military and civilians during the attack on pearl Harbor how many Americans forget or feel sorry for the response to this attack I won’t ever forget and I feel no need to apologize they got what they ask for and ended that war in what would have probably drug on for years and years with more people fromm both sides dying than that one act did. That one act may have killed many Japanese but nowhere near the number the war could have he constantly downs America the decisions other presidents were Forced to make even though those decisions were called for and worked he’s a complete idiot and he’s not an American he has no pride in his country his military or the American people he needs to go and leave the USA period we don’t want him here didn’t ask for him to be here and disagree with his traitorous contemptuous behavior toward our country he’s a Muslim traitor that for sake of me I can’t understand why our government hasn’t done their job and impeached this man!

  • Frank Shroyer says:

    Just consistent with his inept way of governing. Just can’t wait until he is gone.

  • Cathy says:

    He’s telling it like it is. Down to earth. And somehow someone can put words to it, oh my word how could he say THAT! !!!! She said she was a wrapper, so he said hey lets see what ya got.,and for that he’s an ASS?? How about more people come down from their better than thow attitudes and keeping up with the Jones and worry about their own, WHATEVER. There’s too many cooks in the kitchen, and everyone of them wants to add a different ingredient, how many different ingredients can be added before the pot is spoiled? ??

  • Dave says:

    There were basic truths to what he said. Just like there are basic truths in what Donald Trump says. I think we should have an open mind to what anyone says and not worry so much about how it might appear.

  • paul fisher says:

    the truth will out … it has done ….dumb does as dumb is ….

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