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Obama’s Tears Are Worth A Thousand Lies




In case you missed it on Tuesday, this is a recap of the president Obama's speech on the need for gun control. Obama gives a tearful speech calling for tougher background checks, registering all sales with the FBI, and funding the invention of gun safety features. He claims that he respects the 2nd amendment, but that he will go behind congress's back to pass executive orders to undermine it. Is this a slippery slope that will lead to a great disarmament, or will this be a once and only action taken by the president on gun control?

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  • Dale says:

    He has no emotions except anger

    • Martin says:

      Absolute Crocodile Tears! Fabricated for the legions of fools who support this ‘Resident Evil.’ Remarkable that so many fools appear to believe their dark prince has concern for anything but himself and his agenda of decimating America. Should give this Jackal an Academy Award for such staged nonsense.

  • Bruce Sunrise says:

    Just like Black LIES matter. This is the most un-constitutional so call president this country has ever HAD.

  • Cheryl Janner says:

    He’s a sociopathic narcissist. It’s natural for him to lie. He hasn’t told the truth since he ran for President the first time.

  • Robert says:

    What a piece of shit

  • paul says:

    Mychal Massie predicted 7 years ago that Obama would crack in public, I think it started yesterday…

  • DANIEL says:

    His agenda from day one was having the Muslims be in control of this country don’t forget that Mohamed said WE MUST RULE THE WORLD.there fore it’s imperative for him to gain control over the guns otherwise the Muslims will not be able to gain control and slay all the Christians and the Jews if we still have all our guns. He is not stupid he is going to try for control once the control is passed then the doctors and the nurses and the teachers will be involved in telling all that they have heard from the individual and he will have spies and squealers just like Hitler did in the 30″s. HE HAS TO BE STOPPED HIS AGENDA IS VERY EVIL.

  • Winchester says:

    I noticed when the gal in Vegas killed/injured people by running them down with her car, ‘O’ didn’t jump on Air Force One to be there to console people – or want to ban the cars. Was that different somehow? CARS AND GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE…PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE…by whatever means possible.

  • Luis Cespedes says:

    He is so full of it that almost nobody believe in him, including voters and member of his own regime.
    cocodrile tears, MY FOOT, BAG HUMBAG!

  • Bob says:

    Where are the tears when one of our men or women in the military are killed while defending the right he has to stand up in front of the TV cameras ad lie t the world?

    Where are the tears when one of our brave Police Officers is gunned down?

    He has his own agenda to destroy the USA and our congress is allowing him to do so.

  • Michael Nesslar says:

    He is the best at lies and being a fake look at his weak record as a so called president. He is just trying to hide the fact that he will only be remembered as the first half black president and not what he accomplished.

  • Kenneth R Walters says:

    I do not agree with him for this reason. It is not the innocent people who murder. it is the people who get upset with the government for taking away their guns. And besides if he does take our guns please tell me who will prevent the criminals from getting guns. The people who want to get guns for criminal purposes will continue to get guns from somewhere. He will never succeed in taking away all guns. There will always be guns coming in from somewhere. Especially as long as somebody wants to take over this country.

  • David Valler says:

    Every word out of his mouth is a lie .

  • Judy says:

    Lies, and now he is trying to be a good actor!

  • Dave says:

    This is all theater. Spare us you’re fake tears BHO. You have watched gun violence and murder rates skyrocket during your pathetic tenure as president, in city after city, that already have the strictest gun laws in the country. You support sanctuary cities, where illegal aliens have killed innocent American citizens. You support open borders and welcoming un-vetted Muslims to come to this country. You are releasing thousands of convicted hard core criminals from our jails, and worst yet, TERRORISTS from Guantanamo Bay, who will go back to the battlefield to try to kill Americans and destroy our country.

    And now you expect American citizens to believe you just want to save just one life? What a complete fraud! For the life of me I cannot understand why a single American supports this man, unless you also hate Americans and hate everything this country stands for.

    Spare us your fake tears BHO. Your only goal is to destroy the Constitution and this great country.

    These illegal executive actions should be the final straw!!! Step up Republicans and IMPEACH this man!!!! Then put him on trial for TREASON!

  • patrick driscoll says:

    This guy has been responsible for millions of deaths, given his weak management of a job he never would have gotten had he not like so much.
    All the woman and children and others he has condemned to death due to his inaction and BS policies. He should be crying for his own worthless soul.
    He should cry every minute for all his corrupt and useless actions, that are based solely on a political agenda, even though they did a movie on his only accomplishment: Benghazi

  • Ken says:

    the so called pos occupier of the white mosque is a phony beyond description.
    Where are all the tears over the thousands of abortions that happen in this country every year?
    Where are all the tears over the slaughter of Christians in the middle east by obamas cousins?
    Where are all the tears over the bloody weekends of violence where obamas bros. bang it out in Chitown?

  • james says:

    husaine Obama is a foney and lier.

  • Al says:

    How about his crocodile tears for his beloved Planned Parenthood who not only murders babies but then has the audacity to sell their body parts. OR his crocodile tears for the Syrian or Iraqi Christians he isn’t letting into America but muslims by the boatloads, while ISIS is raping and killing the Christians. How about his scam to take away law abiding citizens guns from his failed Fast and Furious giving automatic weapons to the Mexican drug cartel in which they are still killing law abiding citizens with!!! All these mass shootings are happening in places where guns are not aloud-gun free zones!!! When law abiding citizens have guns, hoodlums think twice!!! All of Obama’s actions are charades-Iran nuclear deal-allows them to get nuclear bombs, Obamacare-imploding, refugees-flood America with muslims-more than half of them believe Sharia law should be above are own-basically the woman has no rights-she can be raped and killed at the whim of the guy, the economies a joke-over 95 million people without a job-yet lets bring illegal immigrants in by the millions to steal the elections for the democrats, he’s more then doubled our debt and doubled the number of people on food stamps all in 7 years.

  • james says:

    huaine Obama I a lier,fraud and piays on the American people. R have a he said he didnt

  • sonny corleone says:

    He throws police under the bus, does not cry when Americans (and Christians) are beheaded by Islamic Terrorists, when military and law enforcement officials are murdered. Never cries when dozens of children & teenagers are killed by gang violence in Chicago Every Weekend. The man is a phony.

  • David Shaw says:

    The Muslim is putting on a show, with his fake tears. He hopes “stupid Americans” will think he is for real, and that he stands with them.
    Sorry Barry! We’re not stupid! But you sure as hell are, for the show you put on.

  • Dean Seki says:

    Obama, is a proven liar, obsessed with his , legacy, at our rights and country. Cares not about what real threats facing all in world, by ISIS, Open Boarders, Iran Nuclear Process, N. Korea, but instead says global warning is most important threat in the world, all while dismantling our armed forces, to levels below WWII.

    Talks of gun control, yet releases criminals with felony convictions, including crimes with guns, while prosecuting fewer criminals using guns, each year. Yet is imposing Executive Action, against law abiding citizens.

    If he is so concerned, where was he when the shootings went down, or the Support for Kate’s Law, after shooting by an illegal in SF.

    He is a hypocrite, or just blind, deft, and dumb to all that disagree with his program.

  • db says:

    He has been spewing lies for 8 years and we do nothing. Congress sits on their buts doing nothing to protect the citizens of the US. Every time he opens his mouth he lie to the American Citizen to get us to buy into his agenda. He is a joke in the world and has given away all our rights and destroyed relations with our allies.

  • Steve says:

    You notice that the tears came at the point where he was talking about the children being killed. Where are the tears for the countless thousands being murdered before they even get out of the womb? That should tell us a whole lot right there! He doesn’t really care about children or anyone else. He has an anti-American, anti- freedom agenda! If he really cared about the people being killed, he would be for more guns, not less. Guns in the hands in of teachers, principles, security guards, janitors, etc would stop this nonsense! Same with theater goers, collage students, military base personal. More guns not less make for a safer environment!

  • Ed Brriad says:

    He’s NOT EVEN a good liar !!!

  • charles drake says:

    Hhe probably had some salt or pepper Placed where he cold touch it ,He just a lyingASSHOLE.and no one should put any Trust in what he says or does.

  • dan says:

    SANDY HOAX even the feds admitted to a drill ,look at all the lies and bs going on in the gov.

  • Donald Conner says:

    Help those with mental illness? Well, charity begins at home, and if anybody needs therapy, it’s this Muslim Communist Fascist and his method-acting bawling. If only he’d get drunk and fall down the stairs and break his damned neck this country would be100% to the 20th power better off. He has never allowed the tracks of his past to be seen, having them all sealed, and that can only mean that he has so much to hide he’d have to resign if it ever became public knowledge. He’s just one more in a long, long string of lying bastards who call themselves politicians who can be trusted no more than a rabid dog. I do feel sorry for his kids, to have a bastard like him for a father and no way of denying it.

  • Rocky says:

    Obama’s tears are as real as his birth certificate !

  • Jerry Cosner says:

    I just don’t get why anyone would be against better background checks. I’m sure it is an inconvenience for gun sellers at gun shows to do this but it is for safety.Let’s face it the folks selling guns are there to make a profit selling an item,is the bottom line trump the safty to others by not letting a gun into the hands of a felon or mentally challenged person.The NRA has no say in this nor should they,sell all the guns you want ,as long as they are to responsible people

  • Larry says:


  • Shirley says:

    He would not know the truth if it hit him square in the face

  • Diane says:

    Poor excuse for a leader

  • Mike F says:

    The gun lobby does not speak for me when it comes to gun ownership or registration. If you have nothing to hide registration and background checks shouldn’t bother you. They don’t bother me.

    • jaybird says:

      You need to read Agenda 21, 2030 also the Civilian Weapons Confiscation Study Group paper by by United Nations Office for Disarmament. It is not about having something to hide it is about the UN agenda and you better wake up.

    • Boryan says:

      Hillary, Bernie and other socialists are saying background checks are a good foundation to EXPAND upon. So where would it end? In complete disarmament of the People. In Russia and China, total disarmament was followed by mass genocide. I certainly don’t want my children or ANYONE”S children going through that. Or you and me for that matter.

  • Terry says:

    Common sense is worth way more than lies

  • Ron says:

    Does that sound like a dictator

  • Sherry says:

    This is what ignorance looks like

  • Linda says:

    He deserves an emmy for this crock of poop acting

  • Will says:

    He looks like a playground kid that didnt get his way……….



  • irene says:

    I heard a lawyer say when i tell you something i want you to cry

  • Jim Seaberg says:

    A little onion juice on the fingers does the trick. Him and Hillary both speak out of both sides of their mouth and lie on both sides.

  • Fon Evetts says:

    His tears are a farce. He lies constantly. He should have been charged with treason along time ago. Congress keeps letting him break the law. They need to do their jobs, which they are not doing.

  • Bill T says:

    and the biased media play it up for him as if they didn’t know it was all fake.
    The ultimate actor in action….tears on demand ….but so obvious .
    I believe he was golfing when the San Bernadino slaughter took place, and only the standard “canned” response from him about the violence etc. but no mention of it being a radical MUSLIM act of terrorism..
    The time for his moving out of the WH can’t come soon enough and hopefully with it the move into Opposition for the Democratics. With any luck at all ,the country can recover from the last disastrous eight
    years,but it will take time .
    It’s time now for real change to get the country back on even keel before it becomes the late great USA .

  • dale tewes says:

    If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Just another lie to get his regime in our business!! More worried about Our guns than the terrorists guns that want to kill us!!!

  • chris says:

    Those are real tears. He was thinking back to Bengazi and recalling he should have gone to bed earlier before his trip to Vegas the next day. Old trick actors use to shed fake tears.

  • Rudy Casas says:

    Did he shed any tears for the victims of the San Bernardino Massacre or any of the victims of mass shootings, Nada!

  • David says:

    This will do nothing to protect us. It was done so Obama would look good and give the government more control. Why don’t we just enforce the laws we currently have and give stricter punishments for carry a gun illegally?

  • Ed B says:

    Whereas I do believe he’d try anything to “make the sale” as he’s simply a misguided peddler…would you buy a used car from him…there is the remote possibility that he’s cracking under pressure. But I’ll hold to “crocodile tears” no different than when Hillary plays that card.

  • dkennedy says:

    as usual, just another trick. Just takes a touch of onion on the finger tip then touched to the eyes… as usual I am not believing someone who plays golf while Hillary screws up Benghazi and Americans die…. and SHE wants to be president!

  • Charles Nolan says:

    Fake Tears!! He was not emotional after Newtown when it happened but he did push the GUN Control issue, in Oregon he pushed Gun Control (no tears), in California (no tears) but yes Gun Control and Paris the same!!! Yes, just another LIE with tears!!!!

  • Carolyn says:

    He is nothing but a liar. Never tells the truth.
    He should be impeached.

  • Mary says:

    Because he lies so much! many are going to believe it,but not the smart people,and he used the poor people that have lost their family ,But he dont say…its the bad people with guns! this dam “gun law he is trying to pass is wrong! the Bad people Still will have Guns,because there are a lot of bad people in the world,who can find other bad people who can get the guns for them! and he wants to leave us without/How are we going to defeat our family and us?why doesn’t any body have the gutts to get rid of him???

  • sue Reiterman says:

    He does not really care about the victims, he cares about how people will look back on him in history. There must be something you can use as you wipe your eyes to make them tear up. But then a good actor can tear-up on que.

  • Michael Duerr says:

    There are so many stupid people out there that will believe his tears were real. The emotion on his face does match. Total hooey. And, as the saying goes, you can’t fix stupid..

  • Theresa says:

    Enforce what’s already on the books!

  • Name says:

    I don’t believe he cares for any of us.

  • Sharon says:

    Obamas tears are for himself…he knows he has been found out …he is a traitor and a failure

  • ANGELO NARGI says:

    he’s been taking lessons from john boohoo boener. what a crock

  • gary baldwin says:

    If Obama had a history of telling the truth, I wouldn’t question his sincerity. However he has lied, misrepresented us. Furthermore, our fawning media compounds his dishonesty. If he was really crying, it probably was due to his realization that he could not seize our guns by executive order.

  • JOHN ALLEN says:


  • John Shabatura says:

    I am amazed at the stupidity of the Obama administration. They want to make it as hard as possible for responsible citizens to get guns
    while at the same time do nothing about the
    people selling guns out of the trunks of their cars to criminals. None of Obama’s latest plan
    would have done anything to prevent any of the mass shootings. I’m sick of listening to all
    the liberal crap that would leave us totally defenseless against criminals who will ALWAYS have guns. Obama, take the guns
    away from criminals, not law abiding citizens.

  • Don Harvey says:

    It’s a crock of tears. In his mind he was probably thinking about his brothers of the Islamic world. But since I can’t know his mind, I will base my opinion on his performance as a perceived dictator.

  • Nolan Raorn says:

    That muslim, communist pos is a pathological liar!

  • James says:

    His narrative is false. Background checks for all gun buyers makes common sense but, not at the cost of our 2nd Amendment rights. He must go through Congress and stop these Executive Orders simply when he knows their is disagreement in the House and/or Senate.
    Further it’s a false narrative because the reason for doing this is to keep guns out of the hands of criminals,mentally impaired etc.
    None of the mass shootings that have sparked his alligator tears would have been stopped by background checks because the perpetrators all would have been under the radar because the guns used were either bought by someone else,stolen or otherwise obtained including most of the murders and killings in New York,Chicago,Ferguson,San Bernadino etc.
    Enforce the laws already on the books;stop letting felons out via Executive Amnesty;stop illegal immigration and unvettable Syrian refugees,tell judges to provide maximum sentences for crimes committed with guns and stop crying like a baby. You are supposed Commander and Chief for Heavens sake. What does Putin,China.North Korea,Iran our enemies and our friends in Europe,Israel and other countries think when they observe your in-actions on foreign policy;unwillingness to say radical Islamic terrorist and crying about gun violence. What they think is you are weak and America has been weakened by you and your policies–hence Russia’s and China’s recent aggressive actions;North Korea’s constant provocations,embolding Iran,especially by giving them billions of dollars in released sanction money. Our enemies,our friends and many,if not most, of our citizens are laughing at him and sad for our country.

  • Name says:

    If Obama was serious about stopping these killings he would do what the NRA has been wanting since 1968; a mandatory sentence of 20 years added to the sentence that would be given for the crime if done without a gun. Also no reduction allowed for the use of a gun. 20 years period.

  • Delbert Blake says:

    Nobody needs to carry firearms especialy handguns

    • Joe Spurny says:

      Your an idiot. Handguns are personal protection and as such those people who took the time to get a ccp (concealed carry permit) should be allowed to carry a handgun with them as long as all the rules and restrictions of such a CCP is followed. I carry a handgun in my house because you never know who might come through the front door and I want to make sure if they force their way into my house they would be carried out on a stretcher.

  • Delbert Blake says:

    Nobody needs to carry firearms especialy handguns

  • Lori Pfouts says:

    Poor, Poor Obama, did the Devil make him do it? He’s sort of like a little character that was once exiled to Elba, how about it–can we exile him to h—!

  • Donald is the only candidate that knows how to manage a large corpertion. He is the only candidate that can rein in the hemreging financial that can't continue says:

    We can’t continue just let people to walk into our country. But to reject people from imagration simply for what they believe flys in the face of the constitution. The constitution does not promise freedom from religion. It does promis us freedom of religion. Just. Because I don’t I don’t believe in what they do doesn’t make them undesirable or unacceptable to live the American dream. Legall imagration should be the only way to enter this GREAT NATION. We. need to seal our borders so we can controls who enter the U S A. Lock down all our borders! At that point we might be able to disawaxe the few that mean to harm our family’s. Donald has my vote !!

  • Gary Van Ryswyk says:

    ban all gun free zones and allow law abiding citizens to carry opnly or conceallled

  • Marshall Gravatt says:

    This man is so full of shit I puke.

  • Tim Zuchelli says:

    His lips were moving he must have lied!

  • Myra says:

    He always lies to get his way

  • Name says:

    J can”t See another way we are on 2016 what,s j “m Seeing we are still beinghing civization the president have no choice. It can’t soberer then that kids flirts money last ju at let li be. Let the boat if sink. It,s. Sink. Happy new. God bless you all.

  • Jason Newton says:

    He is a PHONY BOLOGNA . the man is one of the worst pervasive lairs in the history of mankind. He’s a true devil in disguise . Every time he opens his mouth out come the lies .

  • Donnie says:


  • Beverly Bradsgaw says:

    He is fake – he wants to destroy America and he is really trying had to succeed. He needs to be more interested in getting rid of ISIS. I do not support him and never will.

  • Name says:


  • Wendy says:

    Doesn’t have a heart. Can’t cry if heartless. He’ll try anything to have his way. Was he crying when “those folks”, all of them being Christian, got their throats cut? But he’ll cry over a Muslim! He can’t be gone soon enough for me!

  • Diane says:

    His tears are b.s. just like the man whose mouth all the lies come from. Anybody who hasn’t learned by now that this lying socialist muslim is doing everything to bring this country down is simply stupid and acting ignorant. This so called cmdr in chief only will hold this title in hell. Worst prez ever ever ever.

    • 2004dxone says:

      Sorry, Diane. ‘Anybody’ isn’t ‘acting ignorant,’ after 7 years of being shown over and over again, they really must be ignorant.

  • Oscar says:

    He has lied in the past .And he continues to lie to get his way.

  • David Dolcater says:

    He will do WHATEVER it takes to further his agenda and increase his popularity, and he never lets a crisis go to waste.

  • Michael Kreatz says:

    He is grandstanding to push his agenda with fake tears

  • Doug says:

    I think we all know why. The question is why hasn’t someone done something about this piece of shit!
    Fucking disgusting that there is no back bone from these elected politicians.
    The Russians are right, the US is shit and every elected official should be shot.
    I agree.

  • Lori Drew says:

    Wonder which of Obama’s Hollywood friends are giving him acting lessons? What a phony
    narcissistic fraud. Those “tears” were the biggest “crok” I’ve seen. Disgusting!

  • Jon says:

    Cuz if he really gave a shit about those kids/people (sheeple) than he would do the exact opposite- REMOVE the ineffective gun laws and give nationwide reciprocity for anyone with a license to carry.

  • Vincent Raccuglia says:

    He didn’t cry when it happened!

  • Sidney Pye says:

    If any one think he is to help why are all the people around him have guns he lies he lies

  • Terri Hunter says:

    he doesn’t know how to tell the truth!!!

  • Luke Coburn says:

    Obama is a master deceiver, liar, and manipulator. The fact is, is that he is a sociopath & quite honestly doesn’t really care about anybody except Barack Hussein. I’m sure he deceived some people, maybe a lot, into thinking that he really cared about those children. Naw, the only thing he has in mind is how can he move ever so calculatingly to controlling gun ownership and eventually gun confiscation.

  • Luke Coburn says:

    Obama is a master deceiver, liar, and manipulator. The fact is, is that he is a sociopath & quite honestly doesn’t really care about anybody except Barack Hussein. I’m sure he deceived some people, maybe a lot, into thinking that he really cared about those children. Naw, the only thing he has in mind is how can he move ever so calculatingly to controlling gun ownership and eventually gun confiscation.

  • David Dolcater says:

    Based on the last seven years, I believe NOTHING which comes out of his mouth or his eyes. He is nothing but self-serving.

  • william says:

    Did anyone else notice no tears until he put his hands near his eyes?

  • Darlaine Martinez says:


  • Ann says:

    The only true thing he said was he is going to TAKE as much power as he can to do what HE wants to do.

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