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One Nation Under Hillary (Image: MGN)

The clock is continuing to tick as we rapidly approach the end of the Presidential election. Trump has put up a tough fight but it appears that Hillary remains in the lead. Trust me, that's not something I like to hear either, yet it is the truth. My question is how? How is it that Hillary Clinton is still winning over the people of America? She has lied, she has been called out on her lying, she has caused the deaths of many Americans and yet still she strides forwards towards the finish line.

I believe either one of two things has happened. Either, Hillary is cheating in the polls and using her connections (her money) and buying off the people with power. Or, the people of America cannot handle the brutal honesty of Donald Trump's political campaign.

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What's great is that Trump has continued to fight. He has switched out his campaign team numerous times, each time going for someone stronger than the one before. His downfall has been his media coverage. Or has it … Hillary has gotten the same kind of press that Trump has, and at times, she has gotten worse. So how has the media affected Trump in a worse way than it has affected Hillary?

Every election that I can remember has been a bickering contest between the candidates. Yet, this year has seemed different than others. Putting aside the fact that a woman is running and that a man with no political experience is running, clearly that in itself is different, but that's not what feels different about this year. It's the scandals. We can't go a day without some kind of scandal being reported or broadcasted.

I'm hoping that Trump's new campaign team can pull him out from behind Hillary and get him into the lead for the Presidency. Time is running out. He's gonna need all the help he can get if he is hoping on beating Hillary. He can't afford any more “mistakes”. He can't afford any more demerits in the press.

We must defeat Hillary.

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