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Online Learning Thrives for Adults During COVID-19 Pandemic

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Young Student Watching Lesson Online | Online Learning Thrives for Adults During COVID-19 Pandemic | Featured

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to transition to online methods when having meetings, conducting classes, and many others. This includes selling skills online. The business has been thriving during the coronavirus pandemic.

Adults have been making time to learn during the lockdown as they take classes at home. “Teachers say online learning was already growing, and lockdowns have accelerated that, but competition is coming from automated lessons powered by algorithms,” Fox Business said in a report.

One of the workers who have been thriving from online work is Ms. Peggy Dean, a former hairstylist. She posts her videos along with roughly 6,000 other teachers to Skillshare Inc. She is one of the site’s most-watched teachers and makes six figures from online teaching.

According to the company, daily viewers and time spent on the site have more than tripled from last year. “Revenue shared by teachers like Ms. Dean rose 12% between March and April, and the company expects it to rise again this month and next as free-trial users start paying up,” said Fox Business.

The site’s top teacher made $68,000 last month with videos about how to use Adobe software.

Ms. Dean says she speaks with other teachers on the site who say they are getting more viewers as well. “We’re all seeing those minutes skyrocket,” she said.

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