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Sales for Tech Devices Increase as Workers Set-Up WFH Offices

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Sales for Tech Devices Increase as Workers Set up WFH Offices

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing many people to work from home, more workers set up home offices. This led to the rise in sales of webcams, keyboards, and other tech devices.

Logitech International reported a 13.6-percent increase in sales in the first quarter of the year.

“Video conferencing, working remotely, creating and streaming content, and gaming are long-term secular trends driving our business,” said Logitech CEO Bracken Darrell. “The pandemic hasn’t changed these trends; it has accelerated them.”

Logitech’s camera, microphone, and online meeting software sales have increased 60 percent, while keyboard, computer mouse, and gaming headset sales increased 8 percent.

In an April 27th tweet by NPD Vice President Stephen Baker, he said: “NPD Tracked US Consumer Tech sales increased 23% YoY 👍(29% WoW) during w/e 4-18 to nearly $1.8b. This topped the 21% increase tracked during March w/e 3-21 sales spike. We saw broad-based increases across almost all categories unlike March when WfH categories dominated.”

According to the NPD vide president, work-from-home tech sales were up 67 percent in April, compared to 53 percent in March.

Sales for personal computers increased by at least 30 percent during each of the past five weeks.

Apart from purchasing work-from-home devices, people have also invested in televisions. “Additionally, sales grew for networking technology, headphones, printers, do-it-yourself components, microphones, range extenders, streaming players, TV mounts and soundbars,” reported Fox Business.

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