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Oregon DOJ Urges Judge to Suppress State’s New Gun Control Temporarily



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The Oregon Department of Justice has requested that a district judge temporarily suspend the authorization provision contained in the recently enacted Ballot Measure 114. (BM 114).

BM 114 is a comprehensive gun control package that was approved with 50.65% of the vote on November 8, 2022. The bill outlaws ammunition magazines with more than ten rounds and requires Oregon residents to obtain a permit before purchasing a gun.

The permit will cost $65, bringing the price of a $500 pistol up to $565.

BM 114 places the burden of obtaining licenses on law enforcement, and several officers are afraid that the procedure of issuing permits will devastate office finances and/or tie up vital personnel.

Breitbart News reported on October 25, 2022, that Oregon's Clatsop County Sheriff Matt Phillips was concerned that the permit requirement would be a budget buster for smaller police departments that lack the manpower to handle permit issuance, renewal, and other aspects of Measure 114.

The permitting requirement for BM 114 is set to take effect on December 8, 2022, a date that has created concern for Eugene Police Chief Chris Skinner.

According to KGW8, Skinner said: “When the December 8 deadline was communicated to us, I think we all collectively panicked. As chiefs, this is about trying to put together a really robust, understandable, simple, consistent and equitable process for people — and we’re not in a space where we’re going to meet that deadline.”

The Oregon Department of Justice has asked a district court judge to temporarily halt the permit requirement while allowing the rest of BM 114 to go into effect.

Additionally, the Oregon Department of Justice is requesting two more months before the permit system goes into effect, hoping that the two months will be enough time for law enforcement to prepare.

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