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Parler Returns Online After A Month’s Absence



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After a month offline, Parler returns in an attempt to reclaim its status as the top social app for conservatives. The app returned online Monday after it managed to secure a new server deal with another web services company.  

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App Relaunch 

“We’re thrilled to welcome everyone back. Parler is being run by an experienced team and is here to stay,“ interim CEO Mark Meckler said. The social platform grew to over 20 million users before it shut down. With the relaunch, it will initially focus on existing users but will accept new signups soon.  The new platform is “built on robust, sustainable, independent technology,” he added. 

While the relaunch eventually happened, the resumption of services bogged down temporarily. Some users reported that Parler appeared offline during the afternoon.

New Server

Amazon Web Services kicked Parler off its network after saying the app violated its terms of service agreement. Earlier, both Apple and Google removed Parler from their app stores, also insisting that the app violated their service deals. All the tech companies pointed to Parler’s continued refusal to moderate content among their users. They showed concern that some members actively spread misinformation throughout the community, while some post incendiary messages with violent overtones. With no server and no app stores where users can download, Parler had to shut down until it can get new business partners. 

Today, Parler’s servers are hosted by SkySilk Inc., whose servers are located in a Los Angeles-area data center. “SkySilk feels that Parler is taking the necessary steps to better monitor its platform, SkySilk will support Parler in their efforts to be a nonpartisan Public Square as we are convinced this is the only appropriate course of action,”,” the company said.

New Guidelines

In order to avoid previous issues with its partners, Parler posted new community guidelines regarding their user terms of service. The company said that the Parler platform will remain “viewpoint neutral” as far as opinions go within its platform. In addition, the company said they would not knowingly allow members to use the app in committing crimes or unlawful acts. 

As of Monday, Parler remains suspended from both Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Previously, the company sued Amazon over its decision to drop them. It alleged anti-competitive motives and political animus, claims that the tech giant dismissed as meritless. Last month,  Parler failed to overturn Amazon’s decision to drop it as a client. 

Matze Fired Last Month

John Matze, the CEO at the time of the Parler’s height of popularity, tried to restore the app back to both Google and Apple stores unsuccessfully. Earlier, he said he is considering an algorithmic content moderator to the app to help community content monitoring. These moves hoped to appease the tech companies into taking it back. 

Instead, Parler’s board fired Matze late last month. Both the former CEO and board pointed to internal debate over how to get back to the old ways as the reason for his dismissal. Some experts say that Matze’s firing might be some form of appeasement to Apple and Google. 

Meckler, who has a  well-known affiliation with right-leaning groups will pick up the slack. Meckler is an attorney, political activist, and founder of the Tea Party Patriots. He is currently President of the advocacy group Citizens for Self-Governance. 

Conservative Backing

In addition, Parler’s funding largely comes from Rebekah Mercer, a conservative mega-donor. Her family is among the most influential backers of former President Donald Trump in 2016. Dan Bongino, another conservative activist, is also a co-owner.

Watch the CBS Los Angeles news video reporting that Social Networking Platform, Parler is back online:

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Do you think that Parler can regain its status as a favorite social app for conservatives? Does it have what it takes to get back on track? Or, is the continued unavailability in app stores hurting it? Let us know what you think. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Rosco says:

    The big schmuck tech companies and the lane stream media will come out guns a blazing against parlor. There is no way they want truth, neutral reporting, and facts to be offered to people who have brains, are moderately informed, and seek to make decisions that are positive for their well being. They should be able to return, but will be hampered at every turn, or hand cuffed by the schmuck big tech people

  • Guy says:

    Without it being available on the App Store and on Google. I’m not sure

  • Sue Otto says:

    I kept the app on my phone and am happy to have Parler back. No to FB, Twitter, Instagram.

  • Rocco Yorlano says:

    Can’t log in with old password and cant light in as new user. Tried to find a way to download app again but where. With chrome it appears but the app isn’t on my phone.

  • Sherry Leitwein says:

    I’m so glad to see you back
    Having troubles logging in

  • Gregory Hill says:

    Can’t log in. I’m not trying anymore. Using Telegram and Gab instead.

  • Michael Tomaino says:

    I downloaded from Samsung appstore

  • G cooper says:

    Cant log in

  • Eldon Etchison says:

    I have the app on my iPad but it will not let me open apple 🍎 must still be blocking it

  • Carol Martin says:

    I still had the Parler app and was able to sign in yesterday. I heard somewhere that new users should try to sign up next week. Hope this helps someone.

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