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We Are Paying For Illegal Immigrants Education And They Love It



We Are Paying For Illegal Immigrants Education And They Love It, see more at:

We Are Paying For Illegal Immigrants Education And They Love It (Image: MGN)

  • An illegal immigrant just tweeted that she is getting a full ride to the University of Texas.
  • Texas tax payers are in an uproar, over her tweet.
  • Mayte Lara, the one who tweeted, has had over 22,000 people tweeting her with the hashtag #DeportationForce.
  • Apparently, her account was recently deleted.

We live in a world where illegal immigrants are getting education for free. Yet, to add insult to injury, right in the face of the American public, these illegal immigrants are bragging about it on social media.

Mayte Lara, a recent Crockett High School graduate, recently went to town on Twitter bragging about being valedictorian, her 4.5 GPA, her full tuition paid to UT, University of Texas, her 13 cords/medals, of course she added her nice legs, and then she ended by saying “oh and I'm undocumented.”

How is it possible that we live in a country where they make so much of an effort to deport illegal immigrants, and yet students can tweet about it? Oh, wait, maybe the government isn't doing what they told us they are doing? 

The tax payers of Texas are in an uproar over Mayte's tweet. We, the legal hard working citizens, are paying for illegal immigrants to go to college.

Apparently, over 22,000 people tweeted to Mayte's twitter account with the hashtag “#DeportationForce coming to a dorm near you”. Yet, she was valedictorian. She was given the honor of being the smartest one in her graduating class and yet she didn't have any thoughts before tweeting that “oh, maybe this isn't a good idea.”

Welcome to the new generation. 

Apparently, the Obama Administration is being selective about the illegals that they chose to deport. I guess if they are getting free rides to college they are allowed to stay. I mean it only takes away from tax payers income, nothing important right?


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  • Mark Kalilikane says:

    Yes, they love anything for free, that is human nature. The fact is we have stupid people in office running our country.

  • Tom says:

    When necessities in life are given to you, to why not.

  • Jon Exner says:

    Every PATRIOTIC AMERICAN CITIZEN should be outraged over this.
    For every immigrant legal or illegal that take up a place in our school system from K-12 and higher education in our colleges or Universities there is one American citizen who is left out in the cold.
    There is a direct correlation between immigration and our economic problems. Immigrations touches every other issue there is from education, healthcare, jobs, crime etc.
    I for one would like the aristocratic political elites understand very clearly one thing, when they say that we are a nation of immigrants I would like them to point out one country on earth that is not a country of immigrants. Every country in Europe has been filled by immigrants then invaded and new people take control.
    I would also say to them that my ancestors came from Germany 4 generations ago and became Americans I honor them by proclaiming I am an American not a hyphenated American. I am not an immigrant I am an American.
    So to all the PATRIOTIC AMERICAN CITIZENS out there proclaim that you are an American not an immigrant.

  • Bob Loblaw says:

    Selfishness is alive and well, and apparently a virtue.
    UT is a difficult institution to gain admission into, a full ride scholarship even more so. Yet indignity over a child achieving academic honors has teeth gnashing because she was brought across the border as a child?

    I understand why illegally crossing into another country is detrimental to everyone but where is your humanity when a child’s accomplishments are cause for such hatred?

  • jerry Hyer says:

    Anytime you can get a free education at the cost of others why shouldn’t they enjoy it. Being ignorant like we are, we let them walk all over us in the name of democracy. They should be sent back to their own country and have them educated there. We shouldn’t be the ones to foot the bill and then have them walk all over us. Get the BASTARDS out of my country now. They don’t appreciate a damn thing we do for them. They are users. We have enough people here that are legal citizens that take advantage of us. Maybe Mexico will take them and feed, house and educate them like we do. Get rid of them all. What we really need is TRUMP for president

  • Marvin Wright says:

    come on!! common sense people!!

  • lou says:

    this has been investigated over and over
    with the same results .

  • Ron long says:

    That is b******* this country needs to start taking care of its own people get rid of all the f****** immigrants that aren’t doing anything except causing problems taking jobs taking homes and everything else from us hard-working American people

  • Ron long says:

    If I have to pay to go to college and I have to pay for my children to go to college I think it’s only fair everybody else has to pay to go to college or any schooling for that matter I’ve been trying to get my four-year-old to preschool and we make too much money as a family of four with one income we barely make it day today why don’t we take some of the money that all the assholes in the White House make and Debbie that out among some of the f****** taxpayers any of our American citizens that are working out on the streets or working ten times harder than anybody in that white house and all they’re doing in the white house anymore it’s screwing the American people your core 5 g********** and you need to get out of the White House and we need to go back to the original times when the Declaration of Independence was signed the original men that founded this country had it right now you guys are just screwing it up as a competition to see who can be the president the men in power b******* it’s not about the people anymore and it hasn’t been for a very long time this country is disgusting and so are the people in it and as an American that believes in our founding fathers I will fight for my family’s rights and for their freedom!!!!!!

  • alex says:

    thay think they can just move into our house and demand that we support them!

  • Gregory J. Kuhl says:

    They are coming here not to assimilate and become Americans, but to INVADE and CONQUER, and get paid by us to do it!

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