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ISIS Is Draining The Blood Of Civilians To Survive



ISIS Is Draining The Blood Of Civilians To Survive, see more at:

ISIS Is Draining The Blood Of Civilians To Survive (Image: MGN)

  • ISIS is draining the blood from civilians and using it to heal their wounded.
  • An army of over 20,000 is facing ISIS in attempts to take back the city of Fallujah.
  • ISIS is desperate to keep control of the city and is using traps, snipers, car bombs, and civilians as leverage to do it.
  • It is feared that 90,000 civilians are still trapped inside the city.

Apparently our liberation forces that are attacking ISIS, who has a stronghold over the city Fallujah, are too much for them to handle. Witnesses have recently told officials that The Islamic State is so desperate to keep a hold over the city that they are literally stealing blood from civilians to heal their wounded.

I don't think they were expecting an army of over 20,000 troops which is made up of Iraqi soldiers, Iranian militia, and a civilian population that is desperate for freedom. They are so terrified by the impending defeat that they are breaking into homes and forcing people to give blood, to the point where the streets might as well be littered with drained civilians on the brink of death.

The problem with that is the citizens of the city have hardly even had two meals a day for a long time, leaving them weak and ill. Add on the draining of blood and you have a dwindling population.

The liberation army is aware of this. Their efforts are focused on retaking the city one neighborhood at a time. Sometimes they are forced to go door to door due to the terrorist army that is hidden within the city.

“ISIS is using a lot of snipers and plenty of IEDs,” Capt. Omar Nazar, head of an elite unit in the Iraqi Emergency Response Division, told “They have booby-trapped a lot of homes and they are moving civilians around to use them as human shields.”

The Islamic State's desperation comes from the fact that Fallujah is their stronghold in Iraq. ISIS has been in control of the city for over two years now and they aren't about to let it go.

From recent reports, it doesn't sound like American troops are on the ground, yet we are helping from above with airstrikes. We have been able to help them infiltrate three ISIS perimeters, take control of the city's main hospital, as well as kill the regional ISIS commander Abu Amir Ansari. 

Unfortunately, officials fear that the battle to retake Fallujah is just a glimmer into the bloodier battle that is soon to come. When they retake Mosul. They have had success capturing other large cities, although a lot were destroyed in the process, but Mosul remains to be the worry in the back of everyone's mind.

The United Nations is worried that as many as 90,000 civilians could be trapped inside Fallujah. 

At the moment, the liberation army's main concern is keeping the civilians safe and getting them out alive. The last thing they want is more bloodshed.

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  • larry stoner says:

    If this article is correct, it appears the war is being won.

  • Joe Uzzer says:

    Trust me, the ONLY S.N.s in ISIS that give a hoot whether they live are the **leaders** if ISIS. The foot soldiers are convinced, like the Japanese Kamikazi except the ISIS S.N.s have no honor, that they are dying for their god.
    The **leading** S.N.s indeed want to stay alive and on Earth so as to appreciate their special position of power and wealth.

  • gene says:

    what do you expect from islamic muslim cowards

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