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Pelosi Calling COVID-19 ‘Trump Virus’ Shows her True Colors



Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi | Pelosi Calling COVID-19 ‘Trump Virus’ Shows her True Colors | Featured

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is a politician who simply cannot help but pop off at the mouth, usually at the expense of President Donald Trump.

Pelosi will go down in infamy as the only speaker in U.S. history to rip up a copy of the president's State of the Union speech on the occasion of the State of the Union address.

Pelosi's a very angry and idealogical person who's still in denial that Trump is our duly elected president. She wasted millions and millions of dollars of taxpayers' dollars on a baseless impeachment process that only further divided our country, never offers any new ideas to actually help our citizens, condones sanctuary cities, plays on race on a regular basis and hasn't publicly condemned people burning, looting and tearing down statues, which makes one wonder if she must condone this type of illegal behavior.

In every instance, this San Fransisco progressive can't help but shoot herself in the foot, which only benefits Trump.

The latest example of Pelosi running her mouth and making herself look even more silly is referring to the COVID-19 virus as the “Trump virus.”

We don't know what planet she has been living on since the beginning of the year, but all citizens steeped in reality realize as Trump correctly states that COVID-19 came from China.

That's not spin, that's fact.

Pelosi is blaming Trump for rising infection rates over his inaction.

What Pelosi doesn't tell the American people for pure political reasons is that Trump enacted a travel ban in early January after it was known that COVID-19 was coming to our country. In doing so, Trump was proactive early and saved countless lives in issuing the ban. He held daily news conferences for weeks updating the American public about COVID-19, where are the hot spots, what to do to help prevent it and has helped many states, even states whose Democratic governors have been pretty hard on him, with getting ventilators, masks and other medical items that they need.

These are the actions of a president who cares about his fellow citizens.

It's also beyond hypocritical for Pelosi to say Trump isn't telling people to social distance when in April she went to Chinatown in the Bay area and told people there to come shop and eat.

This isn't someone who practices what she preaches. Urging people to come to Chinatown and shop and eat isn't practicing social distancing. Did people lose their lives as a result of her bad advice?

What is also beyond hypocritical is when she says that Trump hasn't spoke out enough about people wearing masks and social distancing and that he and Vice President Mike Pence don't wear masks. It's worth noting that White House officials have pointed out that Trump  and Pence are in unique positions – they are tested for COVID-19 daily, as are the people who interact with them.

The speaker is good at criticizing but simply doesn't practice what she preaches.

Picture after pictures have surfaced of Pelosi which suggest her expressed concern is very shallow.

In a photo atop her House page, Pelosi is shown in her office speaking with Philonise Floyd, one of George Floyd‘s brothers, wearing a face mask that only covers her bottom lip.

Another photo shows her talking to Mr. Floyd wearing her mask on her chin, leaving her entire mouth exposed. At the June 10 meeting, she presented a U.S. flag that flew over the U.S. Capitol to Mr. Floyd, who wore a mask covering his nose and mouth, as did two other men pictured.

In the photo of the flag presentation, Ms. Pelosi stands in proximity to the men, closer than the recommended six-foot social-distance barrier.

Pelosi didn't start wearing a mask right away like millions off Americans did after the outbreak of COVID-19.

Pelosi is a hypocrite, plain and simple, and once again every time she talks she helps Republicans up for reelection chances of winning even better.

The speaker wants to call it the “Trump virus,” we would argue it should be called “Pelosi's plague.”

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