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Pelosi Should Pay the Fine For Bypassing Metal Detectors



Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, speaking at the Democratic National Convention

Republicans are demanding that Democrat House Speaker Pelosi should pay the fine for bypassing the House’s metal detectors. In doing so, she defies her own rule that requires all House members to submit to increased security measures. What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander: Pelosi should pay the fine. 

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Bypassing Security Measures

Fox News reported that some House GOP members caught Pelosi (CA) using an alternative entrance going into House chambers. She used an entrance that bypassed the new security measures, which leadership put in place after the January 6 Capitol attacks. 

Representative Rodney Davis (R-IL) told Fox that “she opened the session on the floor, she came through what is known as the Speaker’s lobby. We are all told, one Republican was fined for doing this just yesterday, that you cannot walk through those entrances unless you are disabled.”

Last week, Pelosi and other House Dems set a rule requiring all members to pass through a pair of metal detectors or submit to a basic search before entering House chambers. This ensures that federal lawmakers remain safe while conducting House business. Violators will face steep fines for bypassing security. 

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Pelosi Should Pay the Fine

According to House rules, any member of the House that bypasses the security measures or refuses to submit will face a $5,000 fine per incident. Subsequent offenses to the metal detector rule will net a $10,000 fine. The steep amount aimed to prevent confrontations similar to what happened earlier this year. When the metal detectors first arrived at the House, a number of Republicans refused to submit themselves to search. Texas Representative Louis Gohmert became the first casualty of the $5,000 fine. Reportedly, Gohmert left the House and ducked security to use the bathroom. 

Fellow Texas representative Dan Crenshaw called on Pelosi to cough up the fine. He tweeted “Pay the fine Speaker Pelosi,” noting that Pelosi’s exemption made the rules useless. “Now is this a smart rule? No. Is this a rule that makes sense? No of course not. But that’s not the point, the point is they’re her rules. She’s literally confiscated property in the form of money, which we think is unconstitutional, but in any case, they’re doing it,” he remarked. Crenshaw pledged to force Pelosi to pay the fine. “She won’t abide by the rules herself so we’re going to make a huge push for her to actually have to pay that fine,” Crenshaw said.

Capitol Police Assistance

In addition, Davis called on DC’s Capitol Police to report the violation to the acting Sergeant-at-Arms, Timothy Blodgett. The latter can issue the fine, but Blodgett is still waiting for a report from the Capitol Police. “Capitol Police cannot only file reports of violations on Republicans and look the other way when the most powerful person in the House, the speaker, flouts her own rules,” Davis said. 

Meanwhile, Crenshaw rued the liberal habit of virtue-signaling. “When you're a liberal there’s a propensity for action, even if that action is not effective. There’s a propensity for virtue-signaling even when that signaling is not effective,” Crenshaw added.

Watch the Fox News video where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi proposes fines for lawmakers who evade metal detectors:

What should Nancy Pelosi do about her violation of House security measures?

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What should Pelosi do next? Should she pay the fine without waiting for an official report? Or, should she just scrap the rule since she can’t follow it herself? Let us know what you think about security measures in the House and the people who implement them.

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  • Izzybelle says:

    She should be fined. Anyone as deranged as her should be checked for weapons.

  • Beth Davis says:

    Pelosi needs to step down, if she does not even follow a rule SHE implemented, than she should not even be in office. CA, recall her, she just keeps showing everyone that she us above the law. After she is recalled we need to than charge her for her husband’s investment into Tesla. Its so obvious that he invested after he found out confidential information about an executive order before it was implemented. Nancy Pelosi and other key democrats need to go as they feel they run the country and are above the law.

  • Me says:

    You go Beth Davis 🙂
    Get her out of there and if she don’t pay the fine within 90 days get her for contempt and fine her some more for wasting out time all these years bad evil woman needs removed

  • Bob says:

    She’s a piece of s*@#.

  • Honest says:

    Ice Cream Nancy should be fined for MANY Other Reasons TOO!!

  • Larry Donnell says:

    She should step down right now

  • Carl says:

    Anyone who bypassed the metal detectors should be jailed and removed from office permanently, they are no better than anyone else. The problem is that they think they are better than the people who voted them in office.

  • Donna says:

    Pay the price Nancy . Your not any better then any other person in the world. You would be after Trump if it was him doing it. You road his ASS for four years . Your nobody but EVIL. You been speaker of the house so long your head got BIG retire lady.

  • Anonymous says:

    1st thing pay her fine—and the other persons and scrap the rule

  • Jim Braccio says:

    Nancy Pelosi is literally a piece of crap !!! She does and says anything she wants and never pays the price. She goes against the rules constantly and is not reprimanded for anything she does! If anyone should be impeached, Nancy qualifies in every way. Isn’t it amazing how Demon-rats say and do so many wrong things and are never called out for their actions. What has happened to AMERICA ?
    Goodbye ,,, LAND OF THE FREE.

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