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Incomprehensibly Stupid: Pence Slams Biden’s Plan to Pay Migrants $450k



Pence Slams Biden's Plan to Pay Migrants $450k-ss-Featured

Former Vice President Mike Pence described the Biden administration’s new plan of paying illegal immigrants who were separated from their parents $450,000 each as “incomprehensibly stupid.

In an appearance on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends,” Pence said the current administration’s policy regarding the southern border crisis “has been a disaster” from the start. He then explained that when the previous administration implemented the remain-in-Mexico policy, the country saw illegal immigration down by 90%. He then pointed out that President Joe Biden rescinded this rule on day one.

Pence then added that Biden managed to unleash the “worst border crisis” in over three decades, all due to his intent on removing policies that are proven to be working.

When Biden did so, it sends an unwritten message that the U.S.’s border welcomes people coming to the country and abusing the asylum system.

The former vice president stated that what the government needs to do is to reinstate the effective policies, particularly the remain-in-Mexico policy. He added that they should also stop paying people millions every week to not build the border wall. Pence then said that the border wall construction should push through as this form of security actually works

He also mentioned that during the previous administration, Border Patrol agents were aware that they had the administration’s support.

The former vice president then continued, saying that when the Biden administration rolled in, it has been undermining the Border Patrol agents’ work while also creating a disaster at the southern border.

However, he said that under the previous administration, “we had solved the crisis of illegal immigration in our southern border, and President Biden and his administration reinvented it. A nation without borders is not a nation. We stood for that principle when we were in office, and the American people expect this administration to stop this nonsense, get back to building the wall and have people remain in Mexico while they apply for asylum, and implement laws in a way that puts the interest of American citizens first.”

The former VP also talked about work shortages that continue to rise. Regarding this, he noted that prior to the pandemic, 7 million jobs had been created in the country.

He said that they were starting to bring back jobs in manufacturing while cutting taxes, rolling back regulation, unleashing American energy, and fighting for free and fair trade.” He then compared it to the Biden administration and said that, from the start, it “has been trying to spend and tax our way back into a growing economy.”

In the same interview, Pence also commented on vaccine mandates, saying those drive people out of the workforce. He added that the impending mandate in the State of New York will bring about a “threat to public safety.”

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