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Indiana House Votes to Remove Permits to Carry Handguns



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Last Monday, the Indiana House of Representatives voted to remove the need for permits to carry handguns in the state. The bill passed the House by a 65-31 vote and will now head to the Senate for voting. 

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Constitutional Carry 

House Bill 1369 is known as s constitutional carry. Also, it goes by other names such as permitless carry, unrestricted carry, or Vermont carry. The law refers to the legal and open or concealed carrying of a handgun without the need for a license or permit. “This bill is for the lawful citizen in the state of Indiana,” according to the bill’s author, Republican Representative Ben Smaltz. “This bill is for the person who obeys our laws who right now has to jump over the hurdles to be the person that gets the permit,” he added. 

Many local Hoosier gun owners supported the bill. “Anything that can make things easier for somebody who is a law-abiding citizen is always something that I think I’m going to try to support,” said Indianapolis gun owner Eric Housman.

Current Handgun Laws

The current Indiana law requires handgun owners to follow certain requirements. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and should register online. In addition, the law requires the submission of fingerprint scans. Typical local law enforcement agency processing will take around 180 days to complete. Out of the approximately 120,000 handgun license applicants in 2020, with a 96% approval rate. Currently, Indiana has over a million active licenses. 

Supporters of HB 1369 say that citizens don’t need to pay for the right to exercise their Second Amendment rights. Also, the bill prohibits certain individuals from knowingly carrying a handgun. Otherwise, they face a Class A misdemeanor. In addition, the bill creates the crime of unlawful carrying a handgun. HB 1369 will also require state police and the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to develop a process to help identify those not qualified from permits to carry handguns.

Opposition to Handgun Laws

Meanwhile, people against HB 1369 say that it makes citizens and police officers less safe. In addition, there’s the matter of funding. Current licenses will expire by March 2022. In addition, funding for the training of law enforcement officers usually comes from the proceeds of these licenses, which generates around $5.3 million a year. Consequently, all Indiana taxpayers, and not just the gun owners, will now pay for the same training. Meanwhile, Democrat Representative Mitch Gore, a captain with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, said he finds the measure concerning. “This will cause less peace … Our people will be less safe,” said Gore. 

Police Officers Chime In

Some Indiana police officers also voiced their concern over the bill, including Indiana State Police Superintendent Douglas Carter. He said the burden of identifying lawful carriers would shift from gun owners to police officers. Also, Lafayette Police Chief Patrick Flannelly and the Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police objected to the measure. “I think we are all very strong supporters of the second amendment,” Flannelly said. “By repealing processes like this that are good screening mechanisms, we are going to put more guns out on the street, and there are going to be people that should not be carrying them will be carrying them,” he added. In addition, Flannelly said that Lafayette rejected 55 people from securing carry permits last year after a background check.

Watch the Fox 55 Fort Wayne News reporting that Indiana House Bill 1369 can make it easier for Hoosiers to carry a handgun:

Do you agree with constitutional carry, or the right to carry a handgun without the need for a license or permit?

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Does Your State Allow Constitutional Carry?

With regard to the Second Amendment, do you agree that permits to carry handguns are redundant? Does your state allow constitutional carry? Let us know what you think and share your thoughts about the right to bear arms. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Robert Baker says:

    This makes no sense. I’m a hunter, collector, and I hold a valid FFL. However, there is a need for common sense regulation.

  • Launa Thornton says:

    Oklahoma is right to carry state and I believe it is everyones right to carry

  • Lonna Bertelli says:

    But, WHO decides what is “common sense”?

  • Just me says:

    They’re trying to take away ALL our rights to “keep and bear (carry) arms” ie, armaments/ weapons! Wake up, America! These are not toys! BUT they are our right!

  • ROBER4T A. ABADIE says:


  • Sam S Ebersol says:

    I have RIGHTS , so just let me alone and mind your own business.

  • Sheba says:

    I think everyone who is legally allowed to own a gun should have the right to carry them without a permit. The only change in gun laws should be first time gun owners should be required by law to take a class.

  • Buck says:

    If our elected government officials fail to up hold Our Second Amendment rights and go against our God given rights for a Well Armed Militia to stop those that undermine The Constitution of this American Nation, There Laws are not valid and there fore the state’s Try the NULLIFICATION of the constitution is only a legal theory that a state has the right to NULLIFY or INVALIDATE, Any Federal Laws which that state has deemed Unconstitutional with Respect to the UNITED STATES CONSITITUTION ( as opposed to the state’s own constitution).

  • JJ Johnson says:

    OK Governor Abbott (Texas), let’s get rolling. Law abiding Texans deserve to permitless carry!👍🏼👍🏼👏👏

  • CWII-BRINGIT says:

    The 2nd Amendment does NOT give me or you a “Right” to keep (own) or bear (carry) Arms (weapons), it PROHIBITS any Government Actors from infringing (trespassing) on THAT RIGHT!

    ANYONE in the article (police in particular) who is against this does NOT understand the US Constitution AND their OATH of Office! The LAW saying any individual can NOT carry is patently Unconstitutional and issued in BAD Faith to the Constitution!

  • Joe says:

    The second amendment gives us all the right to constitutional carry,period, without a license.

  • JJ Johnson says:

    To own and carry is our fundamental 2nd Amendment right!

    A strict carry permit should be required of ANY felon who was previously convicted of an offense that resulted in bodily harm and/or property damage but which did not include the use of a weapon in that offense. Annual background/mental health checks should be required.

    A felon who has been convicted of an offense using a firearm should NEVER be allowed to carry and if caught carrying, should spend the rest of his/her life incarcerated however, if convicted of an offense using a weapon resulting in bodily harm and or death, then the perpetrator should get death immediately and without the chance for appeals, etc.

    Surely Congress can come up with common sense weapon laws that protect, we the people, and without trampling on our 2nd Amendment rights.

  • Kawboi says:

    Jj glad you not in government, Illinios needs to wake up and follow suit, they keeping us paying for a constitutional right, & wants to raise it from $10 for 10 yrs to $50 for 5 yrs ridiculas money hungry state, do away with the F.O.I.D card already, ISP & Governor Pritzker needs to be replaced

  • Mike McDonald says:

    I agree with JJJohnson’s comments. It makes good common sense.

  • Paul C Christopher says:

    A government that cannot trust its citizens to have arms,cannot be trusted by its citizens.

  • Frank Quevedo says:

    When I enlisted into the US AIR FORCE, the statement “against all enemies, foreign And Domestic,” my thoughts immediately went to our 2Amendment rights. The way I see it no body is telling you to live by this right. That’s your decision. Nonetheless, as it is here in California lambs are telling me i can not do so. And that is wrong. I’ll own, carry, and support all and any who wants to do the same!

  • Ann says:

    I can shoot a gun. I am a female and do not carry. That is my choice! Several of my friends carry, and that is their choice. They are very responsible people, and I would trust them with my life!!! Especially my brother (He is my hero, he would not hurt a fly, but he would defend his family! My thoughts are— we do need some sort of background check to carry a handgun or any gun. I agree that we should have the right to bear arms. My family has always hunted and back in the day some have totally lived off the land. However, in today’s world some people have gone completely bonkers. I would like to know that someone is trying to take some measures to do a background check. If they are considered a first-time gun-owner I also agree that they need to take a safety class, that class should be taken seriously. The permit process should be made as simple as possible. I say buy a gun-get a permit-be proud that you have a clean record!! Keep the cost of the permit down and fine the folks that are misusing the guns. I know I can speak for myself and my family- We do not want to give up our guns, and we believe that it is our right to keep our guns!!

  • RR says:

    “It will put officer’s lives in danger.” Truthfully, anyone who presents a danger to the police probably would not pass a background check, so they are going to “permitless carry” regardless of the law.

    “120,000 handgun license applicants in 2020, with a 96% approval rate.” I am curious, has anyone investigated how many of the 480 who were denied are carrying anyway?

    “This will cause less peace … Our people will be less safe,” Tell that to the people of Chicago and the other “Liberal” cities who are unable to defend themselves from criminals who carry without permits.

  • Joseph Kinge says:

    I’m from Illinois. This governor J(umbo) B(utt) Pritzker is last to do anything proper. He probably doesn’t know about the second amendment, nor what day it is. He must be related to Sleepy Joe.

  • David Streeter Sr says:

    I am almost 75yrs old. I was raised in a way that had and learned how to use guns of differnt kinds. We were taught {common sense ) If we did something wrong with a firearm;we were not allowed to use one for a amount of time. been a member of NRA from 15yers 0ld. Still am now a lifer. Till the day I pass n.

  • Joseph Kinge says:

    I agree with Sheba. If a person has a gun, he or she should take a class and learn how to shoot it, how to handle it, how to load it, and most important, when to use it!

  • Ron says:

    Arizona is a constitutional state. Just look at where the homicides, shootings, and crimes involving firearms are the greatest year after year – that’s right, states and cities with the most restricted gun laws. Everyone has a right to carry. As states loosen the restrictive gun laws, they will see a drop in gun-related crime. It is ridiculous to ignore historical facts.

  • Ron says:

    Arizona is a constitutional state. Just look at where the homicides, shootings, and crimes involving firearms are the greatest year after year – that’s right, states and cities with the most restricted gun laws. Everyone has a right to carry. As states loosen the restrictive gun laws, they will see a drop in gun-related crime. It is ridiculous to ignore historical facts.

  • Edward C Schultz says:

    carry a gun and crime will go down every one should carry without permit

  • American Monster 49 says:

    I agree if only the right is not biased against certain citizens and if it is fair to and for all citizens.Moreove, we should not have the need of permits in any state in the union of America too carry concealed or open. All in all, We as Americans have that right because it is Constitutional.

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