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Philippines President Duterte Accused Of Assassinating Political Rivals



It doesn't matter if you love him or hate him, President Duterte of the Philippines is not your typical president.

One of the hallmarks of his campaign was that he was going to kill drug dealers and even drug users. A promise that he has made very good on, with “death squads” already having reportedly killed close to 3,000 people. A move that has gained him lots of international criticism.

It was these extra-judiciary killings that the Philippines Senate was reviewing when a witness was called who stated that Duterte as mayor of Davao had ordered him and a group of “hitmen” to kill Muslims, criminals, and political rivals.

Edgar Matobato was a member of a vigilante gang who was allegedly aligned with Duterte and carrying out hits in his name. “Our job was to kill criminals like drug pushers, rapists, snatchers,” Matobato told the senate.

Duterte has not responded to the serious allegations, but his spokesmen did dismiss the blame saying, “I don't think he is capable of giving those orders.”

Even if Duterte didn't commit these crimes, no one can argue that he is taking the Philippines down a rocky road. After insulting President Obama last week he has also made statements about throwing out the American military, breaking all trade agreements, and expelling all foreign businesses.

For now, all anyone can do is wait and see.

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