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Police Officer Uses His Right To Bear Arms Against Knifed Assailant



Police Officer Uses Right To Bear Arms Against Knifed Assailant, see more at:

Police Officer Uses Right To Bear Arms Against Knifed Assailant (Image: AskMen)

After Officer Hilling saw a man walking on the side of the interstate he went to have a chat. At first, everything was calm, but then it turned into a knife-wielding standoff.

When did teaching your children personal responsibility become some outrageous?

Posted by Absolute Rights on Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Watch the whole altercation captured from the officers bodycam.

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  • Donald Donaldson says:

    When someone comes at you with a knife, it’s your life or theirs!!

  • USPatriotOne says:

    This Officer is Justified in his actions here…I hold a JD and what I learned in Law School and what constitutes a justified discharge of a Officers firearm, this Officer was clearly justified! But then this Officer is White and BO’s DOJ is going after White Cops and turning everything around in these events and distorting the truth, and not only against White Cops but all Cops! Yes BO and his DHS have been Militarizing the Police and Sheriff Departments all across our Nation, (that’s bad, really bad but that’s another discussion for another time) but that does not mean all Cops are bad and this Video displays that! God be with this Officer.

  • michael nash says:

    You don’t bring a knife to a gunfight especially if the guy knows a police officer has a gun

  • edward says:

    The Officer gave the salent plenty of time to surrender and the Officer had a right to protect himself from being injured or harmed by what ever means the pursueant had means to do.

  • Dennis Knight says:

    I’M a strong law and order supporter

  • John Healy says:

    The officer did everything he could to not fire his gun.The man just wouldn’t listen. Her had no other choice.

  • Dave says:

    How does this equate to ‘gun rights’, ‘right to bear arms’. ?

  • nKhosi says:

    The knife wielder was trying for suicide by cop from the get go.

  • Gary C. Smith says:

    If the officer didn’t pull out his gun to defend himself, he quite possibly would have been carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey. IMO, he did everything by the book, was pleasant, and cordial, maybe he should have asked the guy if he could look inside his back pack and then the guy might not have gone crazy, but who knows. I’m glad that the officer is safe and sound and did EVERYTHING to not kill the guy but to keep him alive, then we might get the answers as to why he did what he did.

  • Rodger Shaffer says:

    I am glad that peace officers are armed. Second amendment so states for all citizens to bear arms.

  • Eugene says:

    Life treat

  • Matt Brandon says:

    I am a retired Chicago Police Officer. Been there, and have come a trigger pull from doing the same thing. You know when it’s time to shoot. Most people have never been in that situation.

  • Joseph Heidkamp jr says:

    When the prep stepped towards the officer he was a threat and the officer had the right to stop the threat. He showed great restraint not to keep firing after the man kept yelling kill me, thinking the man must be wrong in the head or something.

  • Ed Gleason says:

    The officer was temporarily in danger until he shot the suspect. Then the officer did everything he possibly could not to shoot him again. I think that the suspect was really lucky that the officer did not double or triple tap him, it would have been justified.

  • Kerry Palmer says:

    A knife is just as lethal as a gun. The officer had the right to defend himself. I’m surprised he only fired once. He kept his wits about him and tried in vain to get the assailant to drop his weapon so that he wouldn’t have to kill him. My only concern was that he let the guy get too close to the civilians stopped on the roadway.

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