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Politically Wrong: Obama On Obama



Politically Wrong With Parker Wong

Politically Wrong: Obama On Obama, see more at:

Politically Wrong: Obama On Obama (Image: WhiteHouse)

****This Is A Work Of Satire: But All Quotes Are Real****

The President of the United States is one of the toughest jobs that any sane person would never want to do. It's one thing to go to the office and have some jerk berating you for eight hours a day, all the while having to listen to a co-worker go on about how they just bought their cat [Mrs. Pickles]  a sweater and now has taken up cat photography. Yet having to go to work in the Oval Office and deal with an entire nation's issues, is above and beyond a hard day at the office. We have had 44 (if you count Grover Cleveland twice) men who have sat in that office and almost literally held the world on their shoulders. Some we could say had ulterior motives, some, unfortunately, died while serving our country, no matter what way you look at it, it's not an easy job.

That precursor being said, something you just don't do as the Leader of the “Free World,” is go against what it stands for. Every President, from one side or the other, is disliked for their policies, national debt, or interoffice rendezvous, and Barack Obama is no exception to the rule.

In recent weeks, our 44th President Barack Obama has come under some scrutiny for some of his political actions that seem to go against the United States of America as a whole. I don't need to tell any of you this but America stands for truth, and passion, and fighting for what's right, the wrongs are righted and the right is rewarded. That is what our country was founded on, yet some of Obama's recent actions have made some raise an eyebrow at his motives.

The biggest discovery now is the release of 28 pages from the Constitutional Joint Inquiry, which assessed intelligence failures from the attacks on 9/11, that could possibly link Saudi Arabia's participation in the attacks. That statement in itself is enough to make the United States take a few steps back from Saudi Arabia and quickly find a way confront the situation. I'm no president but that makes the most sense to me. What does Obama do? He flies to Saudi Arabia to talk with the King because that mad the most sense to him.

Obama has actually been quoted to say, “The United States and Saudi Arabia have an extraordinary relationship and friendship that dates back to Franklin Roosevelt.”

Luckily for us, we got Barack Obama to accept an invitation to be interviewed so we could get to know what Obama's thoughts are about his recent actions and the accusations they have caused.

When we asked him about the pages and what they contain this is what our President had to say:

WONG: Mr. President, the 28 pages from the Constitutional Joint Inquiry have been the talk of the country for a few days, and whether the pages could link Saudi Arabia's participation in the attacks on 9/11. Some are questioning your motives about why you believe the pages shouldn't be released.

OBAMA: “This is a matter of how … the United States approaches our interactions with other countries. If we open up the possibility that individuals and the United States can routinely start suing other governments, then we are also opening up the United States to being continually sued by individuals in other countries.”

WONG: I can agree with you that that would be a concern but if Saudi Arabia did participate in the attacks on 9/11 shouldn't that be dealt with? Shouldn't there be some kind of relief, of redemption? Not only that but should we allow a country who has attacked us on our own  soil to have an embassy in Washington D.C.? If that's allowed what's stopping ISIS from moving in and setting up their own little office in the capitol as well?

OBAMA: I have a sense of what’s in there. But this has been a process which we generally reveal with through the intelligence community and Jim Clapper, our director of National Intelligence, has been going through to make sure that whatever it is that is released is not going to compromise some major national security interest of the United States. My understanding is that he’s about to complete that process… I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

How can we have a President, who is coming to the end of his eighth term who has that kind of mentally about the safety of “his” people, the people of the United States. 

That is the latest of Obama's comments. It seems that he has gotten lazy as the President, he is more concerned with letting things slide and being liked by the people (ironically in the latest approval rating 38% strongly disapprove and 51% overall disapprove, see the latest here) than he is about actually being a leader. He is making weak choices, weak statements, and avoiding all forms of “controversial questions.”

Before the fiasco with Saudi Arabia was unsurfaced the media buzz was spotlighted on Hillary's email scandal. 

Look what our President said when we asked him questions about that:

WONG: Mr. President were you aware of Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton using her personal email account to discuss classified information? When did you find out about all of this?

OBAMA: “At the same time everybody else learned it: Through news reports.”

Wait? Mr. President, are you telling us that you don't even have a slight grasp of what is happening inside your own organization? You are telling me that you, the leader of our government, don't have everything in and out of the White House under surveillance?

 It gets better.

WONG: Yet when you found out you came forward and said that you don't think she jeopardized our national security. Was there classified information that got out because of her using her personal email?

OBAMA: There’s classified and then there’s classified. There’s stuff that is really top secret top secret, and there’s stuff that is being presented… that you might not want getting out over the wire.”

WONG: So your answer is yes? There was classified information that was leaked? What are the disciplinary actions that will be carried out because of this?

OBAMA: “I’ve… said is that—and she has acknowledged—that there’s a carelessness, in terms of managing emails, that she has owned, and she recognizes.

So apparently in the land of gumdrops and sugar fairies where President Obama lives, if you do something wrong all you have to is acknowledge it and there will be no consequences. I'm sure all the guys at Guantanamo Bay are excited to hear about… Oh, wait? Obama already closed that prison and sent them to other countries, so they can escape and join other radical groups and continue to kill people….. my mistake.

I think my overall favorite response that President Obama gave us in our interview though had to be this:

WONG: Over the past seven years of your presidential term…

OBAMA: “…Keep in mind…I was elected twice by decent majorities.”

WONG: Yes we all know, we are happy for you. Over the past seven years of your time in office people have been worried that you are trying to change the country in a way that they neither accept nor want. Your main focus of campaigning was on change, yet people feel like you have falsely advertised what it is you wanted to “change”. Where do you think that fear comes from in the American people?

OBAMA: “Well, look, if what you are asking me…is are there certain circumstances around being the first African-American president…absolutely.

There it is! It's almost as if Obama taught Hillary how to avoid answering questions. Instead of answering the question at hand, he brings up himself and uses it to his advantage. Thankfully for the American people Mr. President will be out of office at the end of the year. Let's just hope he doesn't damage our country beyond repair before then.

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Parker Wong (born October 28th, 1983) is an American conservative political commentator. Has been and continues to be a part of many political organizations such as ACLU, Lions Club International, NRA, CSAmerica, as well as many others. Has been known to rally and advocate for and against LLCR, PRA, Grassroots Leadership, as well as many others. His brash tactics and straightforward temperament makes him well known in the political field. He now has turned to the internet to spread his views on politics and the way that America used to be, and should be.

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