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Politics In Sacramento Is A Blood Bath



  • Mayor Kevin Johnson of Sacramento got into a bloody fist fight with a protester last night.
  • A protester, Sean Thompson, threw a pie at the mayor's face.
  • Johnson, apparently, tackled Thompson to the ground and hit him repeatedly in the face.
  • Thompson was arrested for assaulting a public figure.

Politics used to be the image of older men and women debating over policies and legislation. That has changed. Now, picture two politicians going to head to head in a bloody brawl that resembles something you might see at center ice between opposing players on a hockey team. The last politician standing wins. If politics were more like a clumsy fist fight in hockey gear more people might actually appreciate it.

Well, last night Sacramento dove into new waters with its political system. Kevin Johnson, the former NBA star, Berkley standout, and mayor of Sacramento, was at a farm-to-table dinner last night where things got out of hand. Apparently, a protester threw a pie that struck the mayor in the face. Mayor Kevin Johnson then tackled the man and engaged in, what people said was, a “bloody brawl.”

Oddly enough, the biggest debate about the entire night was what kind of pie was used. Some have commented that it was store bought, some have said it had whipped cream.

Apparently, reports have said that it wasn't the pie that set Mayor Johnson off, however, the protester reportedly said something to Johnson after the pie was thrown. The comment and, I'm assuming, the pie face, is what set Johnson after the man. Witnesses have said that Johnson hit the man repeatedly in the face at least half a dozen times.

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People who saw the incident described the protester as a “bloody pulp” and said that he will most likely need stitches. Considering the mayor was once an NBA athlete, and an intimidating 6'1″ it would be no surprise to anyone if the protester was feeling the aftermath this morning.

Sean Thompson, the 32-year-old pie thrower was arrested by the Sacramento Police with a felony assault charge against a public official.

It seems that the Sacramento Police Department is “omitting” the fact that Johnson and Thompson got in a full on fist fight. The statement that was released by a spokesman for the Sacramento Police Department said that there was “some sort of physical altercation” between Mayor Johnson and Thompson. That's one way to describe it I guess.

Of course later, Sgt. Bryce Heinlein came forward and said, “the mayor did strike the suspect after he was assaulted.”

After Thompson was taken away by police, and Johnson changed his clothes, Mayor Johnson addressed the audience in attendance. He apologized for the incident and was given applause for the event. See, what did I tell you? If politics were more like hockey brawls people would pay attention.

Ironically, UFC fighter Urijah Faber was in attendance during the event, he accompanied Johnson up on stage after the attack on Thompson the pie thrower. The two joked off the incident of the assault and the event went on as planned.

There is no police report, at least not a public one, as of now.

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