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Trump 2024: Receives Strong Support from Majority of Republicans To Take Back The White House



Poll Of Course Trump is Supported by Majority of Republicans to Make a Run for The White House-ss-Featured

A majority of Republicans want former President Donald Trump to run once again for the White House, per a new Quinnipiac poll that rolled out on Wednesday.

According to the said poll, 66% of Republicans who responded to the survey want Trump to run for the Oval Office again in 2024. Conversely, only 25% of them say they don’t want him to go for the presidency a second time.

Tim Malloy, a polling analyst from Quinnipiac University, said that the numbers can readily disprove any theory that people don’t want Trump to run again.

Malloy added that a majority of the respondents believe three things. First, they believe the 2020 election was stolen from Trump. Second, they want Trump to run in 2024. Lastly, if the former president decides to not run for office in 2024, the respondents would want to vote for people who agree with him.

Apart from this, 85% of Republican respondents have stated that they prefer election candidates who agree with Trump. Meanwhile, only 18% would consider candidates who mostly disagree with him.

The results of this new poll show how much the former president is still a leader in the Republican party. It indicates how much hold Trump still has over the said party’s down-ballot candidates.

The number is another indication that the former president remains a leader in the Republican party and holds sway over the GOP down-ballot candidates.

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    President Trump is a true leader of what is and should always be, a free & independent, strongly united nation of people that hold allegiance to God & view life as sacred, that allows the individual certain Constitutional Rights, that has a loyal & superior military, & that’s safe and secure to live in.

  • Homeofthebrave says:

    Compare this to Joe’s following…not simply a lack of enthusiasm, but there wasn’t anybody there to clap at his “rallies”. And Joe has to whine at his forced audience to get them to clap…well they actually didn’t respond to that either.

  • Marie Worthing says:

    please send us a list of who you want to run for republic cause we pray they are going to be there for you. Happy Birthday soon.

  • The professor says:

    Has sleepy Joe visited any overseas military outposts…. has sleepy Joe touched the face of a veteran with no hands….President Trump has!!!

  • Johnny says:

    I am getting ready to put my Trump flag 2024 in front of my house and would encourage everyone who think he is the best choice for our next President to do the same , lets make this country great again !

  • Mary says:

    Woooooo hooooooo!!!!🥳

  • David says:

    Nonsense. Thwre will never be another honest election. 99% pf the government is corrupt and on the take. Just like around the world. Which is why no one is going after XiXi and Fauci for creating and releasing the’s like paying Hitler to preside over the Nuremberg trials.

  • arcaneshift says:

    Trump taking back the White House will usher in an era of global prosperity. And in the future, every vote cast will have a biometric profile and photo it will truly become one person one vote. and electronic fraud like internet access built into Dominion, Smart Matic, Diebold voting machines must end now. The forensic audits currently have been uncovering a lot of anomalous internet activity moving ballots this must be resolved before the next voting event.

  • Sandra Engstrand says:

    I have seen President Trump stand tall & become a strong leader in just 3 yrs, for this country of ours! And he accomplished SO MUCH! He never waivered to the Left, when accused of SO MANY false allegations!
    He respects our Military & their families as well, unlike biden! The compassion he feels for Americans, the farmers, & the angel moms, touches my heart immensely!

    When my son (Sgt. Jesse J. Wallace) a severely wounded disabled Veteran/amputee had his picture taken with President Trump at the White House during the 2017 WWP Soldier Ride, my son couldn’t be prouder he said! And that it was, such an honor! An honor, he said he will never forget, & will remember the rest of his life!
    We voted for President Trump & will again, because he is a leader of strength, & is steadfast at keeping every American safe, by controlling our borders. Nor does he, cow down to the likes of Iran, Russia, but particularly China! And he holds every life sacred..especially our unborn! I pray to God President Trump runs again in 2024! Because I will all be right here, to support his efforts every step of the way! That is, providing there is an HONEST ELECTION held, this time!

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