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Trump Preparing To Hit The Campaign Trail



USAPresident Donald Trump speaks at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida | Trump Preparing To Hit The Campaign Trail | Featured

According to Fox News, former President Donald Trump is getting ready to hit the campaign trail this early. Many political analysts expect the former president to start holding rallies as early as next month. 

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Getting The Plane Ready

Trump announced on Friday that he’s currently refurbishing the Boeing 757 he used during the victorious 2016 campaign trail. He kept his Boeing 757 in storage during his tenure in the White House while he flew aboard Air Force One.  

The popular businessman/reality turned president announced that he is presently restoring and updating his plane. It will return to service sometime prior to the end of the year.

The former president also said that “when completed, it will be better than ever, and again used at upcoming rallies!”

Trump Now Living In New Jersey

Trump moved back to Palm Beach, Florida at his Mar-a-Lago resort after completing his White House term last January.  Now, the Republican Party stalwart moved north to his Bedminster golf club in New Jersey.

Last Saturday night at Bedminster, Trump held his first fundraising event. He launched his newly formed Make America Great Again, a super PAC spearheaded by top Trump adviser Corey Lewandowski.

Afterward, Trump will travel to North Carolina early next month to headline the state Republican Party's annual convention. He will attend the North Carolina GOP’s state convention in Greenville on Saturday, June 5, and will speak at the convention dinner. 

Chris Christie Also Wants To Run

Meanwhile, former two-term New Jersey governor Chris Christie is also making his way into the campaign trail. He’s not shy about letting people he is looking at a presidential nomination. And, he isn’t afraid of getting challenged by a bigger dog in the fight: Donald Trump. 

The losing 2016 Republican presidential candidate insisted he isn’t ruling out any run at the White House. However, he stopped short of officially throwing his hat into the ring.

Instead, he said he’s making a decision after the 2022 midterm election. In addition, Christie raised eyebrows when he said he’s not waiting for Trump to announce he’s running. “I’m not going to be one of those people either, that’s going to say, well, I’ll wait and see what President Trump does.

You know, I’m not going to defer to anyone if I decide that’s what I want to do and think I’m the best option for the party and for the country,“ he said. 

Christie Rails Against Haley

Then, Christie took an apparent dig against another potential candidate Nikki Haley. He said: “I think if you say you’re relying on someone, that’s a real sign of weakness and ‘indecision. And we’ve already figured it out. the White House.“

Christie referred to Haley, the former South Carolina governor who served as US ambassador to the United Nations. Earlier, she told the Associated Press last month that “I would not run if President Trump ran.”

Trump Is The Early Frontrunner

McLaughlin & Associates, which polled for Trump during the 2020 election cycle, released a survey last week. It shows that Trump if he chooses to run, is the overwhelming favorite.

Trump would swamp every single challenger in the primary. Trump received the lion’s share of the votes with 57%. Meanwhile, former Vice President Mike Pence got 10%, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis received 8%, and former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley at 5%.

For Christie, six in ten voters don’t want to see another Christie campaign. In addition, three in ten don’t care. 

  The poll also said that 75% of Republican voters want Trump to run again. If he does, 83% of the GOP voters will vote for him. Meanwhile, Trump will win by 4 points if he goes head to head against Vice President Kamala Harris. 

Watch the Telegraph video where former president Donald Trump hints at return for 2024 election at CPAC in Florida:

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  • Margaret says:

    I’m thrilled

  • Jacqueline Burger says:

    I can’t handle what the Democratic party and Biden are doing. We live on social security and with the grocery store prices rising about 15% and gasoline prices close to being doubled, it’s harder and harder each month just to pay medical insurance and prescription costs. We never wanted Donald Trump to leave office. I truly believe that the democrats rigged the voting machines and destroyed thousands of mail-in votes.

  • Raymond Tharp says:

    Yes , I think Trump is the one to make things happen for the better and will support him all the way to the white house , the only beef I have is the fact they always want money I don’t have and then they want to give you something to show your support for free , but want to charge you shipping , that is not free , what part of free don’t they understand !

  • Mary says:

    Wooooo hooooo!!! I’m ready!!!🥳

  • Diane says:

    Biden has ruined all the good and strength our country gained during President Trumps presidency. If our country survives the Biden/Harris or Harris/Biden administration, I will most certainly vote for Trump again. I hate what is happening to my country! I’m afraid for my country and for myself.
    Neither Biden or Harris is qualified to lead our country. They are leading it straight into the ground and into the hands of the cancel culture, the Socialist, Marxist seeking Democrats. The left followers don’t see or don’t want to see what is happening.

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