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2 Polls Show Massive Surge in Black Voters Supporting Trump



Blacks supporting Trump | 2 Polls Show Massive Surge in Black Voters Supporting Trump | Featured

Two major pollsters found that President Trump has the support of about 34% of black likely voters – a significant increase from the 8% of the black vote he got in 2016 according to Cornell University’s Roper Center. According to a recent Emerson poll, Trump had black support at 34.5%. A Rasmussen poll, on the other hand, shows 34%.

The Emerson poll also showed a noticeable increase in approval among Hispanic voters – from 26.2% in October to 38.2% in November. The overall Emerson poll showed Trump’s approval at 48.3% — an increase from 43.2% from October.

In addition, an NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll showed that 33% of non-white adults approved of Trump.

According to Thomas Lifson, American Thinker Editor, “if only half of that 34% of blacks vote for Trump, it will devastate the Democrats’ candidate. Democrat victories in this evenly divided nation depend on both high black turnout and high black support.”

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Rasmussen was the most accurate in predicting Trump’s victory in 2016, however, “polls proved largely inaccurate that election season,” as reported by The Epoch Times. According to Richard Baris, director of Big Data Poll, one reason is that the polls had poor design. The Epoch Times added that “many pollsters only survey people online (YouGov, Morning Consult) or only on the phone (Marist, Gallup).” There are also pollsters that usually under-represent independent voters and over-represent Democrats in their surveys.

In a November 26 report by Newsweek, CNN host Ana Navarro-Cárdenas claims that the polls showing increased black support for Trump are fake. She jokes that “only Kanye West and other black Trump surrogates were surveyed,” as reported by Newsweek. She accused the Emerson poll and the Rasmussen poll as “zero percent accurate.” The polls were distributed by conservative news outlets and “reinvigorated debate going back to 2016 over whether Rasmussen is ‘biased’ in favor of Trump.”

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