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20 Products Every Self-Respecting Trump Supporter Should Own in 2020



President Trump Merchandise | Products Every Self-Respecting Trump Supporter Should Own in 2020 | Featured

With the election just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to gear up and show your support for Trump in 2020.

And thanks to US Patriot Gear, it’s easier than ever to stock up on the 15 products every self-respecting Trump supporter should own before 2020!

To help you get everything you need to make Christmas great again, we’ve gone ahead and figured out exactly what those 15 products are.

1. Trump 2020 – Keep America Great Flag

[wps_products_gallery product_id=”4335134507059″]

There’s one more flag you need – the one reminding everyone Trump is the only presidential candidate for 2020 who is working to keep America great.

Like all of US Patriot Gear’s flags, it’s double-stitched to be as strong and resilient as our president.

Get it now for $8.95!

2. Relax Snowflake Hooded Sweatshirt

[wps_products_gallery product_id=”4347885715507″]

Looking for something a little warmer?

Try this supremely soft, superior quality hooded sweatshirt! If you’re as sick of people being offended by everything from your faith to your MAGA hat, this is the way to show them you don’t care.

Get it now in any size from Small to 3XL for $29.95!

3. Trump Bottle Koozie and Bottle Opener

[wps_products_gallery product_id=”4363547410483″]
Keep your beer cold and your hands dry with our Trump Bottle Koozie and Bottle Opener.

These bottle koozies has a patriotic design of the flag and our President. The zipper at the back holds your drink in place. Take advantage of these awesome party accessories and order beer bottle koozies today!

4. In Trump We Trust T-Shirt

[wps_products_gallery product_id=”4333823230003″]

Made to order in Nevada with 100% combed and ring-spun cotton (support our nation’s economy!), this is the shirt for every true American not blinded by the Democrat’s lies.

Exclusive to US Patriot Gear, you’ll find this to be one of the most comfortable shirts you’ll ever wear.

Get it now in any size from Small to 3XL for $19.95!

5. Flag Cross Pins

[wps_products_gallery product_id=”4333997490227, 4370989482035″]
Wear your pride with any outfit with these exclusive cross pins with a flying red, white, and blue flag in two different styles.

Get yours now for $4.95 each.

6. Trump Tumblers

[wps_products_gallery product_id=”4347636580403,4347567145011, 4347662336051″]
Our Exclusive 2020 Trump tumblers is a great way to honor President Trump and SHOW support for the man who has FOREVER changed our country for the better!

Get yours now for $9.95-$19.95

7. Trump Beanies (Blue, Black, Red)

Available in three awesome colorways, these Trump embroidered beanies is the best way to stay warm, cozy, and patriotic this winter season.

[wps_products_gallery product_id=”4371241730099, 4371245367347, 4371126190131″]

8. We Stand For Our Nation’s Flag & Anthem

[wps_products_gallery product_id=”4335511765043″]

Speaking of our flag, remind the Democrats that unlike their precious Nike poster-boy Colin Kaepernick, true Americans always stand for our national flag and our beautiful anthem.

Erect a pole and fly it right next to your American flag so they’ll never forget the only time we kneel is before God.

Get it now for $19.95!

9. Never Socialism Trump 2020 T-Shirt

[wps_products_gallery product_id=”4333909639219″]

As President Trump once said, “Socialism is not about the environment. It’s not about justice. It’s not about virtue. Socialism is only about one thing: it’s called ‘power for the ruling class.’ That’s what it is.”

Stick it to the Liberals who want to turn our great nation into a socialist cesspool with this awesome shirt made right here in America.

Get it now in any size from Small to 3XL for $19.95!

10. Trump Bobble Head With Thumbs Up

[wps_products_gallery product_id=”4335624519731″]

Give your home – or even your office desk – a fun addition with this masterful Trump bobblehead figure.

The vivid paint job, which captures the President’s All American Famous Golden Hair as well as his trademark blue suit perfectly, is baked into the poly resin surface, so you’ll never have to worry about it fading or chipping off.

Get it now for $14.95!

11. Trump Middle Finger Garden Gnome

[wps_products_gallery product_id=”4335616426035″]

No matter where you live, give the liberals (and their criminal immigrant friends) passing by the finger with this fun Trump garden gnome!

We guarantee you won’t be getting any more annoying Democrats knocking on your door.

Get it now for $34.95!

12. License Plate Trump 2020

[wps_products_gallery product_id=”4335539683379″]

You’ve got your wardrobe, your home, and your office all kitted out… now make sure your car highlights your support for our president too!

Or, you know – hang it up in your home bar for an awesome display.

Get it now for $9.95!

13. Trump Wine Bottle Holder

[wps_products_gallery product_id=”4334010171443″]

Speaking of your home bar, it would never be complete without this awesome one-of-a-kind wine bottle holder to keep your American wine on perfect display!

Get it now for $24.95!

14. Trump 2020 Gold Plated Coins

[wps_products_gallery product_id=”4333982449715, 4363273404467″]

Last, but certainly not least, we highly recommend this collectible Trump 2020 – Keep America Great gold plated coin.

Whether you’re a lifelong coin enthusiast or not, this is going to be an item to be proud of for years and years to come. The Trump Thumbs Up Coin already sold out, so hurry before this one does too!

Get it now for $4.95!

15. I Say Merry Christmas T-Shirt

[wps_products_gallery product_id=”4344570413107″]

With this 100% combed and ring-spun cotton t-shirt, made to order in Nevada, you can show liberals we aren’t babies walking on eggshells in fear of offending anyone who can’t handle the truth.

And no, we won’t stop saying “Merry Christmas” either.

Get it now in any size from Small to 3XL for $19.95!

16. Trump Playing Cards

[wps_products_gallery product_id=”4371282559027″]
These Trump playing cards are the perfect gift or holiday stuffer for all your Trump fans in your life.

Get this deck now for $7.95!

17. American Flag – Old Glory 3’x5’

[wps_products_gallery product_id=”4335149842483″]

If you don’t have the American flag flying outside your home or business, then it’s time to remedy that.

And if you already do… can you really ever have enough? This particular flag is made of durable polyester with brass mounting grommets and UV-resistant dye.

Get it now for $8.95!

18. Trump Socks Red White and Blue

[wps_products_gallery product_id=”4334000767027″]

To quote US Patriot Gear, “If you can’t beat ‘em, wear ‘em!”

It might be a long-running joke that all Dad wants for Christmas is a new pair of socks, but with a pair like this, it’s also true.

They’ll go with absolutely everything in your wardrobe and – if you’ll pardon the pun – make the perfect stocking stuffer.

Get them now for $7.95 a pair!

19. Trump 2020 Trucker Hat

[wps_products_gallery product_id=”4335172976691″]

Speaking of your MAGA hat – we’re sure you wear it with as much pride as we do.

But if you also like a little variety in your life and want to show your support for President Trump, this classic baseball/trucker cap (with 2 panels of 100% brushed cotton and a breathable mesh back) is a great option.

Get it now in red, black, or blue for $14.95!

20. Trump 2020 Camo Hat

[wps_products_gallery product_id=”4333953876019″]

While you’re at it, why not show your support for our veterans at the same time?

Just like our president, the embroidered logo won’t be fading away any time soon, and you can easily adjust the size to fit comfortably.

Get it now for $14.95!


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