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Christians Help Israel, Send Portable Bomb Shelters



Pro-Israel supporters hold Israeli flags and sign in Times Square during a solidarity with Israel rally | Christians Help Israel, Send Portable Bomb Shelters | Featured

Christians all over the globe rallied to Israel’s cause, sending fifteen portable bomb shelters last week. These portable bomb shelters will go to communities at risk to protect civilians from Palestinian rocket attacks. 

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International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem

According to the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, nine shelters are already en route to Israel while another six shelters are under production.

The delivered shelters are already in areas near centers such as schools, daycares, hospitals, and youth clubs. ICEJ has been a continuous donor of portable shelters to the country.

It started in 2008 when the ICEJ gave 50 shelters to protect civilians in bus stops in Sderot. All in all, ICEJ gave 118 portable bomb shelters to southern Israel communities.

The group works in cooperation with Operation Lifeshield. They ensure that shelters conform to Israel Defense Forces (IDF) standards.

ICEJ President Dr. Jürgen Bühler said that the organization wants to do all that it can to show Israel support. “Israeli residents in the Gaza envelope have only seconds to reach safety, and they repeatedly have told us that these portable bomb shelters indeed save lives.

They also have given these families living in harm’s way the peace of mind they need to stay put and lead their daily lives despite the constant rocket threat,” he said. 

Associated Press Building Housed Hamas Terrorists

Meanwhile, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended the IDF’s decision to demolish the Associated Press building during an earlier strike.

He confirmed that Israeli intelligence shared their data with the United States that indicated that Hamas shared the office building with the AP. 

On Face The Nation, Netanyahu confirmed their decision. “We shared with our American friends all that intelligence. Here’s the intelligence we had: it’s about Palestinian terrorists, an intelligence officer for the Palestinian terrorist organization, housed in that building, that plots and organizes the terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians. So it’s a perfectly legitimate target,” he said. 

No People Killed During AP Demolition

Netanyahu assured everybody that the IDF was careful to take special precautions to prevent any deaths during the airstrike. he proudly stated that nobody died during the attack.

Now imagine, ask yourself, ‘how is that possible?’ You see these highrise towers that are used by Hamas. Over and over again they collapse and no one is killed. Why does that happen? Because we, unlike Hamas, take special precautions to tell people to leave the building, leave the premises,” he said. 

“We make sure everyone is gone before we bring down those terrorist facilities. And that’s the difference between Israel and Hamas.

They deliberately target our cities, deliberately target our civilians. They glorify the death of children and civilians and old people. They’re happy with it,” he said.

The Prime Minister also noted that the Palestinians seem happy with any deaths caused to them. They are unlike Israelites, who mourn every loss of life. “We grieve for every non-combatant loss in Gaza and we grieve for all our civilians who die. We’re not happy with it and we try to minimize it,” Netanyahu added. 

Calls For Ceasefire Grow

Meanwhile, the Israeli offensive continued at Gaza. Pre-dawn raids mounted earlier this week displayed some of the heaviest displays of fighting for the conflict.

Israel reported that it managed to destroy Hamas facilities, including several commander’s homes. However, the IDF also damaged main roads and power lines in the area.

As the violence increases, calls for a ceasefire continue to mount. The UN Security Council held an emergency meeting on Sunday to talk about the crisis.

Secretary-General António Guterres warned that further fighting contains “the potential to unleash an uncontainable security and humanitarian crisis”. He pleaded for an immediate end to the “utterly appalling” violence. However, calls for the ceasefire reported no takers.

Watch the Inside Edition video of an American family on Tel Aviv vacation flee to a bomb shelter:

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Do you support the call for all parties to agree to a ceasefire? DO you think the violence has gone far enough? Or, do you think this is an opportunity to end the war between the two clashing groups?

Let us know what you think. Share your comments in the comment section below.

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  • R Weems says:

    This is just another round in a family dust up . The lord God will protect his chosen people as stated in the Bible . The only way this battle ends is with the SECOND COMING OF JESUS

  • mary says:

    the palestinians will never honor a ceasefire. they can’t be trusted!!!

  • Huapakechi says:

    The pals use any truce or ceasefire to rearm, bring in more fighters, and move more potential victims into the area of combat.

  • ROBERT A. ABADIE says:


  • Ralph Conn says:

    When you have an enemy that only wants your removal from earth it can’t be delt any other way except strongly with military might. I don’t want any deaths but if you are trying to kill me and my neighbor strictly because you hate me, then I am obligated to take you out.
    May our Lord God protect Israel, in Jesus Christ name, Amen

  • David says:

    Joe’s going to help by sendinh more terrorists to Gaza. Things sure are going well in the world. Ever notice when a democrat is in the White House there’s chaos in every aspect of the country and around the globe. Countries are taking advantage of the court jester that was cheated into the position.

  • Kelly says:

    If the Israelis stopped stealing Palestinian land they would have no reason to fight or break ceasefires.

    People need to look at the history of Palestine to understand how this conflict developed rather than making judgements based Israeli propaganda.

  • Terrie McCormack says:

    Does CNN know that biden gave the Palestinians over $200 million recently? They used it to buy weapons so they could launch an attack on Israel. Now I know that the democrats aren’t that stupid. They are EVIL!!

  • sherril henderson says:

    They need to settle this for good. Bidden is the one who caused this deal. Send him to Palestine and place him at the front. He is so greedy for money and power , he doesn’t care what happens to this Country!!!

  • SUNFLOWER says:

    America, WAKE UP ! Biden is a total dimwit. Our country, AND most of the world, is falling apart, utter chaos, and total evil, since he was ILLEGALLY put into office. Of course, we all know he is not giving the orders. Biden is the ignorant puppet that is under the control of the evil leftist. Republican LEADERS need to get some backbone AND LEAD America back to being a FREE country !! WHERE are the BRAVE military LEADERS that America once had?? SOMEONE THAT LOVES THIS COUNTRY NEEDS TO STEP FORWARD AND DO SOMETHING !!!!

  • J says:

    I’ve look at the history, Kelly, and the Palestinians are far from innocent angels in this very longstanding dispute. It was the Palestinians who rejected the originally offered 2 state solution, because they demanded more.

  • Scott says:

    At what age do Palestinian children become Israel enemies?

  • Marilin says:

    Scott, at birth.

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