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President Biden Pushes COVID-19 Shots by Threatening to Cancel 4th of July Celebrations



President Joe Biden-President Biden Pushes COVID-19 Shots by Threatening to Cancel 4th of July Celebrations-ss-Featured

According to President Joe Biden, Americans may need to reconsider their 4th of July celebration plans if they don’t receive their COVID-19 vaccine.

According to the New York Post, the president warned that Americans may need to cancel plans for their “small” outdoor 4th of July gatherings if the number of people receiving their vaccines drops off.

As of this writing, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention touted that 51% of Americans 18 years and above have received at least their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

On Wednesday, however, the president said this is not good enough.

Biden said that on March 11, he laid out a vision of what the nation could look like by Independence Day, which was a country closer to normal life before the pandemic.

Biden Says COVID-19 Shots Needed to Safely Celebrate 4th of July

The president added that if they want to celebrate the country’s independence from COVID-10, they still need to do many things in May and June. He said people need to continue wearing masks until the rate of infection goes down and until everyone receives their jab.

Last March, the president said that people in the country can conduct “small” outdoor gatherings, either with friends or with their loved ones, to celebrate the Fourth of July.

In a speech broadcasted on TV, Biden said that he needs all Americans to do their part. He needs everyone to get their vaccine when the opportunity arises.

He said that if everyone does their part, by Independence Day, there might be a good chance that people can have get-togethers and gatherings in the backyard or in the community.

The president then added that the goal is to be with loved ones on Independence Day. However, he reiterated that a lot can happen and situations can change. He noted that scientists had said that conditions may get worse as new variants develop and spread. Biden then said that his administration needs to work so that everyone can have confidence in how safe and effective the vaccines are.

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  • Mark Hiatt says:

    Fuck Biden, I have a friend who almost died from the mederma vaccine

  • Donald m Sommer says:

    Well fuc- biden I am not getting the shot!!! He is the worst president ever , fuc- every person who voted for him!!¡!!!

  • 2WarAbnVet says:

    If the vaccine is such a wonderful thing, why must government go to such great lengths to force it on people?

  • John says:

    The lying liberal left bitched, pissed and moaned, calling Trump a dictator at every turn. Trump may have a personality that can be hard to digest, but I don’t think he would of told people you take this shot or will not be able to do things like having a family get together. What makes this clueless, arrogant asshole think he can tell us what we can and cannot do. He apparently has the title of President confused with dictator. The more they push this kind of attitude, the more -likely they are to start a civil war, which they will lose. No doubt.

  • Calvin Anweiler says:

    Who is this turd. He does dictate to me what I may or may not do.In case you forget Joe, I am your boss.

  • Anonymous says:

    F*ck that racist, senile pervert. He’s the weakest fake President in American history.

  • Kevin says:

    F##@ him,worst president ever,I will not get the vaccine, against my Constitutional right.

  • Trisha says:

    Biden and Obama , oh excuse me his handlers can kiss my ass ! I will not get your vaccine and I am going to have a big 4 th of July party because this is still the United States home of the FREE & BRAVE ❤️🙏🏻🇺🇸 So take that you Commie Aholes 🤬

  • Nancy P. says:

    All the disruption he has caused this nation and all he is concerned about is “The 4th of July”? Why isn’t he addressing the real problems that he and his administration have caused and admit a lot of mistakes have been and wants them corrected. Of course not. ThevDemorats want this country to become divided and weakened making it easier to force Socialism on us. Impeach Biden, dump Harris. Pelosi will put a road block on those proposals. She has to disappear along with them. America is doomed, I’m afraid. Biden is getting worse every day and can we survive four years considering what he has already done wrong in this short period. Yes, this may turn into a civil war.

  • Bruce Calvert says:

    Like the 8comments before me f$#@ biden and his vaccine.i havent wore a mask and i am not going too. I will have a big 4th of july party last time i checked i lived in the free usa not bidens communist country.

  • rottenrollin says:

    Hey Biden ~

    1) Stick the vaccine where the sun don’t shine.

    2) Stick your face where the sun don’t shine.

    3) I predict if you are such an ARSEHOLE as to cancel July 4th, you will see the GREATEST DO-IT-YOURSELF FIREWORKS in American History. Make damned sure YOU’VE got some firetrucks handy, you blowhard.

  • Charles says:


  • JJ Johnson says:

    Right! Fuck Biden!🖕🏼🖕🏼
    Shove the Covid shot up your ass, Pediphile!

  • GomeznSA says:

    2War – totalitarians of ALL stripes have always had to force their will on independent folks. Their goals are and always have been to achieve and retain absolute power. They will not let any one or any thing stop them from those goals. Regardless of how many of us they have to sacrifice in the meantime.

  • Scott says:

    Joe Biden is not my president. I will not be told I have to get the vaccination. I will not give up my guns. I’m a American patriot. Like the rest said, blank Joe Biden and every single Democrate in this great country.

  • Patriot says:

    Screw you Sniffen Joe, child trafficking pedo…😡

  • John says:

    Come and stop me blow me Biden!

  • Scott says:

    Are country is far from over, we have 74 million good men and women to fight these socialist pigs. Democrats are afraid of us patriots. That’s why I believe they want are guns. Nancy Pelosi stays up at night scared of us Republicans, cause she knows we can get her and the rest of the socialists Democrates.

  • Patriot Warrior says:

    I have never worn a mask 90% of the time throughout this whole bullshit scamdemic… only when forced. I have partied with all my friends since this started and still do, and we have a HUGE 4th of July party planned and this bat shit crazy zombie of a “president” can kiss my ass. I also will never get your criminal, untested vaccine. Oh, and like many of the others here, Fuck Biden!

  • Mark says:

    You are the most lame excuse for a Human that ever sucked air. You NEVER won the election you scumbag, your kid is a worthless piece of shit just like his sperm donor daddy, and if SATAN thinks for a second that we are going to follow you to the gates of Hell, then you BOTH are in for a big surprise. You just don’t know it yet Biden, but YOUR days have already been numbered, along with all the other swamp scum that walk the same path you do. You just keep pushing those buttons, and keep pissing people off like Putin and China’s Jinping, and see how long you can hide in your basement. I don’t care HOW FAR underground it might be,….. they WILL get you along with all your cronies too. So keep acting like a tough guy, when everyone knows your a hair sniffing PUSSY.

  • Scott.S. says:

    Biden the puppet pedophile, I will not get your mark of the beast shot, which will be a reoccurring thing. As you read above my post, MYSELF AND 75 plus million other red blooded AMERICANS HAVE HAD ENOUGH of this shit.. WE do not like being told what you think we can do… Party on America 🇺🇸 the 4th of July is our day..DEMZ STOLE IT LAST YEAR , NOT THIS YEAR…. TIME TO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY.

  • Joseph Kinge says:

    He’s looking for an excuse to cancel the 4th celebrations. He’s anti-American as are his handlers, the Chinese!!!

  • Scott says:

    God bless all you red blooded American patriots. God bless the USA.

  • Em says:

    Um, fuck you, resident-in-thief. Creepy, sniffy, potatjoe buydim is not gonna tell me wtf I can and can’t do.

  • RON Davis says:

    Hypocrite Joe at it again,, fuck him n the demoncrats! Now he’s gonna throw a temper tantrum of people don’t get the shot? He needs to be bitch slapped n wake up,, he’s fucked up the country like no other has in such a short time n now he thinks he can push us around,, 74 million n counting,,

  • Mary says:

    Wowwww!!! Their getting crazier by the minute! I wore a mask only 2x and I never got a shot and definitely wont now.. just for the very fact that the radical left are pushing so hard for it …makes me wonder what is in it!?! Chinese Special!! Ugh! Heck NO! When they push know it’s not gonna to be good.

  • The professor says:

    Remember in the movie “”the departed””where Jack Nicholson says “”no Tikki,no laundry””….communist Joe is saying”” no shot,no party””…. remember he is not our president he is just a particle in the swamp ….. I hope we all have a happy and safe Fourth of July God bless America !!!!!

  • seppi says:


  • Chris Wright says:

    Fuck him, we will have our own celebrations. I’ll make my own fireworks display. biden can kiss our asses! Trump is my POTUS, he’s the one the people actually voted for!!

  • Stef says:

    “DITTO” on all the previous comments. This lame donkey will not give me orders or ultimatums, and can never force Americans to do things to their selves. {unless we sit back and let it happen} God Bless America !!

  • Robert says:

    What a worthless punk this thing called Biden is. An incompetent, ignorant fool in all of his actions. He is NOT a president! He is illegally occupying the WH basement!

  • Anonymous says:

    If ANYONE stops by my house to break up a small gathering, they wont live very long if they dont leave my property

  • Anonymous says:

    50 % aprox is against Biden and his sick circus JUST DONT COMPLY TO ANYTHING OF hisANYMORE

  • Anonymous says:

    No one is EVER going to tell me whether or not I can gather with my Family I will NOT EVER COMPLY WITH THESE SICK COMMIES NEVER THEY WILL GO DOWN I MAY TOO BUT THEY BETTER BE WILLING TO DIE

  • David Williams says:

    I don’t think Biden will go thru with it, but if he does, he find a lot of people WON’T be paying attention to him come July 4th, but you never know Joe and his SOCIALIST COMMIE DEMOCRAPS DON’T CELEBRATE ANYTHING THAT OUR FOUNDING FSTHERS PUT IN THE CONSTITUTION. They only USE it as a TOOL when it suits passing more of their COMMUNIST AGENDA!

  • Jim Evans says:

    Pedophile Joe can say whatever he want’s , but it wont stop people from going out and having fun. He sounds like a Dictator. The Biden Cartel.

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