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Former President Carter Alive and Well Out of Surgery Whether You Like it or Not

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Jimmy Carter | Former President Carter Alive and Well Out of Surgery Whether You Like it or Not | Featured

Former President Jimmy Carter, 95, recently had surgery at Emory University Hospital to relieve pressure on his brain caused by subdural hematoma, the most common sort of brain bleeding after a fall. According to The Carter Center, the bleeding was due to recent falls. His spokeswoman said there were no complications from the procedure. He will, however, remain in the hospital for observation.

According to Carter’s pastor, Rev. Tony Lowden, it was unclear how long Carter might be hospitalized. Carter’s first fall was in the spring where he needed to have hip replacement surgery after preparing to go turkey hunting. On October 6th, he hit his head falling again and received 14 stitches. On October 21st, he was briefly hospitalized after fracturing his pelvis.

Dr. Lola B. Chambless, associate professor of neurological surgery at Vanderbilt University, said that large bleeds can be life-threatening, but often, mainly in elderly patients, “the injury is a slow leak that takes a while to build up until initial symptoms such as headaches and confusion appear.”

Notwithstanding his health conditions, Carter still teaches Sunday school about twice monthly at Maranatha Baptist Church in Georgia. The church asked for prayers for Carter and his family. It has also announced that he will not be teaching his Sunday school class this week.

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