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The problem with this year's presidential election is it's all a giant game of chess. You have Hillary “the Horrible” Clinton moving her pawns across the board, and then Donald “the Dazzler” Trump guarding his King and Queen with vigor.

The people have been diluted this year. We, as American people, are no longer interested or care about the scandals or the lies, or the manipulations because we hear about it on a daily basis. Is that on purpose? Is the government trying to over-saturate our eyes, ears, and minds, with corruption so we won't uprise against it later?

You see it every day. “Hillary releases more emails she has been hiding,” or “More people hate Trump,” etc. It's becoming second nature.

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Here's my challenge to you, when you are walking out on the street ask people who they like. Say are you voting for Hillary or Trump? Now, I know that is kind of a social taboo to talk about politics but it shouldn't be. You see, yes, people will have a “preferred” candidate, but on the most part, both parties are disliked. Some people might say that Hillary is “the lesser of two evils,” some may say the same thing about Trump, but is that what we want for our President? The lesser of two evils?

When John F. Kennedy was President he was a God. People loved him. He and his wife turned politics on its head. He was a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer. She was a fashion icon. It seemed as if the Kennedy's in the White House were more famous than most of the celebrities on television. Even our “celebrities” have declined in quality. We have fifteen-year-old boys and girls who are making millions of dollars because they make videos in their garage. We have people making millions because they post pretty pictures on Instagram.

What happened to the politicians we used to have? The John F. Kennedy's, the Ronald Reagans? Where did they go?

We want a President that the country gets behind in a second. We want a winner. We don't need more bickering, more idealistic favoritism based on a party. We need a leader.

Let's stop all the media pollution. Give us the facts. Don't crowd our minds with garbage, “he said this,” or “she said that.” Give us the truth.

We need a politician now more than ever that is going to be a leader, a light in the darkness, someone who will do what it takes no matter what the American people may think about it.

Let's get rid of the tyrants.

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