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Protesters Turn to Messaging App Called “Signal” That Has End-to-End Encryption Technology

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Protesters Turn to Messaging App Called “Signal” That Has End-to-End Encryption Technology

Many people continue to try to find ways to connect in secret during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, now, an app called Signal has been brought to their attention.

Fox Business explained that the messaging app “with end-to-end encryption technology works like a real conversation but on a smartphone, meaning conversations self-destruct after a certain amount of time.”

“This has seen a surge in downloads, mainly due to the protests going on,” said Kurt Knutsson, a technology expert known on social media as “Cyber Guy.”

The Signal App

The app is available on Android and iOS devices and has been downloaded more than 32 million times.

Signal itself recognized that protesters were using the app. On June 8 blog post, the app announced that it would be donating masks in packs of 50.

“Online, we’re working to scale and improve Signal for everyone that is relying on it, but as one small offline way to help support everyone self-organizing for change in the streets, we’re also distributing face coverings free of charge,” the app said in the blog post.

“The pros on this thing: Most secure, messages can self-destruct – you can set it from five seconds from now to a week from now,” Knutsson explained. “It works on any phone or computer, but again, you’ve got to have signal on both ends,” he also explained.

According to Signal’s website, the app also allows users to blur faces in photos. It also says it does not store a lot of personal information.

“We continue to be inspired by what we’re seeing in the streets, Signal said on the blog post. “And we’ll keep doing whatever we can to help you send a message.”

However, Knutsson said he thinks the app is “not that easy” and not very user-friendly. He added that those who use it regularly may be involved in illegal activity, as reported by Fox Business.

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