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Racist Woman Defending Islam Gets Shut Down



A woman on CNN tries to explain to a former CIA analyst that he can never understand Islamic extremists because he is white. Well, he is quick to fire back that he has served in Iraq and Afghanistan working to defuse both tensions and bombs and that he doesn’t really see what’s hard to understand about people blowing themselves up.

Watch this video and see what side you agree with.

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  • Thomas Eccles says:

    ISLAM should be outlawed throughout the world. Do unto them before they do unto the world…..WAKE UP PEOPLE….They want to kill you!

  • patrick driscoll says:

    This is what is wrong with these savages. They do not want to assimilate. All the want is for you to chance and see everything through their savage eyes.
    We have so many people who want to come here and be good productive Americans. we have no need to accept muslims here and all their savage baggage. ( murders, policing expenses, damage to infrastructure, attempts to get others to worship the devil with them……..
    We are not obligated to take any one into this country. Should be something that you earn and benefits USA. No benefit of having muslims here. This ugly culture could manifest itself at any generation!

  • Russell says:

    They come here to start a new life as thousands before them have. Yet they want to verbally over power , and physically over run all they come in contact with.The difference between the Christians and Mouslems is Spirituality the Mouslems follows a materialist belief system.

  • Ellender Brown says:

    Why would any one blow them self up to kill other people they don’t even know? The culture has nothing to do with it it just plane evil.No morel or compassion for other people.They kill more of there own people than any one else . They are just murdering thug .

  • wm. says:

    As a nEx member of the Naval Air Force I understand about terroism its bad for any country—- especially those who didn’t restrict immigration, such as Germany—!/

  • Lori says:

    What do you expect ? She’s a guest on CNN.

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