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California Braces For ‘Clown Car’ of Recall Candidates



American television personality and LGBT spokesperson, Caitlyn Jenner, speaks onstage at the Web Summit in Lisbon about her life | California Braces For ‘Clown Car’ of Recall Candidates | Featured

Politico reported that running as recall candidates for California might prove the best bargain for the state’s fame seekers. For the price of a $4,000 fee (waivable), wannabes can instantly get a sizable audience to watch them spend their 15 minutes of fame. If they’re not too careful, one of them might even end up winning. 

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Recall Elections More Possible By The Day

California officials announced Monday that the recall petition contains enough signatures to qualify for the ballot. Weeks before, many celebrities, pseudo-celebrities, and other personalities jumped on the chance to become recall candidates. 

Veteran California PR guru Larry Kamer summed it best. “If you want to be famous for being famous, there’s no better way to do it than to run for governor of California, even if you have no chance of winning. It’s kind of the political equivalent of running naked down the street,” he said. 

Recall Candidates Already Coming Out

Most prominent among the potential recall candidates are a former athlete and now transgender rights activist Caitlyn Jenner.

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Even before the recall became official, Jenner already launched her campaign to challenge the incumbent governor Gavin Newsom. Sadly, California’s residents know this is just the beginning.

During the state’s first recall elections 18 years ago, a number of  B actors and residents with personal agendas declared their candidacy to fill then-Governor Gray Davis. Action movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican, claimed the seat during the recall. 

Last Tuesday, actor Randy Quaid declared he’s seriously considering joining the race. He pointed to “prosecutorial corruption” in Santa Barbara as his main reason, Quaid and his wife faced criminal charges two times related to unpaid bills at places they stayed. Lately, Quaid got attention for supporting then-President Donald Trump’s challenges to last year’s elections.  

‘Clown Car’ of Candidates

Once the recall gets final approval, the final list of candidates could resemble a “clown car” of wannabes and political seekers, according to Kamer. Many believe that the list can easily top the total 135 entrants in the 2003 race. Social media culture can easily pick up a candidate’s declaration and carry it over the airwaves and the internet. 

The 2003 recall elections featured an assortment of characters. This included Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt, actor Gary Coleman.

Author and Huffington Post co-founder Arianna Huffington also put her name on the ballot. Porn star Mary Carey finished 10th. More importantly, she managed to build a brand that extended far beyond the recall.

She already announced her plan to run again. “Last time I ran I was young, dumb, and full of fun,” she said.  “This time I have more experience and will not be taking this position laying down. I am ready to be on top!” she announced.

In addition, Carey clarified she doesn't actually support the recall of Newsom and believes the process is disruptive and expensive. But, since the process already started, she might as well run. Billboard star and 2003 recall candidate Angelyne will also reprise her run. 

Republican Candidates

This year’s potential recall also featured a growing lineup of formidable Republicans. This includes former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer.

He said that voters should support the recall due to frustration with the state’s management under Democrats. In addition, he said his mayoral experience provides a distinguishing message and platform.

Joining him is business John Cox, who lost the governor’s seat to Newsom in 2018. Cox began his unofficial campaign by tearing into Faulconer.

Mailers painted Faulconer as a RINO. He'll vie for voter attention with businessman John Cox — who was crushed in the 2018 general election by Newsom — and who has already taken to attacking Faulconer in mailers as a RINO.

In addition, former GOP Republican Doug Ose and Sam Gallucci, Republican senior pastor at Oxnard. Gallucci is a former top executive with PeopleSoft before Oracle acquired the company.  Finally, there is Ric Grenell, Trump’s former acting director of national intelligence. Grenell is still mulling on whether he should join the race.  

Good Luck to the Recall Candidates and to California

Kamer warns that even as the recall provides an opportunity to get their political feet wet, many will find the path stressful. In addition, they may find the fame temporary after the recall. “People might know your name but they're not going to know you for anything — other than a stunt,” he said.

Watch the ABC7 News Bay Area report on how does recalling a CA governor actually works?

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California and Non-California residents, do you approve the recall against Governor Newsom? If he did get recalled, who would you pick as the new Governor?

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  • Patricia worthley says:

    Richard grenell would be a great governor for the state of California, with his political experience and proven track record of working across political/ cultural lines I can’t imagine ANYONE who could help California make a rightful comeback

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