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Rep. McCarthy: Dems Could Change Electoral System



Congressman Kevin McCarthy | Rep. McCarthy: Dems Could Change Electoral System | Featured

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy had a dire warning for American viewers on Thursday. Appearing on Hannity, the Republican congressman from California predicted drastic measures by Democrats to rig the electoral game. He said it all depends on if they win in November.

“They Will Change the Rules of the Game”

McCarthy had some dire forecasts regarding how Democrats will indefinitely safeguard against a Republican victory if they control the government in 2020. Highlighting the importance of this election, he said that if Republicans don’t win in the fall, “I don’t know if we’ll ever have an opportunity to win it again.”

“They will change the rules of the game. How we vote, they will change.” said McCarthy to Fox News host Sean Hannity.

He went on to discuss how Democratic policy was changing the electoral process in his home state of California.” You know in California, they allow people who are not even citizens to vote in school board races. You know, in California, they lowered the voting age to 17. Do you know, in California, that you could turn your ballot in 17 days after the election?”

Expanding the Supreme Court, Adding States

McCarthy’s predictions went beyond expanding the pool of eligible voters. He said that if they hold a strong enough mandate, Democrats will add two states to the Union, as well as expand the Supreme Court.

The idea of expanding the Supreme Court is an old and contentious one, and nothing in the Constitution dictates that there be nine Justices. Perhaps most surprising, then, was McCarthy’s prediction that Democratic leadership would attempt to add two new states. The congressman did not specify whether US territories such as Guam and Puerto Rico would gain statehood, or existing states would be divided into smaller ones.

Either way, the move would have a negligible impact on the House of Representatives, since representation in that body is based on population. It would, however, add four seats to the Senate, securing a much stronger majority for Democrats.

McCarthy then contrasted this fear-inducing vision with the Republican platform. “We want to focus on bringing this country back. Rebuilding it, restoring it, and renewing it, and that means and law and order and justice.”

Statues Under Siege

Every week, more statues come under attack by protesters, often aligned with the Black Lives Matter Movement. Ulysses S. Grant, a Union Civil War hero and former US president, had his statue vandalized recently, as did Christopher Columbus and St. Junipero Serra.

During the interview, McCarthy also described the immense challenges facing local communities when it comes to protecting statues of US leaders. More pointedly, he criticized municipal governments that have devoted little resources to protecting targeted monuments, or that have even turned a blind eye altogether.

“Why don't they have greater regard for the rule of law instead of encouraging the mob to tear it down? If they do that, if they allow that to happen then why should federal dollars flow to that city?”

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