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Replacing Obamacare with Trumpcare



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Trump vows to replace Obamacare with ‘Trumpcare', it will be much better and cost much less money and will be available to anyone who wants it.


If only!

Posted by Absolute Rights on Monday, 29 June 2015


Source: Fox News


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  • John Edwards says:

    Because it’s all gonna be the same

  • Jeannie Torrick says:

    I believe that doing what he wants to do makes the premiums lower because it is an open market and the companies need to give you the best deal to get you to sign with them. It is unconstitutional the way that obamacare is, this is not good for us. Just look at Canada.

  • Gregory Burgess says:

    6 Obamacare is a complete travesty Congress is making way too much money they need to replace the money that I borrowed from Social Security stop all foreign aid and our countrymen can have the Medicare that they deserve. I completely agree with President Trump too much big business corruption in government

  • Margaret Bungard says:

    We are in need of more choices in healthcare. We should be able to cross state lines to buy better and more affordable healthcare.

  • Janice Lowe says:

    Anything with obamas name needs to go!

  • james says:

    have insurance through work. it cost too much to use and doesn’t do anything.many bills after going to a doctor never had this before obamacare

  • Philip McKenney says:

    #1 Not a lawyer or politician but a business man who has done very well. We need a negotiator
    in the White House who is in favor of this country and will bring some long sought conservatism and safety to this country.

  • Joanne says:

    He’s telling the truth and is not pushed by big money interests.

  • L.S. says:


  • Lawrence says:

    Trump is a smart guy who is not even a little PC. Begin with that and try to measure how much damage this Communist ploy called PC has done to this country. Yes, it is documented. Personally, I don’t care how brash, not PC, or not politically thought out answers, or hot under the collar Trump is. He is smart enough to surround himself with the best people to do the job that has to be done. The country needs a George Patton to get out of the Collectivist mindset that has been entrenched by the Manchurian Candidate and his minions. And if the welfare parasites lose their stamps, it will be because the refused a job that was offered. Time to stop circling the drain with third world appeasement. Right the ship before it sinks. This is a brilliant history from the grand dame of Conservatism describing how far the Republican Party has drifted and why the current GOP old guard politburo hates Conservatives and Donald Trump.

  • Dennis says:

    Donald Trump is smart and a builder of American prosperity

  • Carolyn Mefford says:

    because I don’t think you should be forced to take Obamacare and have to pay a fine if you don’t when they don’t have money to pay for the insurance.

  • Bonnie Riner says:

    Cause Obama care is costing taxpayers money to put in Obama pocket.

  • bett6y thompson says:

    any thing is better than obamacare it is tooo expensive and then they go on welfare and I have to pay again for all those people also because of it people are losing their jobs

  • jeff says:

    If you think 6000 dollar deductible is affordable then you wouldn’t be asking me this question.

  • warren says:

    It Can’t br worse!

  • Angel says:

    As ALWAYS, Trump never answered the question at hand. He said we’re going to get rid of state lines, some stuff about self-funding, obamacare is bad and a bunch of filler words in between, But he never answered Greta’s question as to what a woman can expect if she has recurring cancer. To look at the comments though, it would seem that he laid out a detailed plan. I don’t understand how he can say things like, “we’re gonna…” or “we’re not gonna…” and everybody comes away thinking he’s so great because he’s told us how he plans to do whatever it is. He says a lot of things will happen if he’s elected but I haven’t a clue as to how any of it will come about. I’ll give him one thing, he’s a great salesman.

  • Delores says:

    create competition, offer safety net. let market do its work. add in alternative care DC, acupunctue, so people dont get sick, and actually get well! fund supplements to stay healthy, not just drugs!

  • Name says:

    Obama care was forced thru the congress by the great Nancy Pelosi whose famous words should be engraved on a plaque in front of the White House in big bold letters, “We need to pass this bill before we read it”! I have a house to sell, and as soon as you sign the contract, and pay me, I will show it to you! Sounds like a good deal., don’t you think?

  • Lysandra Forkner says:

    I don’t know what Trump has in mind but I retired early at 60Yrs. For the first time in my life, when I need it, I can’t afford medical insurance as I make to much money but not enough to live on. I’m to pay $1010.00 a month with $1,000.00 deductible! Or I could go to the cheapest with $700.00 month with $6,500.00 deductible. A losing situation all around. Cheaper to pay the yearly and take a chance.

  • jsa says:

    anything obama does will not help the U.S.

  • Louis B Jones Sr. says:

    it has got to be better and there is no reliance on making the young and healthy to pay for things they don’t need nor for the elderly do the same with having to have maternity care at age 75 but if they feel they need it then they can have it or anything else they want.

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