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Universities To Require Vaccines For Returning Students



Male young student in jeans clothes is in corridor of a college with notepad in hands | Universities To Require Vaccines For Returning Students | Featured

Many colleges across the United States will require coronavirus vaccines for returning students. Otherwise, the school won’t allow them to attend in-person classes in the fall. This is according to a survey conducted by the New York Times.

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Coronavirus Classes Climbing At Colleges and Universities

The mandatory vaccines come as coronavirus cases continue to climb. Cases in colleges and universities are rising across the country.

These institutions recorded more than 660,000 cases since the start of the pandemic. Also, about a third of the cases happened within the last four months.

Major outbreaks continue to wreak havoc on many campuses. Salve Regina University (RI) already canceled all in-person events for at least a week.

Officials gave the order after around 30 students tested positive within seven days. Meanwhile, Detroit's Wayne State University suspended all in-person classes and on-campus activities. Wayne State resides in one of the worst coronavirus hotspots in the country.

Get A Vaccine Before Going Back To School

As a result, universities such as DePaul, Emory, and Wesleyan will require vaccines for all students. Other universities will only require athletes or those living on campus to get the shots. In addition, many institutions will allow exemptions for medical, religious, and other reasons.

Private colleges are more likely to institute vaccine mandates. However, some public institutions also want to mandate vaccinations.

The University System of Maryland requires vaccines for returning students and faculty. Chancellor Jay Perman said he is particularly concerned with the B.1.1.7 variant.

He said this variant is the most contagious among coronavirus variants. “That’s what we’re preparing for,” he said. He believes there are “more harmful variants” circulating on campus next semester. 

Not All Colleges Though

However, not all schools adopted the vaccine stand. At least two dozen schools said they won’t require shots. The reason? All coronavirus vaccines only carry emergency authorization use.

This is a temporary approval issued by the US Food and Drug Administration. California’s public university system is one of those schools. They announced they would only require vaccines if the FDA issues full approvals.

Then, there are some colleges with vaccine mandates that still face challenges. One Manhattanville College student (NY) submitted a petition to reverse the mandatory vaccine.

The student said the decision to get vaccinated is a deeply personal choice. Meanwhile, Stanford University’s College Republicans condemned the school administration. The officials wanted to require vaccinations for returning students this fall.

Incentives For Vaccinated Returning Students

Still, schools such as Baylor University and Calvin University offered incentives instead. Students who already have the vaccine can skip mandatory testing. Then, there's the University of Wyoming.

Students and staff members with vaccines get to join a weekly raffle. Prizes include tickets to college football or basketball games or Apple products. Employees with vaccines get to enjoy a personal day off.

Watch the CNBC TV video reporting that Universities can require student vaccinations for Covid-19:

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Do you support mandatory coronavirus vaccines for returning students? Should schools even reopen at this point?

Tell us what you think about coronavirus and colleges and universities. Share your comments in the comment section below.

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  • Cindi Rine says:

    Unconstitutional !!!!!!!!
    This government has pushed me as far as they are going to push me. I refuse to take a shot for something these ass hats have made up and lied to us about. Come on United States, don’t eat their shit. We are better then that. If you allow them, they will be telling you more and more how to live our lives.

  • Bev says:

    You are so right. It is unconstitutional to mandate these SHOTS which have not been FDA approved. So who wl be responsible for the future bad results side effects from taking these SHOTS. CAN A PERSON SUE THE UNIVERSITY IF SOMETHING BAD HEALTH RELATED HAPPENS 9 MONTHS FROM NOW?

  • Flo says:

    If this”vaccine” works so well, why is it necessary to bribe, oops I mean incentivize people to take it? Just because the number of cases is going up doesn’t mean anything by itself: are the number of people getting symptoms going up too? In what ratios? Number of deaths? You all need to stop being sheeple and ask questions! This is what the ones in control are most afraid of: our ability to have freedom of thought and information flow freely!

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