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Hillary Is Stealing The Election From The American People



  • Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has a point to make about rigged elections.
  • Will added that most Americans think of government intervention when they think of a rigged election, and believe past elections have been rigged by the IRS.
  • The Democratic fight against voter ID laws.

Syndicated Columnist George Will said Monday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has a point to make about rigged elections, “if he would just make it more clearly.”

“[Trump] sweeps all his grievances into one big puddle,” Will said. “He talks about the media, he talked about the primaries, he talked about the polls, he talked about the Republican National Committee.”

Will added that most Americans think of government intervention when they think of a rigged election, and believe past elections have been rigged by the IRS.

The Democratic fight against voter ID laws also does not appear to be innocent, according to Will.

“[Democrats] say, ‘Well that burdens the exercise of a fundamental right,’” said Will. “The Supreme Court has said that travel is a fundamental right. No one thinks that showing an ID at the airport burdens that fundamental right.”

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  • james says:

    The mainstream media is not willing to say a thing, but the conservative and independent media is all over this. It’s very disturbing to know that Soros is supplying some voting machines as well!

    • used to be a liberal says:

      I posted the following already, but it fits well with your comment, so here it is again;
      George Soros and the Hilda-Beast are joined at the hip. We have been handed a pile of bull manure beginning with Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, Obama, and now maybe the Hilda-Beast.
      Keep in mind, George Soros is a Nazi, he espouses to Nazi style socialism, he has been this way ever since he was a Nazi Collaborator turning in hundreds if not thousands of Jewish people. This is what will be coming our way if Clinton is elected, Nazi Style Socialism.
      To the left-wit fools, the useful idiots, black lives matter, occupy wall street, the anti-police crowd, and others, you will be the first ones to be thrown under the bus. This election is not about you, it is about what they want, if they win, you don’t fit in. There is nothing LIBERAL about “liberalism” you just might find that out the hard way.

      • Ynot says:

        I would like Trump’s campaign to put a little light on all the donations from other counties. These countries gave millions of dollars for FUTURE favors. How in the hell can we as a nation elect a president that is in the pockets of foreign countries? i would love to see them come collect their monies back when she loses. Just like Obama, Hillary will be the most transparent. Corruption, high crimes, treason and tyranny is blatant and in our face. Obama has brought our great nation to her knees. I fear what will happen if Hillary’s criminal enterprise and her lame stream media propaganda machine succeeds in winning. God Bless America again.

    • Bob says:

      Sorts is crooked like the clintons, nob amassed, the bush’s, powell, Ryan and most of the Democrats and Republicans

  • Brenda says:

    It’s obvious if you can read, write or watch TV.

  • Don says:

    A known criminal and why is she not in jail?

  • Regina Brock says:

    Nobody wants to listen to the great ideas Trump has. So it leaves Hillary in the limelight to take all the votes. I blame this on the media! The only journalist I trust is Watters.

  • John says:

    There are active voter fraud investigations now in three states. In reality such fraud is taking place all over the country.

  • Leonar Felix says:

    Can’t trust someone that is crooked and a criminal by any USA standards!

  • Robert Schaefer says:

    I’m one of the conservative people that are sick and tired of both parties shoving there
    politics down our throats, they work for us not the other way around, I voted for trump and I pray to God he wins

  • Dan says:

    She is truly corrupt .

  • Pamela Keith says:

    It will come back to bite her. I hope we can stop her.

  • Freda says:

    The people should be the one voting in the President just as we vote in other offices; not the Electoral Votes. Go back to the people voting in their choice.

  • Mike Norrie says:

    This the dum o rats culture insane corruption .cut and run Barack insane Obama baby killer.

  • martha yoder says:

    i have seen the video where they teach people how to cheat by running the ballots through the machine and put in chip and it will change the persons vote..i would hope that Trump would check it out!!

  • Linda Lewis says:

    A leopard never changes its spots! She’s lied for over 30 years and nothing will ever change with her.

  • Ken McBee says:

    Simply watching the tricks and gimmicks she employed during the debates was enough proof for anyone paying attention. The connections between the DNC and the violence at Trump events is more proof. Questions regarding the integrity of some state’s voting machines is just more fuel on the fire.

  • Fred L. Hernandez says:

    We longer deserve the right to vote. We use the excuse that we can use term limits as a check. Yeah right! Lazy bastards deserve what they get! Voting is now a new less joke. Why? Because we allowed it!

  • irene Williams says:

    She has told lies, is unfit, responsible for the death of the Ambassador, involved in pay for hire US info/ jobs, also involved with having her secretary be paid by multi sources of gov’t at same time, not been charged with the crimes she has done been involved with people disappearing/ or killed/ & voter fraud.

  • vern street says:

    Due to previous elections when we had
    1. dead people
    2. states with no voting ID
    3. Democrats are like snakes – win at any cost and bragging out bussing people to the poles

  • Tony says:

    With all the obvious corruption, lies, stupidity, and total incompetence of their radical agenda, what else would you expect? Now finding out through Wikileaks, hillary has on her payroll, antagonists to protest Trump’s campaign rallies and promote violence and disruption. Time for this DOUCHE BAG to be dressed in an ORANGE pants suit and behind bars along with the rest of this whole administration, permanently!! Time for an OVERTHROW of this totally corrupt government

  • Marlene Bacon says:

    Too many Americans do not understand what is at stake with this election. Our schools no longer educate our young people in what our country stands for because the left (that Hillary represents) have infiltrated all areas of our life. The importance of our Constitution needs to be understood.

  • Sid Abma says:

    The media is brain washing many to believe Hillary is winning and it is depressing some not to vote. It’s a lie!
    Wouldn’t it be awesome if on Nov. 8th if everyone voting for Trump would wear a red shirt or jacket so everyone could see the number of people around town and streaming in and out of the polling stations. It would make quite a statement no one could dispute.

  • ART BLOOMER says:

    because she is a bad example of what we want in the white house , to many good people died in wars to let this country go to hell like it has in the last 40yrs plus,she is a lying , cheating no good always has been always will be

  • Without Trump, This Nation Is Gone!! Oh, & by the way, Hillary has moved All the Money from the Clinton Foundation to Banks in Catar. Sounds like she may be fixing to run, if need be.

  • Jeremy says:

    First of all, any regular US citizen breaking the law for even half of what Hillary has done would have been thrown in jail. Then how the media is bought to slander Trump because most of the people out there believe anything fed to them by a talkin head in their television

  • Bill says:

    I heard on the Internet that the Democratic party is going to use millions of dead people’s names in Hillary favor!! Someone needs to STOP THIS NOW!!

  • Wanda Crosby says:

    All we need do is look back on the last 8 years to see the devistation that will surely only become worse under Hillary’s rule! I can feel it coming as if I am in a nightmare about it and am screaming for the people to wake up, but they can not or will not hear me! This is a nightmare that will never end! Only by the will of God will it be able to be turned around by sending us a conqueror with a heart and soul of a lion driven by his mighty hand! You Sir are that man! A soldier who will man an army like never seen before to smite our enemies! I have been on bended knee in deep prayer for you. And believe he will strengthen my faith in him to do his will not ours, and hope you are his choice! May God walk with you and sustain you in this fight against the evil ones and give you his strength to lead us as the next President of the USA!

  • don the con says:

    shes beating his sorry good 4 nothing ass and come election time its not gonna be close.he man is a disguting deploarable disgrace to america.cantwe deport this stupid sick women gr0ping n rapingdeplorable son of a bitch?#FUCKTRUMP#FUCKHISSTUPIDASSSUPPOTERS#NEVERTRUMPCHUMPBITCHNEVER#GETTHEHELLOUTTATHEUSA#NOW

  • Oudrey M Wilson says:

    They make it obvious, dead, illegals, voting extra almost ALL voting Democrat then removing voter ID checks. Now want to let felones vote [about 90% Democrats]

  • Cliff says:

    With all of the “lame stream media” in the TANK for hitlery and pushing all her LIES as truth, People just are NOT listening. ALL THEY WANT ARE THE PROMISED “freebies”… The “elites” FROM BOTH PARTIES are terrified that Trump will win and that Control, money and power that has been stolen from “We the People” by CROOKED POLITICIANS will be back in the control of the AMERICAN people where it should have been according to our Constitution (that the “elites want to change to suit their personal “agendas”) Hitlery is THE last hope of the “elites” to be their next “puppet”hold onto their POWER and Corruption.

  • Name says:

    There ara no true facts that indicate the elections are rigged.Hillary Clinton it is a much better person,and she is ready to be the President of the United States.

  • Name says:

    All she has done is lied about everything and she is in for the power and money. Not the people

  • debra says:

    because everyone knows bernie sanders won and look at all of the ballots they threw away that was his , and because those maCHINES can’t be trusted either, even after being wipe cleaned they thought all votes went to demc, when only one voted that way , so their you go, look on utube for a video where yes or no is used and you will be shocked what you see ,

  • curt kniffin says:

    The stupid part of this cycles circus is, It’s okay for trump to slam the crime family, but if someone like Cruz or another politician did it!!!! the GOP got their panties in a wad…So everyone is now on the band wagon calling it okay. Because it’s an “outsider” THAT’S NOT AN OUTSIDER!!!! He’s been supporting and causing the “corruptness” to propagate!!!! but NOW he’s gonna fix what HE HELPED BREAK?! What a filthy joke.

  • Gary says:

    Hillary is promising the people everything, just to get elected. No new taxes and no new debt, now she say the new increased taxes to cover more spending. She is unpredictable.

  • Clarence Musolf says:


  • Jon Claybourn says:

    The media is 90% on her side and so biased it is ridiculous, the George Soros voting machines can be hacked, and she is a globalist who is being propped up by all the other globalists in the world. It is so unfair it is like Trump vs. the entire political world!

  • Mrs Ruden says:

    Her rally crowds are very small, her online responses can’t compare to Trump’s & the polls only reflect landlines! (Free landlines paid by us taxpayers meant for the needy-sucked up by the lazy democrat free loaders)
    Trump is far more popular, God help us all when she fakes a victory. There will be anger.

  • gayle says:

    Hilary is a liar and a crook. i have no respect for her. But tje republican elite is also at fault

  • Bob Shay says:

    Clinton is a liar, cheater, Thief, Traitor, con-artist, communist/Nazi, low life satanism, power hungry, dictator & needs to be brought up on TREASON charges for put us/USA in danger with her server, deleting 33,000 + emails [why & who she may have sold our secrets to], Bengazi, the Iran deal, selling 20 to 25, of our uranium, weikieleaks & much more. HITLERY is the one who was the author of nob amazing care. She can not be trusted.

  • Steve Dunham says:

    Why is she and Comey not in jail !

  • Name says:

    She is winning fair and square.

  • Brian says:

    Hitlery, her husband & Obama should all be arrested & jailed for the crimes they have committed.
    But our corrupt government and media won’t do it.

  • John says:

    She is pathetic and could care less about are country and we the people or should I say deplorable had better wake up,there will be no other chance for this nation supreme Court will be are undoing 2nd ammendment will be history free speech gone God help us if the old hag get to be president. Killary for jail period.

  • Lorraine E Blazich says:

    The democrats always cheat, lie, steal, change the name of who the voter is selecting, submit votes for dead people, submit for cartoon characters, vote many times in many locations, don’t have IDs, load the voting machines with votes for democrats before the polls open, voters are intimidated at the polling places by the black panthers, throw away ballots with votes for republicans, change the numbers in the electronic voting to favor democrats, submit more democratic votes than there are registered voters in a precinct, and refuse to count the votes of our service men and women because they are usually votes for republicans. Voter fraud has only gotten worse over the years. Chicago democrat Mayor Richard Daily’s instructions were always “vote early and often.”

  • Name says:

    She’s a liar!!!

  • Judith York says:

    Mr. Trump usually tells it like it is…so if he says there are rigged elections then I believe him.

  • used to be a liberal says:

    George Soros and the Hilda-Beast are joined at the hip. We have been handed a pile of bull manure beginning with Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, Obama, and now maybe the Hilda-Beast.
    Keep in mind, George Soros is a Nazi, he espouses to Nazi style socialism, he has been this way ever since he was a Nazi Collaborator turning in hundreds if not thousands of Jewish people. This is what will be coming our way if Clinton is elected, Nazi Style Socialism.
    To the left-wit fools, the useful idiots, black lives matter, occupy wall street, the anti-police crowd, and others, you will be the first ones to be thrown under the bus. This election is not about you, it is about what they want, if they win, you don’t fit in. There is nothing LIBERAL about “liberalism” you just might find that out the hard way.

  • Jim says:

    Because the entire establishment is LETTING it happen

  • joseph couto says:

    we are having a government of politicians by politicians for politicians….the american people deserve what they have been voting for….they need to go under soc.. marx…com… to be able to compare with what they have been enjoying….

  • Name says:

    She has lots of backing from big companies big b pharmacy, and big people with unlimited resources to really join Killary, in saying whatever and hi owe very because they will back her. Especially when she helps them promising gun control and etc.

  • Don Allen says:

    She is total evil. Also the people of the USA have no reference to anything but themselves.
    With out a God in their lives. And if we cant learn about ethics, morality, kindness and learn common decency then we are a doomed country. Opinions run amok and are like rear ends .Everybody has one and they all seem to be right except any one else

  • Karolyn Fredette says:

    Because that’s the truth; something Hilary doesn’t know.

  • Teresa says:

    There has been undercover people filming inside the Clinton Camp. She is a liar, pay to play person who only thinks of herself. Now Donald Trump is the total opposite, he cares what happens to America and its people! No open borders! Keep our jobs here and not elsewhere. I am voting for Trump!!!!

  • Name says:

    Disingenuous media reporting, out of the public eye deals, political money from dubious sources and questionable political connections.

  • MONTE says:


  • Name says:

    I don’t think she is stealing it I have seen more than three-quarters of America voting for Trump the polls are a bunch of b******* as far as I am concerned Trump will win

  • louis says:

    louis the media, all the media is for hillary and not in favor of trump. She is a lair, thief, and does not give a rats ass about the real people. Her record is criminal, and she should be in jail.

  • Gregory Leanza says:

    She is too devisive and using my opinionillegal methods to win the election

  • Pamela says:

    Obama & Hillary are planning on letting Putin blow out our electrical grid on purpose.See: It’s all about total control! AND YOU THOUGHT HITLER WAS BAD! We better push for Obama’s Impeachment…He’s KGB

  • David Hack says:

    She’s for open borders and that’s the same thing that George Soros and his ‘homies’ are pushing! Why, if the Russians have an international warrant out on him isn’t Soros in a Russian prison yet? Oh, that’s right! He’s got the American ‘Lamestream media’ in his back pocket too!

  • John Wirts says:

    The Democrats have been cought bussing “voters” to multable polls to vote multable times. There have been exposures of dead people voting, of more voters then there are registered voters in a precinct1 Yet the courts deny the right to demand picture id’s, or to groom deceased people from the voter rosters. I will bet these would be required tomarrow, if the Republicans started using these tactics!

  • Jack Taylor says:

    Her people are starting trouble ,fights, burn outs ,a person throwing mail ins away.That is votes. She is crooked , anything to win.

  • Naomi Sanders says:

    Voter fraud has been a problem for many many years! Just recently a repair man ran across many boxes of votes ready and made out for Hillary Clinton in Ohio–and voting had not even started, as I understand!

  • catman says:

    Why you ask?? Just look at her record over the past 25-30 years. Nothing but lies, corruption and in my humble opinion, even murder.

  • DAVID BABER says:

    she has bought the media she has gotten away with crimes she is a liar and she has convinced the blacks, the Hispanics, and the women that she is their savior so sad that the people in this country are so dumb,no matter what Donald has done it will never compare to what she has done, she has sold our country out, mark my words.

  • paul says:


  • Charles says:

    Just rigging the election in many different ways.

  • Patricia Green says:

    I stand for the Constitution!

  • Robert says:

    It would take me all day to write why queen BITCH hillary is unfit to be president but the bottom line is she is unfit and unstable to be president!!!

  • Doesn't Matter says:

    Hillary is fine with abortion and she’s wanting open borders and so do her supporters. Just wonder since they support those 2 things Hillary are for would they be ok if the refugees they allowed over killed their kids? Pretty much the same thing right?

  • Name says:

    Because of the same Ole same Ole, lies, deception, corruption, you name it she’s the leader.

  • Enrique Noriega says:

    Too many back room deals, visitations to the executive(White House) from Vera Veritas, intrussion of UN, UNESCO, all are bad deals, Iran was served a deal on a silver plate by the current Administration. Can trust them anymore.

  • Jill Defoe says:

    Because Hillary wants to take away our freedom. She wants to rule as a Queen. She wants open borders, single payer government run healthcare and will put in progressive liberal Supreme Court judges that will be there for 30 years.

  • Don Cremen says:

    This is a travesty! The people need to organize and stand together. We the people are the last bastion of freedom on earth. What happens if the elitist steal this election is up to us to cpme together and decide.

  • Doris says:

    Nothing ne for those Communist, Marxist, Socialist and Muslims. I think it has been stolen the last two elections. Doris

  • Lise'jean says:

    I knew from the beginning it was going to be rigged. Big business hires people from other states for a day, week, or month, issues an ID card and a check stub and the vote in two states. She’s a slime ball!

  • Wade Gibson says:

    The whole of the Justice Department, The House, The Senate & All major networks are in the tank for globalization. Bought and paid for already. If it were not so there would be at least one special prosecutor appointed by now. Criminals are running government by smoke & mirrors, not we the people. Easy to see why illegals are allowed in against the written laws of the USA they are allowed and recruited to vote by the millions for Democrats. Final nail in the coffin of liberty, truth & blind justice is being hammered in in front of our eyes.

  • Joe W. Gallagher says:

    Well I tried to post a comment. It was written in my usual way and humble tone. I will admit it was lengthy and mean and nasty to Damarats. But alas before I could sign off puruff, it disappeared. into a far away galaxy. I must have really pissed the damarats allah off. anyway if anyone sees it fly by catch it and see that Mr. DON gets it.
    Thanks, Joe Gallagher

  • Joe W. Gallagher says:

    Well I tried to post a comment. It was written in my usual way and humble tone. I will admit it was lengthy and mean and nasty to Damarats. But alas before I could sign off puruff, it disappeared. into a far away galaxy. I must have really pissed the damarats allah off. anyway if anyone sees it fly by catch it and see that Mr. DON gets it.
    Thanks, Joe Gallagher

  • Vernon Huber says:

    Why they want all the illegal aliens here because most would likely vote Democratic

  • Harlan Lawson says:

    No photo ID required in most places to vote. Lying about her policy views and cost to the taxpayers for her free programs. Saying that her programs will not add a penny to our national debt.

  • Wilfred says:

    Hillary talks with forked tung, There is no truth to anything she says. If her ( Lips are Moving ) there is ( more Lies coming out of her mouth to palute the minds of the uninformed ) the Dems Hillary and the Democrats will sink our country!

  • Gregory J. Kuhl says:

    Her lies, news media lies,illegal campaign contributions, massive voter fraud, paid for commie rioters, rinos(Trojan horse), corrupt FBI and state dep’t., an uninformed-misinformed electorate(too many).

  • James Christie says:

    Since we need to show ID for boarding a plane, we must show ID for the most important right in our nation, the right to vote. We must not allow voter fraud to affect the outcome of our elections.

  • ronald wimber says:

    I have been in the position of owning a business and had woman working for me who offered there bodies to me just to keep there jobs. every time i looked around woman were coming on to me. i did not take them up on it. but they tried. hillery has hired people to brake trump she needs a jail not a office

  • Doris says:

    She is deceiving the innocent (ignorant) American people with her lies. She bribed/paid crooks to disrupt Trump’s campaign. She cannot be trusted.

  • carolyn dilks says:

    She is corrupt and is dishonest in my opinion and does not care for the American citizens she cares just for herself.

  • Doris says:

    One more point…..she and her Democrats fight against photo ID laws. Why…….? so that they can cheat, steal votes . She is not only cheating this election, she is robbing from the American people in this election.

  • Martha says:

    James o’Keefe videos, FBI illegal conduct, DOJ behavior regarding Benghazi
    , server,distroy end emails. And NOTHING was done – she belongs in jail!

  • Gerald says:

    As a lifelong republican I stand with Donald Trump, but due to the way Paul Ryan has treated him, I can no longer support candidates of our party for the house and senate . Paul Ryan should be ashamed of himself

  • Dave Hill says:

    What happened to those men…Our founding Father of this Country. Our Government has been taken over by people whom want nothing for the people but money and power for themselves. Then along came a man that see’s everything that is going on. Can’t Stump the TRUMP!!!

  • David Jonathan says:

    The first mistake was that we allowed the illegal presidency go to obama. Now, it is the crooked Liar hillary’s turn. We need a real revolution. NOW!

  • Dorian Holland says:

    Hillary, yes is a Washington insider, having spent the last 30 years in politics with her husband asked on her own. She’s been consistent in the causes she believes in, in addition to being uncannily devious when ask obstacle needs to he removed. She will get more Americans working with a living wage as opposed to working two jobs just to make modest ends meet. She will build off of President Obama’s trade policies that are shrinking our deficit with China and prevent more US companies from outsourcing and shifting production to foreign countries. Top that off with her obsession with family issues. I think she will build us up from within to make us an even stronger world player.

  • douglas lucas says:

    she LIES about everything. the stuff she has done is unforgiveable

  • David J. Schmitz says:

    I know God Jesus will hear my prayers.

  • James Smith says:

    She and her cronies are rigging the elections by buying votes through welfare dead beats.
    34 states are paying more in welfare than minimum wage workers make. The dead beats will keep voting “dem” to keep their life style, more money for less work.

  • jim says:

    she has been lying, cheating, and stealing, for her own benefit, for many years and getting away with it. Why would she change her ways now?

  • Takala says:

    She represents an organized crime group aka democratic party who are conspiring thru the executive branch to conceal her multiple deficiencies and chargeable offences.

  • Daniel says:

    Cause she Lies, She Steal, you can’t trust anything she says, I feel a woman shouldn’t be in the White House, That is a Job for a man. Hillary is not for America she is for herself. I feel Trump Will be and do a lot better he should win… That is my thought.

  • william puckett says:

    Hiiiary and the demorats will do anything on this earth to stay in power in order to control our entire lives, and I mean every move that we make. I don’t need the bastards to tell me how to run my life!

  • Larry Montoya says:

    she’s a thief

  • Cimmie says:

    She s going to try but the proof is out, don’t think she’ll get away with it this time.

  • maxine krueger says:

    I believe she had things set up long before the primaries. She can do no wrong and they attack Donald for everything.

  • Dennis says:

    Killary has the 3 major TV networks on her side. Money involved, I’m sure. They have destroyed the election.

  • Bill Clinton used to have the state patrol bring out hookers to the countryside so that he could get his .... says:

    she does the same thing by stealing from the American Public…the 2008 Banking debacle when they took down Washington Mutual Bank they tried to foreclose on the FDIC chairman’s personal home…he quit the FDIC and filed a class action lawsuit against JP MORGAN CHASE then got his job back at the FDIC and the lawsuit is still going on…millions of homeowners have lost their homes due to this same lies after lies after lies…Rome never went away….the FEDS are run from the Vatican…the corruption in WA DC is rampant!

  • KELLIE says:

    with the black boxes that the George soros globalist owns are being used. no over sight if they are programed if Hillary favor. they should all be pulled and voting done in a different way. because there no accountability if the votes are hacked in dems favor un patriotic and un american

  • James R Smiley says:

    In 2012, before the primary season could even end, AG Eric Holder and DOJ filed lawsuits preventing North Carolina and several other states from enacting PHOTO ID laws to prohibit ILLEGALS, DEAD people and Democrats from voting or voting multiple times. He did so knowing the case would not be adjudicated in our Federal Court system and those Photo ID laws would be prevented from use by those states. Effectively, he opened door for thousands, maybe MILLIONS of illegal votes to occur by preventing STATE laws from being uses. Just a few months back, AG Loretta Lynch used the same tactic to prohibit North Carolina AGAIN, as well as four other states, from enacting their PHOTO ID laws prohibiting ILLEGALS, DEAD people and Democrats once again from illegally voting or voting multiple times. We the people CAN’T have fair and honest elections with Democrats running White House or Dept. of Justice and Hillary Clinton is the biggest deceitful liar to run for President outside of Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the muslim trojan horse.

  • thomas says:

    if america allows killary to steal election there will be civil war

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