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Rioting and Looting Follow Day of Peaceful Protests



Following the May 25, 2020 murder of George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis, which was captured on video, major cities across the United States have seen peaceful protests for racial equality turn into violent riots.

Saturday, May 30, 2020 brought thousands of people together as protests were organized from NYC to Philadelphia to Minneapolis to Los Angeles. Many attendees held signs reading, “I can’t breathe,” “Black Lives Matter,” and “Say his name,” all symbolic of the crime that occurred 5 days earlier.

Large cities were not the only sites of organized protests; smaller cities like Tampa and La Mesa, CA hosted protests that later turned violent and destructive. La Mesa, a small city in San Diego County, was an especially surprising site for rioting. A quiet city, La Mesa residents were also outraged by the detention of a local black man on Wednesday, and are calling for police reform.

La Mesa Destroyed by Rioters

The organized protest in La Mesa began around 2 pm at the police department, but then moved onto the freeway, blocking traffic and shutting the road in both directions for hours. By 4 pm, many peaceful protestors were leaving as tensions escalated. The police station was vandalized, as were the walls of the freeway on-ramp.

By 6 pm, police began to use pepper spray and tear gas in an effort to clear the area. At 7 pm, a helicopter flew overhead and alerted the crowd that the gathering was unlawful and arrests would be made.

At 8 pm, a large blast of tear gas was deployed as a dozen additional police cars arrived on site. The parking lot of the police station was cleared, but protestors continued to taunt police. Police advanced their positions, continued using tear gas, and began firing rubber bullets.

As the evening progressed, the destruction became widespread; Chase bank, Union bank, and Bank of America were all burned to the ground. Stores were looted and fires lit across the city. Looters were still on the prowl after midnight, and a curfew was put in place starting at 1:30 am on Sunday morning.

With the peaceful protest starting at 2 pm and ending around 4 pm, the rioters and looters are believed to belong to a separate, opportunistic group taking advantage of the situation. With tensions high, lawful protestors are being used as scapegoats as criminals destroy cities already devastated by Coronavirus lockdowns.

Police State Imminent

With 5,000 National Guard troops being deployed in 15 states, curfews implemented in cities across the country, and thousands of arrests being made in a single weekend, it’s time to prepare for an impending police state. If you live in or near a city, prepare to protect yourself, your family, and your home. Expect possible police checkpoints as you travel and increased security at all businesses that are open.

Do not leave cars, garages, or doors unlocked. Bring all valuables inside and home from your businesses at night. Keep identification on you at all times and know your rights.

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  • Donald says:

    It is time for the law abiding people to show these punks it will not be tolerated. Get armed and protect yourself and you property. They have the right to protest, but destroying others peoples property is not protesting and that is being a criminal thug and if it takes bodies to get their attention, so be it.

    • Wyatt says:

      Well said Sir !

    • Hey says:

      Absolutely, that is what I call low lifers, terrorists scum bags. At a time when those felons were released from jail and their felonies were reduced to misdemeanors so they can get trained and hired. Look what they are doing.
      Remember I have seen the same riots deployed some where else in exact same organized fashion. It is the work of Facebook organizers.


    What is wrong with these humans?
    If you can call them that! The ones that destroy are almost as inhuman as the officer that killed Floyd!

    • Sue B Shannon says:

      Let the idiots burn everything down. How stupid are you?

      • James Graham says:

        How stupid are you. These activities are burning the local bank, grocery store, privately owned business! Chances are these areas won’t be rebuilt due to the exposition of pure thuggery! Locals beat the crap out of the outside trouble makers, no matter who they are. And Please don’t riot or burn Down your community!

        • Concerned patriot says:

          Endangering other lives to protest the death of one seems to be counter intuitive. Burning down innocent store owners livelihood and business is a disgrace to the cause.

          Bank of America and chase bank though are not your local community neighborhood savings and loan. They are multinational powerhouses that only serve themselves and shareholders.

          They prey upon our communities and should removed from them.

          They employ corporate policy and process designed to commit fraud against you and your neighbors. They have been stealing people’s homes and putting families out into the streets with no where to go who weren’t in default or wasn’t in one that wasn’t caused by the actions of the bank.

          I’m sure to the majority here I sound like a trolling liberal or political sides taker but I assure you I am the most politically neutral one can be (previous registers republican for two decades.

          Five years ago if I would of heard that banks were or have stolen peoples homes with in legal right to do so and we’re getting away with I would have called you crazy for saying it.

          You can call me crazy all you want but I know it’s the truth Because it happened to us and I’m not the exception. The more I research The more evidence I find in Public records that show the truth of this and proof of this but how did they get it through the courts.

          You have been lied to and deceived if you believe those laws there that our trustee legislators are there to protect you from such fraud and such heinous of a crime.

          If you believe that you are wrong. If you don’t believe the system is corrupt enough to allow it and the communities of ever got wind of such atrocities would not allow them to operate there any long Er you would be wrong. Because you are continuing to allow for them to perpetuate this harm upon your neighbor and soon you.

          I work in oil and gas

          Six figure income

          Had six figures in the bank

          Owed less than six figures on my home

          Was tricked into believeing I was in a modification forevearance plan tlike they have been offering due to covid but mine was after Hurricane Harvey

          Was told By mortgage servicer I was going into foreclosure and to pay X amount to avoid

          I paid X amount and was told my then they recieved and default was cured

          They foreclosed anyway

          They bought my home with a fraudulent bid pretending to be the lender on my loan After assigning forged documents

          Hired a lawyer

          Lawyer although telling me they were working for me were actually working against me

          Have spent six figures on trying to correct this “error” that seems to be very common and one that is done by all of the major banks

          Funny how the banks “errors” never favor the borrower but every “error” seems to favor them very big

          Shut these banks down.

          Bank of America and chase branches getting burned down?

          So long as no one was physically injured I say about time and good job for doing the right thing. There’s a bunch more

          Before you jump to conclusions I come from a long line of a military family who’s family has seen every generation of them since they fell offf the potato boat pick up arms to defend the ideals of this once great nation

          Police officers, judges, lawyers, irs agent, treasury dept deputy sheriff DSS army, navy; marines, Air Force, army Air Force

          This is not what our brave members who serve had fought for and are fighting for. I’m very proud of my families history but am ashamed that I’ve allowed what the generations before me had fought for to evolve into what it is.

          Republican Democrat IDGAF it’s broken, you’ve been made aware, fix it, or get the bell out of the way so someone else with the meddle can

      • Gloria A says:

        What good does it do to burn down the banks? Breaking windows being broken is nothing but criminals acting like pendejos! They’re destroying their own towns and any other towns they step a toe into. WHY???

  • PD says:

    These looters and arsonists are FUNDED BY THE LEFT. They WANT Martial Law to be instituted in order to be able to DEMAND our guns be turned in. It is also YET ANOTHER THING FOR THEM TO BLAME ON TRUMP. When it is TRULY the Democratic Governor’s and Mayor’s that are ALLOWING IT TO HAPPEN and even condoning it in some cases. BLM, ANTIFA, and several others groups are as much to blame as anyone can be.

    • Gayle Arnold says:

      I totally agree with you, but hopefully they will realize that no matter how you divide people up into groups, there will be good and bad in those groups. You can’t judge ALL by the actions of 1!

    • Lois says:

      I love the way everything is blamed on the Democrats. When our so called president does nothing but hide in his bunker like the idiot he is. He should take action to stop all this mayhem. Why don’t we put the blame where it really belongs for a change. It is all political be it a Democrat or a Republican. All politicians are crooked.

  • Mark Goering says:

    Ron White was right , “ you can’t fix stupid “ . Vandalism , looting , and violence is going from bad to worse . Action to gain control of this outrage is not more outrage !! Now ask Donald if it’s dark up there ?

  • Folks … look at the uprising of the young idiots that can’t hold a job or pay their Student Loan. These are the Uncle Bernie and China Joe supporters, who believe they will overthrow our Government. It’s time to round them up and ship them off to an Island far far away and let them set up their own Government. We’ll watch how long they’ll last before they kill one another. Look at it this way … it’s like a Democratic Delayed Abortion. These idiots don’t deserve a Country like America!

    • Carol T says:

      Well said. That’s exactly what I have been saying. Since they obviously hate we the people and America, they should leave. Guantanamo would be a perfect place for all of them.

    • Pamela C Stanley says:

      TOTALLY agree but they don’t deserve an island. I say send them to China, Iraq or Afghanistan. Maybe then they’ll begin to appreciate our great Nation. This is ridiculous how far the left will go to TRY and discredit our POTUS and those who support him. God Bless the US and het People!💕🇺🇸

  • Gayle Arnold says:

    I can’t imagine this man doing this man wanting to be remembered this way. Peaceful protesting and the officer held accountable, YES! But, all this violence and distruction NO! It is not honoring him, it is putting a big black eye around his name. It is time for these people (I use that term lightly) to wake up from the anger they are feeling and truly honor him and Martin Luther King, Jr’s memory and handle things accordingly.

    • Gayle Arnold says:

      Sorry for the typo of ‘this man doing’ in my comment. I also agree that the democrats are egging the situation on as well, hoping to make President Trump look bad. Hopefully, those who have a brain will realize that it has nothing to do with him and everything to do with the action of 1 person. There are good and bad in every profession, race, gender,and anything else you would like to break people into groups as!

    • Gayle Arnold says:

      I also agree that the democrats are egging the situation on as well, hoping to make President Trump look bad. Hopefully, those who have a brain will realize that it has nothing to do with him and everything to do with the action of 1 person. There are good and bad in every profession, race, gender,and anything else you would like to break people into groups as! Sorry for the typo in my first comment of ‘this man doing’.

  • Grammysam says:

    Has the time come for President Trump to declare Martial Law, bring in the military, and cancel all elections? Kinda looks like it!

  • Gayle Arnold says:

    Sorry for the typo of ‘this man doing’ in my comment. I also agree that the democrats are egging the situation on as well, hoping to make President Trump look bad. Hopefully, those who have a brain will realize that it has nothing to do with him and everything to do with the action of 1 person. There are good and bad in every profession, race, gender,and anything else you would like to break people into groups as!

  • Carol T says:

    The police should arrest every one of those thugs the second they smash a window, or set a fire. Like Dan Bongino said, you arrest the 1st one, then the 2nd one, and the 3rd one will think “I don’t want to go to jail” so they knock off the BS.

    George Soros and the LEFT are paying big bucks for these thugs. All their money should be confiscated and used to pay for all the damage those thugs have done. Soros and his “groups” should all be prosecuted for inciting the riots.

  • nobozoz says:


  • John Larsen says:

    Here in southeast Florida (Miami and Fort Lauderdale) there have been peaceful protests. That is until the agitators incite riots. In fact, in Fort Lauderdale (according to local news reports) when the peaceful protest was over, the organizers told the protestors that they accomplished what they wanted. They then told the protesters to go home peacefully.
    Unfortunately, the agitators stayed and incited the riots. It turns out that the agitators were from out of state (as were the vast majority of those arrested). After they start the riot they jump in there cars and left, according to witnesses.
    When the rioters were going to vandalize and loot a pharmacy, a group of peaceful protesters blocked them from entering the store.
    FYI: I am a senior white male, born in southeast Florida. Just in case you were wondering.

  • Scott Reid says:

    It’s just an excuse to break in to places to grab what they want FREE a bunch of low lifes that’s all. If they did it my store or a family’s store the shot gun is at the ready… if I hit someone stealing from me. So be it. If they want to protest peaceful great but this is bullshit.

  • Howard Gabel says:

    People have you thought of this: I believe that the bad boys that are doing the damage are ISIS trained. This is just the beginning. They will get stronger and will be carrying AK47’s like they are doing in the middle East and in Africa. I read that there are 7 ISIS training grounds right here in the USA. If so, what are the FBI and CIA doing. ISIS claims that they will take over the USA from inside – they already have people in our congress.

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