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Biden’s Admin Slammed by RNC on his Downplay of Growing Inflation



Biden's Admin Slammed by RNC on his Downplay of Growing Inflation-ss-Featured

The Republican National Committee (RNC) criticized President Joe Biden in a video in connection to the current administration’s attempts to downplay the inflation that is seen to be rising.

News outlet Fox News managed to obtain the said video, which shows several times where Biden or members of his administration downplayed how severe the rising inflation in the country was.

In a press conference, Biden mentioned that the “overwhelming consensus” claims that inflation will rise a bit and then “go back down.” He added that “Nobody’s talking about this great, great, you know.”

“And the data shows that most of the price increases that we’ve seen were expected and are expected to be temporary,” the president went on to say.

Apart from Biden, one of his officials was seen in the video claiming that the “faster-than-expected increase in prices” is actually “good sign.” On the other hand, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stated that the increase in inflation was “transitory.”

The video also highlighted the famous retweet of Ron Klain, the White House chief of staff. The post he retweeted called the economic issues coming from inflation as a “high class problem.” It also showed White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s comment, claiming that inflation is the “tragedy of the treadmill that’s delayed.”

Jennifer Granholm, the Energy Secretary, was also seen in the video, which showed her television interview in which she laughed off any concern about inflation, describing them as “hilarious.”

“If it turns out that what I’ve done so far — what we’ve done so far — is a mistake, it’s going to show,” Biden can be heard saying as the compilation video ends with Granholm’s laugh.

For many Dems, the issue of inflation has become the elephant in the room as prices in the country continue to see a surge.

More recently, the White House has acknowledged that inflation is causing harm to the American people, further stating that it is committed to facing it.

Last weekend, Yellen stated that when inflation would stop depends on the pandemic and whether the current administration’s response to it could be considered “successful.”

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