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RNC Will Sue Biden Admin Over Forceful Vaccine Mandates



RNC Will Sue Biden Admin Over Forceful Vaccine Mandates-ss-Featured

On Thursday, Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel revealed that the group plans to sue President Joe Biden over coronavirus vaccine mandates, which have a significant impact on the private sector.

In a statement, McDaniel said Biden told Americans when he became president that no vaccine mandates would be imposed. However, now, many small businesses, along with workers and families from all over America, “will pay the price.”

RNC to Sue Biden to Protect Americans' Liberties

She made it clear that similar to many U.S. residents, she is “pro-vaccine” but “anti-mandate.” According to the RNC chairwoman, a lot of small businesses and ordinary workers do not have the monetary or legal resources to go against the president’s unconstitutional decisions and decrees. However, when his orders go into effect, the RNC intends to sue the Biden administration so as to protect Americans and their freedom.

Earlier on Thursday, the president had formally announced his plans to require companies with over 100 employees to vaccinate their workers against COVID-19. Alternatively, these companies can test workers weekly. However, Biden also dismissed any concerns connected to overstepping personal liberties.

During a Thursday speech intended for the nation. Biden said the matter “is not about freedom” or of an individual’s “personal choice.” Instead, he claims it’s more for protecting oneself and the people around you. Biden further said that part of his job as president is to protect every American.

The president further admitted that while everyone has been patient, that patience is also running out and the refusal of some people “has cost all of us,” pertaining to individuals who refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

A number of Republican governors and legal officials in some states have promised to fight back against the requirements.

After Biden made his address, Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor released his response. He revealed that his team has started preparations for litigation to defend state residents from the federal government’s “overreach.”

O’Connor stated that they respect the right of businesses and persons in Oklahoma to make healthcare decisions for themselves and their loved ones. He added that his office will put much effort into opposing the federal government’s attempts to require vaccines. The governor also said that they are preparing litigation to protect “our rights and defend the rule of law” from this overstep by the federal government.

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  • Bevo says:

    I do NOT wish to be like the Jews in Germany! I’d rather be dead than live in a hell on earth. Mandates take away liberty and free choice whether you get the shot or not. I also think if you get the shot it will NEVER stop! It’ll be booster after booster, look at Australia with their covid death camps! The CDC already has that type of crap on their website, it’s just changed to “green” zones. They also NEVER say how people get out of them! This is tyranny to the highest degree!

  • Mark Hiatt says:

    I hope the RNC prevails, but all I ask everyone is, 20 years ago tomorrow we lost alot of fine people on 9-11-2011. please remember them

  • Jayna Dinnyes says:

    IMHO, everyone should now know that 9/11 was an “inside job”.(It’s been 20 years.) As is COVID-19 and all of it’s hellish accompnyments.Yeah!
    I post publicly now on Me We on how to prevent all Coronavirus’including COVID-19 naturally for less than $10.00 a bottle. It has for us since 2009.(I am not selling it.) The inforced wearing of masks, COVID-19 nose-jab testing, and vaccines are against the U.S. Constitution. We won’t go near them!

  • Mark Hiatt says:

    Sorry for the typo, 9-11-2001, world trade center attack.

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