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Rudy Giuliani Press Conference Says Trump Won by a Landslide



Former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani addresses the Republican National Nominating Convention in the Quicken Sports Arena Cleveland Ohio-Rudy Giuliani Press Conference-ss-featured

During the Rudy Giuliani press conference last Thursday. Trump lawyers claimed that Trump won the election “in a landslide.” The team, led by Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, promised to submit proof of massive fraud.

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Giuliani said they found “more than double the number of votes needed to overturn the election.” In fact, the votes they found were “in terms of provable, illegal ballots.” Specifically, he said the fraud occurred in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Arizona.

Georgia and Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, Giuliani alleged that 682,770 ballots “were not inspected.” Therefore, they should void them. He accused the state of “two different standards. He called election officials for having what he termed as “cured” ballots. Giuliani also claimed voter fraud in Democrat-controlled “big cities. He said: “The number of voter fraud cases in Philadelphia could fill a library.” 

Meanwhile, in Georgia, Giuliani said the recent recount will tell “nothing.” He said it won’t amount to anything as officials didn’t inspect voter signatures.

‘Stunning, Heartbreaking’

Also during the Rudy Giuliani press conference, lawyer Sidney Powel called out allegedly illegal actions. “This is stunning, heartbreaking, infuriating and the most unpatriotic act I can even imagine for people in this country to have participated in any way, shape, or form,” she said. “And I want the American public to know right now that we will not be intimidated.” 

Powell ended by promising that “We are going to take this country back.” She added: “President Trump won by a landslide. We are going to prove it.”

Submitting the proof

Asked about proof, lawyer Jenna Ellis said that this event was the “opening statement.” She said they will present actual hard evidence in court instead of here. 

Also, Ellis took the opportunity to call out the press. She referred to mainstream media as the “court of public opinion” and accused them as biased. “I would strike 99%” of the journalists if they were her jury,” she said, and “I would be allowed to because of the fake news coverage you provide.”

Rudy Giuliani Hair Dye and ‘My Cousin Vinny’

The Rudy Giuliani press conference featured some amusing side notes. One, while speaking at the podium, Giuliani's face seemed to sweat a dark-colored liquid. At some point in the conference, his perspiration apparently mixed with his hair dye. This made his sweat darker, which became noticeable as it traveled on both sides of his face. Vanity Fair called the Rudy Giulian sweat scene “the least crazy part of his batshit press conference.” 

Second, he asked the audience if they saw “My Cousin Vinny.” This referred to the 1992 cult classic starring Joe Pesci as a New Yorker. He described a scene where Pesci’s character asks a witness how many fingers he's holding. The witness, who stood a hundred feet away, said he's holding up four. Pesci was only holding up two. He compared that to election poll watchers. “These people were further away than ‘My Cousin Vinny' was from the witness. They couldn't see a thing,” he said.

Multiple Lawsuits

Trump’s legal team filed lawsuits in some states. They also worked to stop election result certifications in others. While courts dismissed some lawsuits, they withdrew others, while some remain pending. In some cases, the campaign asked courts to throw out results from entire counties or states. On Wednesday the campaign bankrolled $3 million for a partial recount for Wisconsin. At the same time, they withdrew its lawsuit in Michigan. 

Georgia’s recount certification is due Friday. So, Giuliani earlier filed suit in the state to block certification of the vote count. Meanwhile, Nevada should certify the results by Tuesday. The Wall Street Journal said Wednesday that did not find proof of widespread fraud. They wrote: “No evidence has emerged of widespread fraud, and several of Mr. Trump’s lawyers have told judges across the country that they don’t believe such fraud occurred,” the Journal said.

How does it end?

As state deadlines for certifications approach, we should expect more challenges coming in. While well-meaning, the pressure is on the Trump team to submit evidence to back up their claims. Otherwise, they will receive criticism for unnecessarily delaying the proceedings. Time is running out. Let’s hope the patience of the average American holds longer.

Watch this as Bloomberg Quicktake Now covers the news conference called by lawyer Rudy Giuliani and Trump Campaign Officials at the RNC headquarters:

Does Rudy Giuliani and other members of the Trump campaign have actual evidence of voter fraud?

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Do you agree that the Trump campaign team has evidence to prove systemic voter fraud? Or is this all an exercise in futility, one that only delays the inevitable? Let us know what you think by sharing your ideas below.

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  • Cat kin says:

    Good luck to Trumps Lawyers. Sad the media is protecting the leftists but Truth will come out. God bless them al. The left is hiding the truth from the American people. God will prevail with the Truth.

  • Zane Everett says:

    How about we just do the voting over and with machines not this other shit

  • Lydia says:

    Typical racists thinking. The only truth is Their truth!

  • Paula Ward says:

    Trumps Attorney Rudy Is A Drunk And Another Lier Doing His Bidding I Hope The Secret Service Carry His Fat Ass Out Of the Oval Before Covid Kills Another Hundred thousand while He ignores the Problem He cares nothing about any of us Wake Up People And Don’t Drink The Koolaid Watch what they do Not what they Say

  • DJ says:

    The entire Republic was built upon the election. If you can buy sale or steal an election you have destroyed our Republic therefore you have destroyed our country. And you have destroyed everything our country stands for and is built upon. I believe it was Benjamin Franklin that said that this is an experiment we are participating in called a Republic. This experiment has been going on since George Washington started it with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It would be a shame for this experiment to be over with in my lifetime by a group of people that don’t give a damn about this country they only care about themselves and what they could steal from this country and from the great people of this country. The media is a big part of the problem of this country now. The social media definitely is a problem of this country. We’ve allowed people to get in public office they don’t love this country and they only want in it for what they can get out of it. Our forefathers took seats in Congress without pay. Look how far things have changed. If the wrong people take over I fear we will become a third world country in less than a year. This great Republic will be over.

  • Tom says:

    I think they will drop the bombshell evidence when they get to court and Trump will retain the presidency. America will remain great with President Trump.

  • Nightrain Joe says:


  • Barbara Buehler says:

    Zane Everett I totally agree with you. But I don’t think that will happen.

  • Susan says:

    Yes this is fraud at the highness level. This stunt that Soro, Biden’s, Obama’s, Clinton’s, Pelosi, Schumer and their cronies have pulled is corrupt and they need to be prosecuted and sent either to Alcratrz or Venezuela. They’ve all gotten away with lies, decit and corruption for years. Trump should automatically stay in the WH 4 more years. He’s earned that right! And the FBI, CIA, & DOJ needs to be looked at too. Our government is full of crooks on every level. It’s time it’s stopped. Shame on all of you whether you be Republicans or Democrats. You’re getting paid BIG $ to work for us and most have just screwed us over.
    You spent millions trying to convict Trump and you’re the ones that need to be convicted. IF this pertains to you, clean up your lives and repent. HELL IS REAL!

  • Linda Dinan says:

    Please please please submit and push any proof and all proof of illegal activities that stole this election from our outstanding president. What the Democrats and fake media and big tech money people have done to this president is really sick

  • Herb Shinkle says:

    It’s very sad when people must cheat to get what they want, we are all Americans and we should act and treat each like we want to be treated

  • Fed Up Patriots says:

    The democrats and their operatives are going to be exposed,then buried.

  • Cherie says:

    I want to point out the fact that in the quote from the Wall Street Journal, President Trump is addressed as Mr. Trump. Not President Trump. Whereas some of the left media still address Obama as President Obama. Hmmm.
    Unfortunately, our country is so divided in thought, in morals and decency. It is a shame that the left media doesn’t report the truth, but only their bias. If President Trump does not win this fight, then I pray for secession. I pray that we can secede without violence. Unfortunately, it is the only solution where most will finally be happy.

  • Chris says:

    WOW!!! Talk about drinking the Kool Aid. Covid is nothing more than a flu, masks do nothing. Turn off your mainstream fake news and open your eyes and think for yourself. Stop letting the media think for you. We’ve had a vaccine for the flu for how many decades? Has a 30% effective rate, no one freaks out about the 10s of thousands of people that die from Influenza every year. It’s unreal that people believe everything the talking heads on CNN tell them

  • Lisa says:

    This unbelievable election should be entirely recounted because Democrats are paying officials off to sign ballots! That’s why Biden needed all those big stars to back him. I am willing to bet the Clinton’s and Obama’s were in on it too

  • tj says:

    satin is using the democrats, and trying make his kindom like christ will do !
    But satin will take our freedom from us! Christ will not. In time Christ will come as a resurrected person! The wicked will be destroyed. And He will rule in love, and rightchense! In time the democrats will pay for their lies and sins! They are working
    for Satin. Satin is real. So is Christ! In time every knee will bow and every tounge
    will confess that Jesus is the Christ!

  • Shirley casale says:

    Wake up people ! This whole fiasco was put on us with Covid -19 We are forced to wear face masks which contributes to breathing our own carbon dioxide, which weakens our immune system and there fore we can not fight off the disease Covid 19 if coming in contact with one who has it !I predicted there would be more cases as a result of wearing those dam masks over time and breaking down our defense in fighting off the disease .The leftist countries and Democrats are doing their best to defeat us , control us by closing down our businesses and causing us to destroy our own lives and our county with socialism and being controlled !Wake up Wake Up now before its too late !

  • Robert Waldo Plympton says:

    Keep your powder dry. I don’t want a civil war , but it looks like this is where we are going. I wonder will it be black vs white. Republican vs. Democrats, conservative vs. Liberals.I have no idea, but it is coming.Read your Bible (If you have one) You will discover that God is Conservative.

  • Leon Babb says:

    Everyone needs to PRAY!!! It is like Abe Lincoln said United we stand, Divided we fall.

  • Dan Ferguson says:

    you think Biden is going to help you ha ha he only cares about himself, he’ll raise your taxes and take your money too, he’s a sham artist just look at his record so far, he took millions so far

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