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Salman Rushdie Drops The Truth About Islam And The Left



Salman Rushdie is an amazing author and sure to be one of the smartest people in the room, regardless of his company.

Listen to him take on the case of Islam and the left's willingness to bend over backwards and defend it.

When did it become the left's position to defend religion? Rushdie calls it the “liberal spirit of appeasement of political correctness.” A dangerous practice that cuts down on free speech and is counter-productive to progress and peace.

He says that the current form of radical Islam is a mutation on the ideas of the faith, yet one that hides behind religious tolerance. He argues that the left has never before been the side to argue for religious freedoms, yet now they do at the detriment of the world.
Who kills the most Muslims? As Salman Rushdie puts it, it's not drone strikes, it's other Muslims. Shiites killing Sunnis and Sunnis killing Shiites.

“If everyone engaging in attacks of terrorism says they are acting in the name of Islam, who are we to say they're not?”

We must hold a mirror up to the current state of Islam, these radicals exist because their more moderate brothers don't do enough to condemn them. Only when they are no longer given shelter from mainstream Islam will we be able to drive them out once and for all.

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  • J. says:

    This man is speaking from the inside, not from Western ideology. I agree and who is suffering most from dogmatic religious oppression? Those who do not agree 100% in their religious views.

  • Patricia Brittell says:

    It is a pleasure to hear a man who knows what the Islamic religious leaders are all about. It is a needed article that should be followed through our media and to the world. He is so right when he tells about who are killing the Muslims, the Muslims are killing their own race due to the Sharia Law which is the Islamic religion. If you don’t obey its laws, you can be killed, if you denounce the law, you will be killed, so either way, you lose. The Islamic Muslims are the only race of people not allowed in our country while they still practice the Sharia Law which falls into the Islamic religion, its both intertwined to each other and a law. A law that is illegal in the United States because it opposes our very own Constitutional Laws. The 1952 Immigration Act passed the law to be effected and is still the law today, which I believe few know about and the ones who do are not endorsing it for its real purpose.

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