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We’re Screwed With Either One Of Them





  • Three out of four Americans feel frustrated by this election.
  • Last night was the lowest moment in debate history.
  • There is no reason to have any hope.

NEW YORK (AP) — Enough, already.

In a campaign in which the size of a candidate’s genitalia has been publicly discussed, in a week in which shockingly sexual video has been unearthed and after a debate in which the leading contenders for the White House exposed new depths of down-and-dirty exchanges, some voters are ready to deny either major-party candidate their support.

“We’re screwed with either one of them,” said Sally Stevens, 63, of New Orleans.

Stevens tried to keep herself from tuning into Sunday night’s debate. “I completely lose hope and my anxiety level goes through the roof,” she said. But she relented after about a half-hour, saying it was like attempting not to look when you drive by a car wreck. Watching brought no solace.

She is a lifelong Democrat and has, until now, always cast her vote for the party’s presidential candidate. She had hoped Sen. Bernie Sanders would be the nominee; in his place, she has decided to vote for Green Party nominee Jill Stein. Both Clinton and Trump are too flawed, she said, and more similar than distinct.

“It’s just spectacle, that’s all it is,” she said. “I don’t find anything substantial.”


Those feelings abound: An Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll conducted Sept. 15-18 found three out of four Americans felt frustrated by the election, and majorities also described themselves as angry and helpless. Fewer than one in five people said they felt proud of the 2016 race.

In Washington, Ron Bonjean said the campaign already was “in a very sad state” before the debate. The longtime Republican congressional staffer, who now runs a corporate communications firm, said Trump’s suggestion he would jail Clinton if he’s elected amounted to “a nuclear bomb went off in American politics.”

Bonjean calls himself “a very confused Republican.” He won’t vote for a third-party candidate. He’s weighing whether to go with Trump or not vote at all. Even so, the 46-year-old expects the campaign to get even worse and for even more shocking revelations to arise as opposition researchers scrounge for more dirt.

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“This is a historical low campaign of modern times and last night was the lowest moment in debate history,” he said.

Jin Hua, a 28-year-old marketing consultant in St. Petersburg, Florida, already has resigned himself to skipping voting for president, calling deciding between Clinton and Trump a “lose-lose.” He voted for President Obama four years ago and was hoping for Sanders this year, but won’t accept a candidate he says is simply “the lesser of two evils.”

“On one hand, we have Hillary Clinton, who has consistently demonstrated consistent deception,” he said. “On the other side, there’s Donald Trump. He’s a toxic human being to the consciousness of this country. If he becomes president, our human values as a nation will degrade to the dark ages.”

Christina Greer, a political science professor at New York’s Fordham University, said the tone for the debate was set before it even started, with Trump holding a news conference with three women who accused former President Bill Clinton of sexual harassment and even rape, accusations that have never brought any criminal charges.Bill Clinton

“It’s just a new low in American politics and just set a tone of shock and awe for a lot of journalists and scholars,” she said.

The latest bombshell about Trump, via the “Access Hollywood” recording from 2005 in which the businessman boasted of groping women, has spurred many in the Republican’s own party to say they won’t vote for their nominee. But few big-name party members have made the additional jump of saying Clinton will get their vote.

In New Hampshire, former Republican National Committeeman Tom Rath said he can’t bring himself to vote for either party’s nominee and will likely write in either Mitt Romney or John Kasich, the candidates he advised in the last two primaries. It’s an uncomfortable spot for a lifelong Republican, and he is bracing for things to devolve even further.

“Anytime you think it can’t get worse, it gets worse,” he said. “There is no reason to have any hope that the tenor is going to improve or not get worse. If past performance is any indication of future action, this is a race to the bottom right now.”

Tito Marcos, a 30-year-old system administrator for a small Denver company, said he’s tired of what he called the drama and the immaturity shown by the major-party candidates. He is a registered independent and is leaning toward voting for a third-party candidate, turned off by both Clinton and Trump.

“It just seems like a heavyweight wrestling match,” he said. “That’s what it feels like.”

Sedensky can be reached at [email protected] or .

Contributing to this report were Associated Press writers Andrew DeMillo in Little Rock, Arkansas; Tamara Lush in St. Petersburg, Florida; Jim Anderson in Denver, Colorado; Holly Ramer in Concord, New Hampshire, and Brady McCombs in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Copyright 2016 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Source: Associated Press

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  • Bruce Eden says:

    Donald Trump is an outsider. He’s not a politician; but a businessman who knowns how to get things done. He’s not afraid of politicians as evidenced by his fighting back against the media and Clinton’s minor issues they’re trying to blow out of proportion to fluster Trump. Trump isn’t getting flustered by personal attacks. He responds to them and throws attacks the other way. Trump is quick on his feet and has many very smart people advising him. Hell, Obama knew nothing about being President, and had all kinds of advisors helping him. Trump commands a strong presence with other world leaders and on camera.

  • david williamson says:

    No, We totally support TRUMP , get off that crap about screwed either way

  • Name says:

    Trump is the clear-cut best choice!!!

  • charles says:

    Trump means well “I think” but keeps sticking his foot in his mouth.
    Billary lies every time she opens her mouth.

  • rafael says:

    TRUMP HAS MY VOTE ; Hillary for Prison and Politico too .
    Democraps you are destroying this Nation .

  • Vivian says:

    I’m with Trump 100%

  • Catherine E Anderson says:

    I would rather have a Leader that a chronic Liar. Trump 2016

  • Alfred says:

    I think Washington is corrupt as hell and the Clinton’s have had their hands in the cookie jar long enough. Plus she is a liar and theif

  • Tom C says:

    I will still vote for Trump. But both have there own lies and deception. I do not want four more years of spending on programs that don’t work, e.g. Obama Care – People can’t afford the premiums. We need a change and Trump will do that. I am sorry, but the RNC members need to back him. Makes me want to vote Democrats on the rest of the ballot. Come on Republicans, stand up and support the nominee. Geesh. It was be an interesting election. Just want it over. 🙂

  • John says:

    Neither one are worth a sh-t but I will take my chances with Trump

  • tracy Williams says:

    REALLY, NOT screwed with Trump. This negative stuff stinks. All U holly than us think more highly of your selves than you should.
    Trump for economy, unborn, 2nd ammd., supreme court, borders……

  • Betty says:

    I am for Trump. he stands Tall on our rights.

  • Oma Jean Stevenson says:

    Because Donald Trump is a businessman and will do more for this nation and he IS NOT a POLITICIAN.

  • Audrey Jane Spaulding says:

    I am still voting for the lesser of two evils. There are no perfect candidates. The only reason Trump is running is because no one was willing to stand up in Washington and be counted. Trump didn’t have to run. Could have saved himself a lot of trouble. The Democrats and Hilary has not stood up to Obama and his Liberal Islamic Agenda. She has too may deaths in her life to be accounted for . If Bernie had been allowed to run, I would have voted for him. You cannot trust Hilary. She is one backstabbing Witch.

  • sherrie says:

    Because Donald Trump will not screw up America like Obama and Clinton have done. He will and his administration together will build America back up

  • Honey Saylor says:

    I have been very undecided, but the more I watch and hear news, the more I am afraid of Hillary, It appears the Clintons are very bad people. I think we have SOMEWHAT of a better chance with Trump. I THINK.LOL

  • Todd says:

    Hillary, has made a mockery of the White House, since Billy-Boy, was serving in there. Plus she’s still upset that she wasn’t nominated right to serve, while Billy, was still in the Office, without even one day’s work, as a Public Statesman. Now though the fact that Donald Trump, is able to do what Hillary, wanted to years ago is infuriating her to no end.

  • LARRY says:


  • jw mcclanahan says:

    What about Hillary’s big mouth

  • Oudrey Wilson says:

    Career politics is what is wrong, they are for themselves ONLY. An outsider is the only way to try and turn it around.

  • A says:

    Donald Trump will put the conservative judges on the Supreme Court. This is what’s at stake. Our country will go Islamic and western freedom will be no more. Tragic?

  • Robert says:

    Trump says stupid things but Hillary gets people killed. She has absolutely no accomplishments except getting rich off the backs and the deaths of others.

  • Bill Raymond says:

    Donald Trump will keep us from the disasters the Democrats want for our future….

  • David Deakin says:

    We all knew the system was rigged, but we never knew the extent of corruption until this election. DT is the only person who has the resources and personal fortitude to take on the establishment. If he doesn’t win it will be because of voter fraud, and then we are screwed. Remember what Stalin said, it doesn’t matter who gets the most votes, only who counts them.

  • Bob Crandall says:

    I go with Trump. SCUSA Justices,
    Jobs, Constitution, Law and Order, No open borders,lmmigration control

  • dennis bechtel says:

    they don’t like trump cause they can’t control him he is what we need a fresh look in the white house someone who isn’t paid for doesn’t owe favors

  • Diana says:

    Trump all the way

  • Gary Elliott says:

    If we overlook each candidates personal flaws, of which there are many, we’re still left with a Congess that has bowed down and worshiped the ground that our current President walks and has refused to do their job to represent the people and follow the Consititution. The President proposes, and Congress acts. If they follow and idiot, then it is their fault, not necessarily the idiots.

  • Wayne Benner says:

    Trump is still a way netter choice than the terrible, lying, Bitch Clinton.

  • Michael says:

    hillary is a criminal. She has no respect for minorities, the American worker, the Constitution, women or the United States. She is a consummate liar. She uses peoples jobs and lives to threaten opposing views. Trump is a little rough around the edges, but he will do just fine.

  • rafael says:

    district of corruption and the good old boys club got to go .
    Trump will clean the Mess .

  • GDR says:

    Trump is not perfect. But who is?
    He is also not Hillary and that is why I support him. Give him a chance. The media should focus on the real issues, not old comments which most of us have and regret.

  • D. Jonathan says:

    Hillary is a liar. Trunk stands for me, a common man!

  • john says:

    With president Hillary the US will cease to exist in any form. With President Trump it will be a very bumpy road but he wants the US back to what it was, a beacon of freedom and justice that it was. Rule by constitutional law.

  • Nina David says:

    I feel far more secure with Donald Trump. Hash e said some things that he shouldn’t have probably but then who hasn’t? Hillary is a LIAR a CHEAT and has put our country in great danger with the e-mails. God only knows what they said and what information was given to terrorists. VOTE TRUMP

  • LINDA says:

    we are screwed because Paul Ryan and the republicans don’t care about the American people only congress. Bill Clinton was impeached for what he had done in AMERICA’s white house and the democrats stood by a rapist. Paul Ryan should step down or any republican should step down if they cant stand by their nominee. We are doomed if Hilary gets in. SO wake Up Republicans either stand with your nominee or step down we American people don’t need you if you can not see what The majority of Americans want!!!!!!

  • Roberta Allen says:

    Trump is a gamble, but looking at his choices thus far, I think he can halt the progressive direction we are traveling. We can’t afford to continue the road on now. Bring back the Constitution.

  • Thomas A Morrison says:

    I believe Trump will cut away some of the
    DEADWOOD, Downsize government,Stop
    welfare,and Social security!!!

  • Kevin says:

    Clinton is a criminal, plain and simple. Trump will appoint the type of Supreme Court Justices that our country needs.

  • Ronald Williams says:

    Hillary would be more of the same. Donald has the answers to get away from politics as usual. Hillary has never spoken the truth about anything in her life.

  • Tom says:

    How can anyone say scandal after scandal? Hillary has shown the time and time again what she is. Folks should look at her record which she made. Trump is right, promise after prom after promos and nothing will be done.

  • Wayne Greer says:

    We need a change in the way our taxes are spent and the way the money is give away to other countries. We need to change things in Washington D C

  • Marisela Gonez says:

    None of them are really qualified to be President.

  • Charles Jones says:

    If Trump is elected and keeps his promises to mount aggressive efforts to accomplish his stated goals, he will be this country’s most colorful and successful president bar none.

  • gina says:

    Both are the most corrupt people and neither knows how to tell the truth if their lives depended on it. It’s hard to believe that out of 350 million people in this country this is what we are left to choose from as our President and that includes the other 2 candidates as well.

  • Raul Meruelo says:

    Donald Trump is the lesser of two evils. He is not a conservative, nor my first pick for president. However, electing Hillary Clinton will destroy the nation. So hold your noses and vote for Trump. The objective is to defeat Hillary at all costs.

  • Jonathon Cornell says:

    Trump will make a great president for this country then Hillary would. He is for the people of this nation not for the radicals coming to this country they need to be kept out for our good. He is for making our country strong again and for our children.

  • Smith says:

    Trump by 3…

  • Connie Meeks says:

    Hillary Clinton is just another Obama and if elected nothing will change only get worse for the American people . I will vote for Trump only because I believe he will do more to help the America people – don’t like either one – wish Ted Cruz was the one I could be voting for .

  • Kim Emes says:

    Hillary is a *@#$#@ crook But lets get Donald elected and make this country great again

  • Judith Terry says:

    If Clinton is elected president, can she really focus on what is best for the average person? On the other hand, if we elect Trump, will he think before he acts on any issue, or will he jump the gun and cause a world war? Our country is in deep turmoil and we need a strong president to step up to the plate and lay all the pettiness aside, but neither side is doing that. They dig up dirt from years ago and try to destroy one another’s reputation. Sure, Trump may have been a chauvinistic pig in his twenties, but what man wasn’t. But he comes into office with a fresh view for our nation according to many voters and maybe this is what we need, someone who doesn’t owe favors to anyone after they get elected. Clinton was in the white house once and there were some good things that surfaced from her activity as First Lady, but President is a whole new ball game. Is she ready for the fight to bring Americans back together as a nation, is Trump? I say they both have good qualities and bad qualities. They both want what’s right for our country, but each has chosen in this election, to focus on pettiness, instead of focusing more on what our country needs and what they hope to accomplish as our next President.

  • Tuck Jasper says:

    Trump has realistic plans that will change our economy, job picture, military, Vets, trade and our ability to lead again in the world. Hillary is more of the same failure.


    II feel that the media is bias and they dig up stuff on Trump that has nothing to do with the man he is today. Look at all the Clintons has done for 30 years and all the scandals, yet they never talk about nothing g they do, but yet let aTrump, say something 11 years ago and it’s big new. Hillary is plump maybe that is why Trump’s remarks 19 years ago, bothers her so much. If I had ever won a beauty contest, I would have expected to keep up an ideal life even weigjt.. but that or Trump’s remarks has anything with being President. But the media does not say anything about Hilary’s email, the 4 people she slept thru and let them get killef. Hillary is crooed, a lier but the media upholds her in everything she gas done or said. America needs to be run like a business or a household with a strict budget. We as senior citizens do have to live on a stick budget to decide if we need meds,or food, electric or gas to keep us warm.. but not Obama or Clinton cares anything g about us..

  • Jeff Mandrell says:

    I believe that, although not a polished politician (liar?), Trump will prove to be an excellent leader of our country.

  • Jan says:

    There is too much at stake for us to abandon the Republican Party and not vote for Trump. No one is perfect, and yes he has made a lot of mistakes. Trump is stumbling and will need a lot of help. He is not a corrupt politician. He has an eager willingness to preserve our constitutional rights. Hillary will continue, as Obama has, to destroy our country. Voting for her is not an option!

  • Steve Burk says:

    The “Establishment” has to go. The “Left-Wing Media” and the “Establishment” led by Obama, are doing all they can to derail Trump’s push toward the presidency. Why? Because they all know all of the corrupt ways they have taken money and power from Americans will be exposed and many of them are likely to end up in prison. Trump is as frustrated with our government as I am, and I am at a point where Civil War doesn’t sound half bad. Hillary is definitely the most corrupt woman ever in government and she is trying to follow in the foot steps of the most corrupt man to ever hold the position of president, one who is an anchor baby with intent on turning the country into a Muslim Country, Hussein Obama.

  • John Q says:

    Donald Trump will utilize the EO in much the same way as Obama has. He is not beholden to anyone. His ideas will bring the country back to solvency. Hillary is controlled by special interests and her husband who isn’t allowed to interfere with the running of the country. He is ineligible to be president and he will be behind the scenes. Trump will stop the down fall of America. She is against the Constitution read her interpretation of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. 2nd Amendment.

  • Bob B says:

    He’s an idiot and she’s a thief, robber, and murderer. I guess all we can do is pick the lessor of evils.
    Don’t pick a third party candidate. That’s a vote for her which I believe is the worst of the two.

  • Susan Allen says:

    If you are a true American and believe in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights there is no other choice then to vote for Donald J Trump! The in house government that are in place right now have and feel no obligation to We The People. Greed, corruption, and power struggles is what is going on up on the hill now. All Americans myself included need to take responsibility for this huge problem, we allowed ourselves to get lazy in our voting and information gathering to make the choices we needed to make to keep this country free of dictatorship and corruption. I feel millions of our eyes are open now and there will be no going back, we are taking our government back, we are feeling empowered more and more everyday thanks to Donald J. Trump, going back to the strong sense of ownership for our country and understanding the these elected officials are under our employee and we will now demand that their voting reflects our wants and our needs to continue to make this United States of America a country that continues to stand on the laws this nation was built upon! God Bless Donald J. Trump, his family, my family and God Bless America!

  • Peter says:

    I am with candidate Trump all the way.God bless Mr.Trump

  • Billy Gilbert says:

    I stand with Trump.

  • thomas remley says:

    Simply because some locker room talk is far from being like the the betrail and putting the United States in peril.. she should be in prison..

  • Joanna says:

    Trump is the only hope for our America! He is surrounded by highly credible people and Hillary will , by her own words, drag us down to a socialist-driven huge gov’t! And she will destroy our beloved Constitution, beginning with the conscription of our guns, while loading the country with more and more terrorism!

  • Charles Oliver says:

    As a believer in Jesus Christ, I do not worry about the election. As long as the United States supports Israel God will protect us. I believe Donald Trump will listen to the Christian leaders, Jerry Falwell Jr, & Franklin Graham and we will be safe. If not, it makes no difference who gets elected God will let us fall, as a nation.

  • Lawrence K. Smiley says:

    Hillary will continue to destroy this country. Why? Because Soros and company (the liberal elite billionaires) are Globalists who want to weaken the USA. Obama and Hillary are their puppets. My wife and I are praying for a resounding Trump victory. We believe that will initiate a turn away from the Godless precipice on which our Ship of State is presently teetering!

  • Robert Abramson says:

    Who cares if Trump isn’t politically correct or uses dirty words or picks his nose at the dinner table? He isn’t lying or wrong about what is going on in the world or America or in the middle east. He also has proven himself to be a person who gets things done. Hillary on the other hand is a proven liar,has taken millions of dollars in bribes from corporations and terrorist governments, and used her position to enrich herself at the expense of the people. The Iran deal proves she is a traitor or stupid as does the entire middle east policy. Her conduct has undermined the integrity of the Federal Government, law and order in America, and hurt race relations. She is also a traitor to Israel, Americas only real friend in the middle east.

  • George Marshall says:

    The approach of Mr. Trump has been an embarrassment to anyone that considers themselves a conservative, but the thought of Hillary Clinton with all of her lies, cover-ups, scandals, and ultra-left platform truly frightening.

  • STEVEN ADAMS says:


  • DDeirdre Miro-Smith says:

    I am with Trump

  • John Sans says:

    Hillary will appoint left-wing radicals to the Supreme Court and thereby wipe out the 1st and 2nd amendment. Goodbye America!

  • Jim says:

    Hillary is a Saul Alinsky fan–a Marxist. She is a crook. Does not like capitalism. Wants to bring in more Muslims who hate and kill.

    She does not like our Constitution, our Founders, or our Christian values.

    Trump wants to build the Southern fence. He wants to stop bringing in people who are Muslims.

    He likes and supports capitalism–like Jack Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.

    Trump wants to cut federal regulations. Reagan did the same. He wants to cut taxes. Kennedy and Reagan did the same big time.

  • Alma Mercado says:

    Tump is our only hope.. we must continue to support.. He is against all odds .. God is in control .. Alma

  • Keith says:

    Trump is no saint, but Hilliary is the absolute worst candidate ever. She is evil personified.
    He is just arrogant and overinflated.

  • W.j. says:

    JFK and Bill were doing women in the White House. Trump will get more done than the last three presidents combined.

  • George Pope says:

    As Trump said recently to a group of African Americans, what have you got to lose? Hillary’s history is well known and it isn’t good. Can we trust her to protect and defend the United States after Benghazi? Even with all things being equal I would choose Trump for the issue of Border Security which will not exist in a Clinton presidency.

  • FK says:

    Trump is winni8ng 50 – 1 in groups i own out of 5.7+million registered voters 65% voted for Obama this time we have polled 100% are voting for Trump because they all now we have been screwed for a long time

  • Jeff Holzhausen, Major, USA (Ret) says:

    This election is more about the shaping of the SCOTUS and sovereignty of our nation through security of our borders and reforming our immigration policies than it is about personalities. I don’t necessarily like the Republican candidate, but we need a non-political class leader who will clean up the ‘good ole boy’ system we have in place.
    Hillary is a felon. Any other American citizen who committed the crimes she has done would already be in prison. Tell me again why she wasn’t indicted for mishandling classified information??

  • JW Jacobs says:

    There are no perfect choices,ever. This country is resilient having survived wars, financial disasters. The people will right the ship of state.

  • paul says:


    • Rivahmitch says:

      Your assertion about Jefferson seems questionable. The DNA record shows only that he (or another male relative) fathered Sally Hemings offspring. While possible, available evidence does not conclusively support the stated conclusion. (Personally, I don’t care whether he did or not but tarnishing the record of one of our nations founders without conclusive evidence seems to me unnecessarily ill conceived.)

      Clearly, several of JFKs affairs are now a matter of record, MM being the most notable but others being more damaging.

      We’re agreed that Slick Willie is in a class by itself.

  • Billy J Bishop says:

    Trump is the only one who can save America as we know it

  • Jim says:

    Funny but the daily Mass readings were about this very issue. Christ is invited to dinner at a Pharisee’s house and doesn’t do the ritual washing of the feet upon entry. Of course the Pharisees are highly incensed at this, but Christ heads them off at the pass by saying ” Woe to you Pharisees, you wash the outside of the cup, but do not worry about what is on the inside.”
    Basically Christ wasn’t “politically correct” and neither is Trump. Trump is human, and who among us is without sin? All of the Republicans who are jumping ship and withdrawing their support for the man … it is my sincerest hope that they never hold public office again. The Founders are probably weeping at what has happened to our country AND would be shooting by now!

  • John Kight says:

    We know what Hillary will do to our Country
    to destroy it . With Donald Trump we have a
    chance to make our country great again .

  • Jan says:

    Trump was not my first choice, but now the choice is him or Hillary. We are too far into the process to continue belly aching about our choices. Either you stand behind the republican nominee or you give your vote to a crook! It is what it is.

  • Mike Lamberth says:

    It’s about the supreme court and appointing conservative judges (DUH!)

  • Michael Simkin says:

    Trump will get my vote. He is courageous and will be a gadfly or will provide the nucleus for a Ginger Group that will speak to the truth until the Elites silence him.
    We are frogs in a pot, being slowly cooked.
    The future is One World Government and a clash ultimately between National Socialism and Islam.
    The system is unsustainable by intent, and in the collapse the elites will expand power and the Republic will die along with Western Civilization.
    Then, one day, we can rebuild from the ashes and hopefully create a better world, based on the old Republic and Constitution.
    Trump cannot stop all this, but he can be a voice for the people

  • Richard says:

    Trump’s past is in business, Hillary has been a corrupt politician for to many years! It’s time to clean house and try a different approach.

  • Michelle says:

    Trump is the only one standing for the Constitution and our Constitutional rights!

  • Lorna says:

    Trump maybe brash but he loves AMERICA and the people. killary is in it for herself and her big donors. She will destroy the UNITED STATES!

  • HHarrel Johnson says:

    If Hillary Clinton wins we lose and that will be the end of America, because she is so crooked and corrupt and she hates America.

  • LJ says:

    While I don’t appreciate some of his antics. Trump is far superior and more trustworthy than HRC. HRC has taken political BS to an entirely new level and I wouldn’t trust her to be a paper girl. Between her emails, Benghazi, her treatment of women, her Russian “reset”, lack of accountability and her elitist attitude, she shouldn’t be allowed to run for any political office.

  • Steve says:

    Trump is a businessman, not a politician. The bus comments were crude but I have heard the same and worse in locker rooms and private moments, and in the recent past such talk was still crude but not as politically incorrect as it is today. Our leadership is corrupt across the board, the Clintons are a banner example, but they are not alone, we need someone who will get control over immigration and will remove red tape and regulations that are strangling our economy. I do not know of any other candidate who can do this as they have to be willing to fight the establishment (both parties) and the media elite, Trump is far from perfect, he
    is a billionaire and an entertainer, but he also sees what I and many others see when it comes to problems in our country. He has demonstrated his ability to stand up and fight for us. To fight those who would have us join the world government, which is falling apart as we rush to join. He is simply our best chance this election to stop the decline and fix at least some of our current problems.

  • Spence Quill says:

    Trump is still the only real answer to this country’s problems. We need a french revolution with all the elites being beheaded. First, Obama, then the clintons and then all the heads of congress in both houses and in both parties. Ryan is a disgrace and so is Mcconnell. Reid and Pelosi are just a bad.

  • Sheila Blake says:

    Hillary is by far, more knowledgeable about world affairs and would interact much better with other world leaders

  • HRE says:

    Trump is going to make America GREAT and Prosperous again, Hillary is going to impoverish Americans by killing American business and opening the borders to millions. We will look like China in much less that 30 years with 2% Rich who Have Absolutely Everything, including longer lives, a Laboring class of impoverished people, JUST like the Laboring class in China that is the ENGINE of that Country and all the other millions will be so impoverished that they barely eek by, ONLY the VERY Rich 2% will live Long good lives, every one else will die younger than necessary with NO HOPE for Much of a future

  • Jerrold Bingaman says:

    Clinton is an always was a liar & crook.
    Trump, was a Democrat, I suspected from the beginning , he was part of an elaborate DNC plan to bring about the end of the GOP as we knew it. Well looks like it worked.

  • William says:

    The liberal media and the democratic party are both in the tank for HRC. If she is elected we will see the continued destruction of the USA. For instance, she wants to know what he will do with Syria. That is like telling the defensive team in a football game what play the offense is going to run next. If Eisenhower or Patton had done that in WW2 we would all be speaking German as a native language.

  • Ron Miller says:

    Trump still good choice

  • Ed Cohen says:

    I believe Trump can turn us back to the Constitution.

  • James Clooney says:

    For the first time in an election for President we have a person(Hillary Clinton) running for President that has committed treason—perjury—accepted money for favors—and was responsible for the deaths of four Americans that could have been prevented —I do not want a person like that in our government !!!

  • Patricia Bardsley says:

    I feel that we are screwed if Hillary is elected. Non of us can afford 4 more years of Obama/Clinton democracy. Our country will surely fail. We absolutely have to have Trump as our next president we are finished.

  • rafael says:

    YOU Politicians and District of Corruption are part of the GOOD OLD BOYS CLUB . You Politicians You talk big, but You won`t change anything all controlled by the big-money donors. YOU are ALL owned by lobbyists, unions, lawyers, gigantic environmental organizations, and multinational corporations “ like Big Pharmacy or Big Oil. YOU are owned and CONTROLLED by Foreigners like George Soros or Foreign governments own Hillary and their Clinton Foundation donations .

  • lev cavin says:

    I believe with Trump we will have an honest person who will follow the constitution even if he is crude & not politically correct, which I like.
    With clinton, who should be in jail for all the evil & dishonest crimes she has committed we will still have a communist leaning dictator for a potus.

  • Janet says:

    How can we have these 2 terrible candidates?Both of them should resign and give us someone we can support. I can’t vote for either one of them. They say and do things that we wouldn’t do and they ask for money to support them AWFUL

  • Aubrey says:


  • June says:

    As a 71 yr woman I don’t care about what Trump did or said in the past years as an Entertainer. Its what he is saying now as a MAN who LOVES America and wants us great again. Not like Hillary who is “trailer trash” who is supported by foreign money and George Soros. They all HATE America. We will all suffer severe punishment if that woman gets into office. Please vote for Trump to help save us for Communist who have taken over DC and most of it occupants who “claimed” to represent us, we the people. We have all been thrown under the bus by the elected reps in DC. Very few maintained class and respect for us. Most of them have women on the side and sneaky relationships while away from their families. The Republicans that are leaving Trump support are just a bunch of liars and RINOs like Kasich and McCain. The few that still stand with Trump are real honest and loyal Republicans. Yes Trump made some VERBAL comments that were nasty 11 years ago but I bet if I sneaked into the bars or back rooms of DC I would hear that talk from those present there today. “He who is without sin cast the first stone” people need to wake up. Hillary is a pathological LIAR and who knows who she has physically hurt or worse along her trail. We all know her husband “Slick Willy” has RAPED women for real and not in conversations either. I pray for America to wake up before the Communist in DC take us all over and all freedoms are thrown out with the Constitution.

  • jeff says:

    I’m with Trump.

  • Kay says:

    Trump is childish and sounds pretty stupid most of the time. However, his success in business indicates that he will hire the right folks to ensure what is best for our nation. Hillary, on the other hand, is willfully trying to destroy America by ushering in her Fabian Socialist agenda, and there’s no turning back from that. The Communist Party USA and the Fabians have been working on destroying America for decades, and Hillary wants her post as totalitarian dictator. Trump is the right choice. His immaturity will be outweighed by those he appoints as advisers and such. Trump will try. Hillary will destroy. Watch the Agenda films by Curtis Bowers, as well as the film “A wolf in sheep’s clothing (the fabian’s emblem). Watch before the election.

  • joyce buchanan says:

    Hillary should be in jail. She has committed sooooo many crimes.Anyfone else would be put away for life. I am disappointed in coomey.

  • Trump is a real human being,with gusto for life,accomplishments beond belief,.but the family is so admirable,smart non smokers,non drinkers or drugs and guided by a father who cares.Donald would do the same for the country. A leader who loves this country and will support the constitution. . We will be great again. In contrast, Hillary is a life time scammer with only her climb to more money and fame . She is worse than Attila the hun She cannot be trusted with any thing. More krupt than any maffia. She owns the liberal media,and through money blackmail,or threats ,even to controlling the justice dept and the FBI. Wake up this is the same Democratic diversions for every elections. Make a stink about some little thing while they Steal the prize .wake up America. She will kill us,.filling the supreme court with sick people just like her. OMG

  • ron says:

    Trump will revive our economy and rebuild our confidence as a once prior super power and a constitutionally sovereign nation.

  • L Sidle says:

    Trump may not be perfect, but when things are brought out about hi, he doesn’t deny them. On the other hand the Clintons are two of the biggest liars this country has ever seen and denies all allegations that gets brought up against them. Even after the FBI director proves that she is a liar, she still denies everything. We know what Hillary will be doing if elected, four more years of the same thing we’ve had foe last eight. Trump we don’t know about and I feel he can’t be as bad as what we will get with hillary.

  • David W. Stanley says:

    I can not and will not vote for either one of them. I will write in Bernie Sanders. End of story.

  • Phillip Mathes says:

    We need someone who is not a career Washington dummy like we had for the passed 16 years, Someone who may not be perfect, but gets folks jobs and stands up to Washington. Give the Hell Donald J. Trump! Hillary the biggest Lier the Country has even known. She should be in Federal Prison for the rest of her life, She it worst than Obama, He was the worst President in our History, Don’t make that mistake again America, We NEED CHANGE ! I support this Message.

  • Name says:

    Gi Trump

  • BOB LOPEZ says:


  • Modesto Fontanez says:

    I have followed the debates and Trump’s rally closely and I will tell you that the reason the media hates and vilifies this man is because he is telling the truth and calling things as they are! He is today’s Theodore Roosevelt, who also had a sharp tongue. There is a universe of a difference between Trump and Crooked Career Corrupt Criminal Hillary !!! A massive difference! Who is really screwing America is the mainstream biased, agenda driven, dishonest, misleading, misinforming and downright evil media! Thus far all three debate moderators have been biased disgraces as well.

  • tim says:

    I don’t know what Trump will do. But i’m sure Clinton will give us at best four more years of Obama. run away inflation, open borders, illegal immagration bad trade deal’s and more WAR.

  • Harry Gompf says:

    I like Trump because he is going against a corrupt establishment and has the guts to do it, no one else does!
    He is not bought and paid for by any corporation or special interest groups! He stands against the open borders and the illegals that have crossed our borders! He truly loves America and, I believe, truly wants to make our country great again! He is our last stand against socialism and communism. I pray to God that he wins!

  • mamie thomas says:

    Well Hillery is untrustworthy and a out and out liar who will give this country away. I feel we will no longer be the USA in just a few years if she gets in. Trump knows how to make money and might get us out of debt but also get us into war. He is a hater of anyone that is not white or male by all his comments over the years. I will not vote for either one. I am a woman and feel Hillery will take away my social security and give it to ill leagles which they are now getting more government aid than we who were born in this country. Also are taking away or jobs and causing a rise in groceries, rent, utilities, etc. because the have to make up for all the free stuff by hitting USA born people and legal americans with the bill. I do not trust either one and will not vote for them especially Hillery.

  • robert says:

    trump is human and makes mistakes .he said he’s against killing unborn babies .killing unborn babies is murder ..he’s for law and order, we need law and order

  • gary garrett says:

    They both disgust me!Is this the best we have to offer for the highest office in the land?We are a laughing stock to the rest of the world

  • Evan Seelye says:

    Hillary: we’re fucked! Trump.. we’ve got a chance, but it’s going to be a rough ride… Either way we’re heading for another Ameircan Revolution! Be it peaceful or violent (more likely both).. We (Me, I) am pissed off with the old GOP Elites (who are Democrats in Republican clothing!) Nothing has gone right over the last three decades.. IT HAS TO CHANGE… with Hillary… we’re fucked! PERIOD!! Trump could have a chance.. but I wish his personality were more like Reagan.. But at least he’s saying the right things.. wish he’d learn “how” to say them.

  • Edward Barnes says:

    Trump is a patriot regardless of what he says about women. Hillary is a disaster and the end of this nation.

  • Capt'n Bob says:

    Absolutely disagree. We are at the most crucial time in our recent history. HRC’s agenda includes massive tax hikes, open borders, further reduction of the middle class – creating the elite class and serfs. Her corruption is unmatched unless you count Bill, but he can’t run again. Can you imagine the unbridled shenanigans that are certainly to ensue when Bill is the first “gentleman”?

  • mamie thomas says:

    because she is a big liar and will not protect social security and the 2nd amendment for for all americans. He is a self important person and hates anyone who is not rich, slim, black, latino, muslem, female. and a loud mouth.

  • Frank says:

    It Capitalism against Socialism/Communism I’m for Capitalism and that’s Donald Trump.

  • Gary says:

    Trump has made some errors; who has not? Clinton is a criminal. Period. How ignorant is an American voter if they can not see that. Gross negligent mishandling of classified material (some at the Secret and TS levels), email cover up, the absurd meeting between Bill Clinton and the Attorney General, File Gate, Whitewater, not to mention the more than mysterious sudden deaths by multiple people who were positioned to negatively testify against the Clintons. If only this were just a conspiracy movie. The criminal actions have to STOP!

  • Jan Martinson says:

    Republicans are loosing the only chance they have by pretending to be so goody two shoes! Get off your high horse and support Donald J. Trump. If he looses, you will also!

  • Linda says:

    Neither candidate has the kind of character and substance to lead this country. I will be voting the down ticket only. I will not put my signature in the Book of Life next to either of their names.

  • Rob Jones says:

    Hillary Clinton will be a disaster for our country; this is a no brainer…give trump a chance to save us…what do we have to lose …Lord willing, he will clean up the corruption in Washington.

  • Keith Werner says:

    We need Trump and a Supreme Court that will judge laws not write them. Roe v Wade is an example where the Court wrote a law never passed by Congress. Killary says she is for children but is for killing them in the womb and even on the way out. Trump uses bad words and ogles women. Killary belittles the women her husband as an elected official actually had sex with, groped, etc. More dead bodies are piled around the Clintons than with Trump. Vote Trump!! Never Killary!!

  • William says:

    We’re screwed of Hillary is elected! If Donald Trump is elected he’ll restore this nation by bringing back jobs, restoring national security and appointing Supreme Court justices that don’t legislate from the bench! What he said eleven years ago has no barring on me. Hillary’s actions are far worse than his words.
    Our pastor spoke on this list of what he thinks this election is truly about and I agree with him!

    1. The sanctity of life! Abortion is medically, morally and spiritually wrong!
    2. *The Second Amendment
    3. The sacredness of marriage
    4. The significance of racial respect/reconciliation!
    5. The selection of our Supreme Court justices!
    6. The service of work not handouts
    7. The security of future religious freedom

    If we loose on just the selection of Supreme Court justices then the other six points won’t matter! They will be systematically destroyed in the court system!
    *While he didn’t specifically mention the Second Amendment, I thought it equally as important and added that point! I’m sure he would agree!
    He also didn’t endorse any one candidate by name but I believe we all got the point!

  • Karen says:

    There’s certainly a difference between word that were said years ago by Donald Trump and years of criminal activities from Hillary. People should know right from wrong and insist that these activities are stopped. This isn’t a monarchy and people need to stop putting her above the law.

  • Paul says:

    Hillary loves power and herself.
    Trump loves his country, simple as that.

  • wayne bass says:

    Trump is NOT a mainstream anti-american. If the American people continue to go along with the socialist agenda of the mainstream we will lose our freedoms even more so than ever. ANY vote cast not for Trump is a vote for the socialist dismantlement of what Republic we have left. Jail Hillary Clinton!

  • Name says:

    The demacraps will do anything to put hillery in office so that she can complete obama’s taking down our country. They are afraid of Trump because he tells it like it is. You people need to wake up, I had a top secret clearance when I was in the Air Force an if any part of classified material was disclosed I would have been jailed and lost my clearance. And now you want to put an idiot that stated that she made a mistake. What secret will she give out next? Wake up don’t be stupid all your life.

  • Valray Ferrin says:

    We already know the lies and deceitfulness of Hillary from her back ground and what shes been caught up in.
    Speaking for myself, I want nothing more to do with that kind of Poliltics!
    I’m going with someone with a new idea and commsence attitude!
    Trumps Our man!

  • Valray Ferrin says:

    We already know the lies and deceitfulness of Hillary from her back ground and what shes been caught up in.
    Speaking for myself, I want nothing more to do with that kind of Poliltics!
    I’m going with someone with a new idea and commsence attitude!
    Trumps Our man!

  • John Andreola says:

    Trump can fix the economy and protect us from terrorists better than Hillary. Professional politicians are crooks just loking to line their pockets and do little to help the country they are supposed to work for!

  • tanna says:

    Trump is our best candidate. We are not looking for a saint. He is human and does make mistakes but he has never abandoned our military, or our people in Benghazi or given away our top secret information. She had a pay for play secretary of state position. The Clinton Foundation is corrupt in receiving money under the table. Besides all of that she is a pathological liar and then tries to cover it up. She also wants to have open borders with no vetting. Where was she when Baton Rouge was flooded. She phoned it in. He was physically there at the Baton Rouge Flood area giving aid. He is for women’s rights. Locker room talk goes on all the time between two guys. We don’t like to hear it broadcasted especially the women. However it is as common as the little black book that we never want to hear about. He talked to another man (not to a woman) . and talking is not the same as THE PHYSICAL rape which Bill did and Hillary enabled. Trump is by far the best candidate.

  • Mary Ellen Fox says:

    I still believe that Trump could put the United States back on the right path.
    With Hillary there will be no choice. we will be lambs being led to the slaughter

  • Harold says:

    Hillary is a corrupt, crooked, criminal, murdering, lying THUG, etc. Trump has balls and will do what is right for the country, and try to fix all that OBOZO, the illegal alien, ineligible lying, racust, Muslim P.O.S., etc., screwed up for OUR country. Both of these a-holes should have been in jail a long time ago!

  • Tom says:

    A politician he is not and that is definitely good.He says is like it is. Do I like everything he says but I probably wouldn’t like everything you say either.No political correctness. Look at his platform-COMPARE. It is a no brainer.

  • Don Adams says:

    Hil-liar-ry is as crooked as anyone I’ve ever known. She is a potty mouthed, low life, deceiving, female dog. She is in it ONLY for herself and will sell out the USA.

  • Thad Macnamara says:

    Trump has the right message of bringing change to the U.S. government. His temperament and inexperience will be made up for by the people he surrounds himself with in his administration.

  • Susan Dix says:

    I am still for Trump because he is for America.
    I do not want criminal illegals being able to stay here. I do not want an influx of Radical Islamic jihadists to come into our country. It seems that only Trump sees the danger we are facing by Hillary’s open border policies.
    Trump has always said outrageous things, but the Clintons have done outrageous criminal things. Tell me which is worse!!

  • Andrea Davis says:

    TRUMP is our only chance for we the people. Killary is evil and corrupt

  • Gail S. Finger says:

    I stand with Trump 100%. Obama has gutted this once great country to the point that it is hardly recognizable, and Clinton will finish the job – COMPLETE DESTRUCTION OF THE USA. Trump, with all his flaws, is still a better choice than Hillary. At least he loves this country and wants to bring us back to the greatness we once had. As for the hypocrites in the Republican Party, Trump does not need their phony support. They endorsed him because they felt they had no choice. They jumped on the first opportunity to withdraw their support (especially Paul Ryan). These RINOS put their own political ambitions above the needs of our country which is a disgrace, and they should not be surprised when they do not win their elections. Trump is fighting everyone, the Dems, Repubs, the media, Hollywood, etc. When in the history of this country has a nominee had to fight attacks from his own party after winning the nomination? This is absurd. It boils down to Trump scares the pants off the establishment. He owes no one any favors and therefore is truly his own man. How anyone could support Hillary after her pay to play scheme is beyond comprehension. And, just imagine how Billy Boy would conduct himself in the White House with all those interns while Hillary is away being President. The thought makes me sick. The clear choice in this election is the man who loves this country, Donald Trump.

  • Patti Wilder says:

    Trump the one to get us back on track

  • Lonny A. Blainey says:

    we need a SCOTUS that will be constitutional. we need a POTUS that will be tough but honest (SIC SEMPER TYRANUS)
    we need to recover our freedoms and our constitution and make sure they remain protected from someone who would buty them for power.
    we need to rebuild the “republican” party from the ground up
    we need a speaker who will stand up and be counted against liberal/socialist policies and threats and lies.
    we need to stop the PC parade that runs over our religion, our family, our belief systems, our economic system and our constitution.
    we need to stop drowning in minority rule and get back in the boat before it goes down like the Titanic.
    we need to settle with the leftist media that they are not to be tolerated if they abuse their constitutional protections.
    we need to revisit all the unnecessary regulations from this current administration.
    we need to replace those who abused their positions in public trust such as the DOJ, IRS, FBI and any other that may have become infected by the tragic policies of the socialist/democratic party.
    we need to put our country back in business with jobs, domestic production and a strong economic plan for the future.
    we need to secure the safety of our citizenry, which is the primary directive of our gov’t, by vetting ALL immigrants, securing and protecting our borders, properly hiring people who want to become law officers and giving them our support against minority tyranny.
    we need to visit how our schools and colleges teach each generation and make it clear that communistic brainwashing will not be the way it gets done.
    we need to make it perfectly clear to the rest of the world that we will not tolerate the abuses of the past eight years to our military forces without sanction.
    we need to rebuild that military force to the strength that it once was in order to protect all the above. “if you want peace, prepare for war”

  • Lincoln pinuan says:

    It’s a matter of political substance. Trump has the better goals and plans.

  • Jeanne Stotler says:

    Hillary will be worse than Obama, remember she has said aloud, that she says what ever SHE THINKS PEOPLE WANT TO HEAR< NOT WHAT SHE WILL DO

  • Kathi says:

    Supreme Court!

  • Todd says:

    With Hillary, yes we are! This is about Supreme Court nominations to me. I believe Trump will nominate Conservative Judges and we still will have a future. Other wise we are screwed for possibly several decades!!

  • Gladys says:

    There is a clear choice. Donald Trump loves the US and wants to create an atmosphere, as he has done in business, for jobs, good trade deals with other countries where the US really benefits, energy independence (opening pipelines and exploration: Hillary is against this and wants to keep paying the Middle East for oil), SECURE our borders, stop illegal immigration, not allow people in from terrorist countries, EXTREME vetting (we know nothing about many of the people coming in), stop influx of “refugees”(where are the women and children? What is coming in are young men. Are jihadists among them? We don’t know as they are not vetted properly. These are just a few of my thoughts.AND, why is the media concentrating on something Donald said 11 years ago and not on Hillary’s ACTIONS (vilifying women that Bill preyed on and destroying their reputations, Benghazi, where she did nothing to help our 4 brave men and allowed them to die and then falsely blame a video to hide gun running activities that she and Obama were complicit in, destroying all those e-mails, lying to Congress, Clinton Foundation shady dealings (pay for play, Haiti debacle to name a few) etc, etc, etc!
    So, do we choose a PROVEN deceitful person who lies and has hatred for this country, our law enforcement men and women, our unborn children, using underhanded (a mild word for what I really think) means to push Bernie Sanders out OR do we choose a person who has great success in business, is an OUTSIDER and not part of the corrupt political machine in Washington who wants to clean up the sewer that the politicians wallow in, get rid of stifling regulations on businesses, provide opportunities for better jobs and education in inner cities instead of dependence on welfare. When people are dependent on the government (other taxpayers money), the government controls their lives and they essentially are “on the plantation” (and this applies to ALL races) and are SLAVES. There is little self respect or determination to better oneself. Hillary wants to keep them on the plantation, talk about their plight, expect their vote and NEVER do anything to help solve the situation. WHY has black on black crime increased over the last 8 years and the media NEVER makes that an issue, but instead focuses on gun control. That is not the answer. People really need to focus on the issues that are important, look at the candidates record of successes, have they done things to improve people’s lives by providing jobs or improve only their own (think Clinton Foundation), who can truly promote change that could get Washington politicians (our Congress) to actually do their job instead of getting paid off by lobbyists, who can choose trustworthy people for cabinet positions and crucially important Supreme Court justices. To me, the answer is clear. Donald Trump is our ONLY viable choice.

  • mIRIAM JOY MAGER says:

    the writers of this article are TOTALLY

  • Edward J. Novak Jr. says:

    Trump may not be perfect but he is correct to call dissenting rinos cowardly hypocrites. Trump is no where near as compromised as hrc, who is most highly ethically, spiritually, and morally challenged and always lies, even when she doesn’t have to lie. Trump has numerous faults, but he seems to understand, like the rest of us humans, that he is not perfect and he moves on, with his faults, and tries to better himself with the lesson learned. To this point, I feel that the man is certainly more trustworthy than any of his opponents both Democrat and Republican. He is not an anointed insider CFR or TC pos who you can count on to screw the American people while they shred the US Constitution with every opportunity and at every turn. May those dirt-bags forever burn in hell. I like Trump and my gut instinct, which is all any of us really have to go on in these issues, is to trust the man.

  • Celeste says:

    Trump will do a much better job with immigration, homeland security, the deficit and more.

  • Tine says:

    I think both of them are wrong, even if one is more wrong than the other. Maybe we could ressuscitate a former candidate? I would say do it to Mike Huckabee. He is very right on everything, including on his views on Israel (very much pro-Israel)!

  • Yvonne says:

    Trump is by far a wonderful candidate especially against Hillary!

  • D. Miller says:

    We won’t be well and truly screwed until/unless Hillary is elected. This is about the supreme court nominations. Liberal justices will revoke any and all our constitutional freedoms. While Trump has moral issues, he has the power to protect our constitutional rights through conservative supreme court nominees. Voting any other way will sound a death knell for this nation.

  • Nancy Baker says:

    I have decided to vote for Trump because I believe he can get things done. Hillary, on the other hand, is an evil person and plans to align herself with the NWO. I’m more worried about what she has done than I am about what he has said!

  • leah barrow says:


  • George says:

    I believe Trump, though not perfect, has the best interest and well-being of our country and its citizens at heart. Clinton is a crook and would make Benedict Arnold look like a patriot. Her refusing to answer pleas to bolster defenses for Benghazi then leaving four Americans to die shows she has no business being president of the United States.

  • Brian says:

    I had a feeling from the get go with trumps relationship with the Clintons in the past that he was in the race as a distraction. I seems at times that this is the case. now we don’t have a choice.
    Lying, deception, and continued manipulating of resources without regard to the true mission for the people has been going since the new administration has taken office and will continue right on time with another Clinton in office.

  • Harold E Ross says:

    There are NO perfect people on this earth as far as I am concerned including me. However Mr. Trump has the right idea of MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and I think he means it and will do what it takes to get it done. On the other hand Hillary has a long life of lies and I really don’t like liars…. We couldn’t trust her then and we can’t trust her now. I am not sure which face to trust in her so its TRUMP for me and the United States Of America….

  • Janice Dougherty says:

    Trump is not a politician, he is honest. HRC is a crook and a liar from day one. She will finish the destruction that Obama began, can’t even keep track of her own lies. Too many Republicans are mealy mouth phony cowards.

  • Dennis says:

    At least with Trump, we will still have a Constitutional Republic. Not a socialistic one with Hildabeast.

  • William Whitehead says:

    Hillary never did anything for us, never. It has always been for herself, for her Clinton Foundation. She has accepted millions of dollars from foreign governments, which is strictly against the law. She doesn’t even care about Bill Clinton. She has stuck with him so she would have a chance to become president. She is a lying, career criminal. If she becomes president, besides it being called Obama’s third term, she would pick the most anti-constitutional, far left radical judges for the Supreme Court and all the other federal judge positions. You should hear the things she has said to the secret service who are protecting her. I have never in my life, and never will, use the filthy language that she uses. If anyone would like a list of 41 books that exposes her past, email me. [email protected]. And, if you could take her foul language, I have a list showing book, page number and what she has said.

    On the other hand, there is Donald J. Trump. I know he says a lot of things people do not like, but I trust him completely. He has been very successful in business. He cannot be bought. He truly cares for our country and will do everything he possible can to turn things around and save our country. He will rebuild our military. Under his leadership, we will regain the respect of the world. He will brings jobs back to our country. He will repeal obamacare and all of Obama’s stupid, destructive “executive orders”. He will not, like obama did, apologize to the world for our country’s greatness. Donald Trump will protect our constitution and live up to his oath of office. I will say again,”I trust Donald J. Trump completely”. He must become our 45th president or this country will never survive

  • Keith Krommes says:

    While I’m not thrilled with Trump, having Hillary (an anti-American liar) as President, will transform America and our constitutional rights to the absolute worse we have ever seen in this country. You will almost immediately loose your 2nd amendment right and what ever other right that SHE doesn’t agree with and feels you shouldn’t have. It’s my opinion that any politician who doesn’t like our Constitution and Bill of Rights should leave our great country and move to a country that doesn’t have our wonderful laws. ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN HILLARY!!!!

  • Timothy A. Spong says:

    Both have many questionable things in their backgrounds, and both advocate many policies with which I disagree. I’m voting for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate. But then, as a committed Libertarian since 1976, I would vote for the LP candidate anyway, even if both major-party candidates did not come with so much “baggage.”

  • Shawna Clanton says:

    Donald Trump still has my vote

  • Kay Sedell says:

    I am still voting for Donald Trump. We need a fresh approach to politics in the USA. The Republican Party has hurt itself by not standing by the delegates who sounding supported Donald Trump. Bruised egos in the Republican Party are cropping up daily instead of trying to rally around Mr. Trump and solidifying the Party, they are tearing it apart with the idea that these Senators running for reelection this year will somehow be “saved” if Mr. Trump is not elected. I believe that whatever flaws Mr. Trump has they are far less than those of Mrs. Clinton. And quite frankly, the President does not run the Country by himself. Why won’t the Republican Party stand behind Mr. Trump? Greed…pure and simple, greed. Too bad they are the ones destroying this great Nation of ours. God help us all.

  • Bret says:

    1st of all, we must have a person as POTUS who knows & understands what is needed to turn our nation back around, to become prosperous once again, NOT someone who thinks that you can get out of debt by spending more.
    2nd Someone who actually will care about we Veterans, and do their best to stop the wasteful spending and insure Veterans are actually able to receive the help they need, when they need it.
    3rd Someone who will work to get America back as a World Power, with respect once again, NOT someone who clearly despises the military and bows to every whim of foreign leaders.
    4th Someone who will take National Security as it should be, NOT someone who doesn’t care who knows our plans and secrets.
    The last goes on…
    As a Christian, I’m willing to give Mr Trump the opportunity to show by his actions that he’s accepted Christ, whereas killary continues to show by her actions that she will never change. She is a liar, revealed practically every time she opens her mouth.
    Whereas Mr Trump’s life, although he’s been places and done things that he has openly asked the American people for forgiveness, and I’m willing to give him the chance.

  • Willaim says:

    We as a nation are completely screwed if Clinton wins. She will push us into a global government and tear up the Constitution, by first taking away all defenses from the public

  • Anthony Asaro says:

    I’m happy with Trump

  • Peter Rousseau says:

    We know Hillary Clinton is a crook and will continue America’s slide into 3rd world nation status. She is an evil woman! Donald Trump supports a return to the Founders vision of a constitutional republic, a free market economic system, Christianity as the religious foundation of our value system, a strong national defense. This is the easiest choice we have had in a long time. Trump all the way!

  • Sanford says:


  • Sheila says:

    Donald knows how to bring the business of business back to the US. He has survived this campaign talking to US, the people. He will appoint Supreme Court judges who are less partisan. Clinton has years of lying, deception, enabling, cheating. She nor Bill have been called into account.

  • Lawrence Keen says:

    Hillary will take to a new level of dependency on the government as she promises everything to people who already get too much stuff! And Trump may just get us into WWIII.

  • K Burgess says:

    THE AMERICAN PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP BRFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!! DON’T THROW THE BABY OUT WITH THE BATH WATER PEOPLE!!! All these scandals are only rabbit trails the opposition wants the people to follow down “the rabbit hole.” These scandals are red herrings, so wake up & focus on whats really important & let your voice for the Constitution & Freedom be heard this election.

  • Holly says:

    On the contrary – this is the first time in years we’ve had a choice. We need a businessman to clean out and run our government and you couldn’t find one smarter and more qualified than Trump. As a college-educated single mom now74 yrs. old I see Hillary for what she is — a manipulative, vindictive condescending opportunist trying to use her sex for money and power.
    P.S. And we won’t have to worry about Trump leaving the White House with the furniture and china!!

  • Sheila says:

    Trump is the best of 2 evils. Trump will protect our interests, where Hillary will lose our interests. You name them and she will lose all of them!

  • Mark Olson says:

    Hillary is a corrupt evil human being. Donald Trump has just told the truth about what has been going on in government for years. Hillary if she gets in will start WW3. No matter who wins, this country is going to see violence like we have never seen before. Gary Johnson has turned statist on TPP and and immigration. He is not a viable option supporting TPP. Jill Stein is to left wing and not even on the ballot in all 50 states. There is no win here anyway you look at it.

  • john bryan says:

    All the negative things against Trump is things he has said in private to friends,so he thought,Hillary on the other hand has done many illegal acts and has done everything in her power to bury them from the public,how can she be trusted as President?

  • Benny ba?ley says:

    Trump is the man.

  • TJ says:

    We do not need Killary, Trump is RAW but he will get America working again. Killary will put the final nail in America’s coffin. Bill has done more against women and Killary has done harm to them also, her husband is a sex offender.

  • Vicki Cohoon says:

    It is a clear choice! I would never vote for a woman who is a pathological lier and is not a true American Patriot. All she cares about is her herself. She does nothing unless it benefits her. The final straw for me was when she left Ambassador Stevens and our marines there in Benghazi for 13 hours and never even tried to help them. Cold hearted…then tries to cover it up as a bad video….pathetic….there is nothing Godly about this kind of behavior & attitude….” What difference does it make. ” is Hillary’s response.

  • John Griffitt says:

    Every thing is wrong with Hillary and Trump will learn .

  • Bonham says:

    Dang so many reasons to list:
    One doesn’t have enough experience and the other is a money hungry, lying, cheating, must I say more??

  • Dean Mefford says:

    We need the leadership of Mr. Trump to get Washington Cleaned up of the corruption you see with Clintons and many others. he is the only man that can do that because he is not beholding to anyone. All the outrage about what he said is coming from people who listen to rap music and the dirty stuff they put in their lyrics. Why would they be so upset about the few words Donald used 11 years ago. Get a life.

  • Anthony Rich says:

    Trump hasn’t lied about anything, Locker room banter is not a scandal, Destroying evidence after being issued a subpoena is.
    And The Fact that absolute Rights is calling Trumps 11 year old comment a scandal is pathetic.

  • tl.whitt says:

    how can you help anybody when you lose a billion dollars in 1 year. people that say its ok need to give him they money or daughters to do what he wants.and lose your money and abuse your daughter and he tell you i did make america strong. tell your the truth your love ones will depend on it.

  • Floyd Hammerquist says:

    Trump is no “boy scout” but he represents a chance to stop the ruling class of both GOP and Demo. establishment politicians from further ruining our country. There are so many issues that need to be addressed. If he can accomplish only a fraction of what he proposes, we will have a good start and will show that the “silent majority” can still be heard!

  • fkkaren seas says:

    I just feel that the level of acrimony and divisiveness has reached fever pitch and barring a miracle what ever happens this country will rip right down the middle. Full disclosure: I voted absentee several
    weeks go in WI (before the videotapes came out()for Trump/Pence & probably would again mainly because I like Pence, am concerned about open orders & SCOTUS nominees.

  • Robert Schaefer says:

    Bye bye, I deleted some so called friends over time, due to their way of doing things. Now I’m watching the one who will have the time to read this post until the end. This is a little test, just to see who reads and who shares without reading! If you have read everything, select i”like” and then copy and paste this text on your profile, so i can put a thank u on ur profile,????I know that 97% of you won’t broadcast this, but my friends will be the 3% that do. In honor of someone who died, or is fighting cancer, or even had cancer, copy and paste. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

  • kirke says:

    if hillary is elected, America will become a muslim, socialist, 3rd world country where Christians would disappear and welfare would be the order of the day. We would have obama on steroids. America as we know it would disappear.

  • sheryle mcneill says:

    Trump loves this country as we do, Clinton would continue to kill babies at birth and sell our country to highest bidder, as long as we have a leader that loves this country as we do we win.

  • Cvillelover says:

    With Trump we ARE NOT “screwed”… We (the US) will be respected and we will be truly “great again”… With Hillary? We’ll go on to full fledged socialism; we will stay a “second rate country”, and never be considered “great again”… Like Thomas Sowell put it a month ago… With Trump it’s like playing Russian Roulette… You pull the trigger you may be killing yourself or you may not… With Hillary it’s like putting a loaded shotgun to your temple… If you pull the trigger – – you know what will happen – – you’re dead… Great man; Thomas Sowell

  • Ann Weinhagen says:

    I like Trump’s ideas and feel he will carry through.

  • William Whalen says:

    Trump will be better for the USA

  • Ron Naddeo says:

    Donald Trump Will fulfill his promises and restore America!!
    Hillary would and will destroy America for the New world order that has dumped 100’s of millions for her.

  • Name says:

    I know we are with Hillary. She will come after our Guns & Religious Freedom, what is left!
    She will continue you help our society spiral down the toilet with abortions and attacks on traditional marriage!

  • Joan Brennan says:

    Trump can save America and we need a strong leader. He is not in this for power like Hillary, but to make America great again.

  • Eugene Justinger says:

    Wow, what a disappointing piece.
    Trump is by far the very best candidate.
    He is an outsider, Killery is the establishment,
    and represents all that is wrong with politics.
    She lies, takes bribes, and has people killed.
    From our four Americans in Benghazi, to any one investigating her and her criminal activities. Pay to play, Clinton Foundation which is a slush fund for the Clinton’s and she has accepted money from foreign nations. She owes so many favors to foreigners. She lied about the Benghazi massacre, and why it happened. She has lied about the emails, and her unsecured email server, which WAS hacked. Her husband Bill *slick willy* goes on a jet to bribe the US Attorney General, to have her wife not be prosecuted for her crimes.

  • Gordon Dempsey says:

    As far as Trump goes, I don’t see where the fuss is coming from. Clinton has been known to be worse. Also I can’t see a lying person having that much power. Does the American people not remember Benghazi.

  • Wayne Minyard says:

    Trump is the change we need

  • noel kasper says:

    I’m with Trump……..I’d rather be screwed than RAPED.


    I truly believe that Donald trump is the “only” person that can and will turn this corrupt present administration around. I also believe with all my heart and sole that if God forbid Hillary Clinton is elected that will be the straw that will destroy our country once and for all. Hillary is evil. a liar and a criminal.She is in obamas pocket and will continue to down grade our country forever!

  • Dennis O'Keefe says:

    Trump is THE Better choice for president.

  • Brenda Wiggins says:

    What was said by Mr. Trump has been going on since the beginning of time. This is an EGO trip among the male generation. It’s born in them. I don’t condone it, but it’s not the last of such statements. Now with mics on phones, it’s going to be recorded more.

    This does not affect his ability to be our President. He is the most “FIT” to be the Leader of our Country.

    Hillary cannot be trusted, never could be according to the reports from her employees over the years. She is not about to change. She is out for all the money she can get and it really don’t matter why gets hurt or destroyed in the process. Her health is not going to let her be able to fulfill the role that is required to be president.

  • D.P.Allen says:

    Consider this before you put any faith in the negatives that this article presents. It is to my thinking a subtle (to many I’m sure) way of trying to make Trump look worse than he is. “Shockingly sexual video”? Oh come on. That makes it sound like he actually did the things that he spoke about doing. You’ve never voiced a fantasy in front of anyone else? If you haven’t, you are either a saint, or a pathological liar.

    Donald is human, which is something that the “professional politicians” try to pretend they are not. (Shouldn’t “professional politician” be an oxymoron?) What a person thinks and says are of zero importance if their actions don’t mirror those thoughts. Hillary (and her protection of her hubby) demonstrated their actions and her time in the public eye has demonstrated repeatedly her real moral character. Donald has demonstrated his character through his entire life, but it must be looked at as “during his entire life” rather than a few misquotes, out of context statements and some downright lies propagated by the liberal media and mostly coming straight from the propaganda machine in Hillary’s support group. (Don’t YOU consider it rather coincidental that this “horrific video” should become public the same day that Hillary’s Wall Street speeches were “leaked”, but their content got zero press because of the “national disgrace” and “gross immorality” of Donald’s words that required everything else to be ignored?)

    Her smear campaign has been the standard operating procedure of the Democrats during the past several decades. It has worked because the American public really enjoys their soap operas and will believe any story if told in a convincing manner. The wilder the better! The average person doesn’t understand world economies and and the political system as a whole and have become complacent leaving that to elected officials, who claim to understand it and be working for the “people’s good”. An old adage says ” A small person given a little authority will abuse the hell out of it”. Our elected officials, just like small children have slowly expanded their activities to see what they could get away with. We haven’t had a real “parent” in the White House since Reagan to rein them in and so they have gotten completely out of hand and no longer support their constituents, but rather the one who offers them the most money.

    If nothing else, this election has awakened the silent majority and shown them the corruption in our government. The choice now is rather obvious. Vote for Hillary and see a continuation and even more blatant expansion of “government for hire” , or vote for Donald, who will fight to put the government and OUR representatives back in line with what they are supposed to be doing for US. His win will be the signal to ALL politicians that we’ve had enough and we won’t put up with anything but GOOD government. I will expect that when he is elected that many “career politicians” will be gone as they come up for reelection. There are some other choices, but those who the Republican party would use to replace Donald are part of the “RINO” group who believe in “don’t rock the boat, because everything is great the way it is!” There are other parties, but all votes for them do are take votes away from the viable candidates. IE: Remember how Ross Perot cost Bush the election way back when that gave us Slick Willy instead?

    I’m a firm believer in limiting terms. I could live with a limit of 2 consecutive terms and then take at least one off to get to be among the people again for a while. Then they could be elected for 2 more, etc. A person who has spent 30-40 years in Washington has zero thought, or concern for his/her constituents and is usually reelected only because the voters think that since he/she has been in office for so long that he/she MUST be really good at it! The reality is that that person has political and monetary “backers” and makes deals behind closed doors that are beneficial to that person and NOT their constituents!

    This is still a free country (at least for a little longer) so everyone should vote for the candidate of their choice. I only ask that you think and look at the real facts and then vote using your conscience and brain.

  • Sybil says:

    Because Trump can do a lot of good for we the people

  • Steve says:

    Donald Trump wants to bring the USA back from the abyss. While Obama has been the president he has change the meaning of marriage, allowed all kinds of immigrants to vote demarcate. The worst economy in decades and allowing the one percent of our population is in control. Which restroom do I use. I am SICK AND TIRED of the Clintons getting away with anything. I guess they can do anything when theirs money involved.

  • John May says:

    The Oct. surprise really shows that Trump brags about his “good luck” with women. ALL MEN do that. We don’t do that in mixed company. H’s surprise was in poor taste. WOMEN DO THE SAME THING when men aren’t around. To believe otherwise is pure NONSENSE. H’s “wise crack” changes NOTHING.
    Thanks,, John May

  • Susan D Garman says:

    Because Hillary is inside and outside totally corrupt. I’m sick of the trash, the lawlessness, coand corruption. My family before me, my husband, myself, and now our son, did not hand have not served only to throw it all away. Trump has accomplished a whole lot more than Hillary could ever dream of accomplishing, so, he’s got to know something she doesn’t. He didn’t accomplish all this through illegal and corrupt ways, like George Soros. I’m sick and tired of the daily melodrama and constantly being hypervigilant on a daily basis. It’s too stressful. I’m over it. I’m sick of the Republicans that refuse to fall in and band together. I won’t forget them individually.

  • Dennis Weaver says:

    Our country is in financial trouble, Trump is the only candidate that has the know how to get us out. How many of your private conservations, that if recorded and played back, would you be embarrassed by? Trump was just talking, Clinton has acted.

  • Charles Mozingo says:

    Just because of one tape ( 10 years old) is disgusting, but I’m not giving up on TRUMP, I & my family will still vote for him.
    Hillary is the disgusting ONE. The media keeps on letting her & BILLY ( Rapist) skate.

  • John and Linnea O'Brien says:

    We would be SCREWED if mafia self centered H. and first something Bill got in!

  • Andrea Wieners says:

    I’m not affected in any way by the tape garbage . The past experience with the Clintons and the Liiberal Democrats has put our country on the path of total distruction. I see only one option. That is with giving Donald Trump, the only other option, the opportunity to do as he has promised and get us back on the track that has made us the greatest country on Earth.

  • kathy says:

    Of a population of 330 million people we got 2 of the most despicable in the country running for the highest office. The press manipulated this matchup and we will pay a huge price…an so will they.

  • sergio Pastor says:

    Hillary is a LAIR

  • Sean Copus says:

    Because trump will make America great Hillary will kill it.

  • Doug says:

    Trump will shake up the status quo. We at least need that.

  • Stephen Kay says:

    I believe Trump is the one we need to stand with, as their to much stuff on Clinton and her pass show she not going to change things ina good way.

  • Jan says:

    Trump needs to win to help America get where it used to be. There were always crooked politicians but not like now!!!

  • Name says:

    Trump has not had CHANCE~~~ … lET’S GIVEHIM A CHANCE gLENN lUYSTER

  • betty thompson says:

    at least Donald trump is a man enough to tell the truth were Hillary will only lie about every thing can you imagine her as your president she will lie to you all the time just what we need and I really think most Americans have head worse I worked in an office for 47 years yes the same company and I had to go in the shop as to see if my staff were getting there parts out for them when they saw me coming they all shut up guess why yes men do talk that way many times when I left they would whistle at me I never made any thing of it and it went away most American people never got involved with men that is why they are so dumb grow up Amercia and lean some thing Donald will do more for you than Hillary who only lies she is lying to you all right now grow up

  • Louis King says:

    We already know what Hillery Clinton is Like. She AND Her womanizer husband are BOTH OUT
    Donald Trump is completely NEW
    He’s in for at least a try

  • Jeremy Schwartz says:

    As far as character goes neither one of them are good people IMHO.

  • Jim radcliffe says:

    Democrats have ripped this country apart for 50 years. When the GOP took control of Congress 2 years ago, their leadership became little Obamas. Old guard GOP, and felon running democrats leaves only Trump


  • DUKE says:

    Donald Trump is GREAT. He is exactly what The U. S. of A. needs as our next President. We need Donald J. Trump NOW. The ‘establishment’ doesn’t want him, because he will end their free ride. Those ‘establishment’ politicians have to go!! They are a big, big part of the problem(s) in The U. S. of A. right now.

  • David Hunter says:

    Trump is just plain obnoxious!
    Clinton is an immoral sleeze!
    That’s my view and I’m sticking to it.
    Libertarian this time

  • douglas j. wieben says:

    We are only screwed if hillary wins. Trump is our only savior. vote trump

  • There'sa Ellison says:

    Donald Trump has not committed treasom. And his words show he is aware of what got us here to start with. Believe him when he says he will work to restore America AND the American dream!

  • William says:

    Hillary will continue in the liberal quest to make the USA a third world nation like all the others which are governed by self-serving criminals. Mr Trump is actually making a sacrifice to lead our country. He will be taking a serious pay cut and sure, he may step on some toes along the way but to promote the welfare of our CITIZENS some toes must be stepped on. You won’t see him bowing to sharia-supporting despots or allowing any and every person who wants to just move in here an start sapping our economy and destroying our heritage We need to start remembering that we are a SOVEREIGN nation, not just a dumping ground for undesirables. Our military is so depleted that it may be to late, but Trump will begin to strengthen it again so we can at least DEFEND OURSELVES. The constitution was written by men who did not conceive of such a think as a CAREER POLITICIAN. In those days it was considered a SACRIFICE AND AN HONOR to SERVE your fellow countrymen, not a way to get rich by squeezing out their lifeblood.

  • Ira Cotton says:

    We would certainly be screwed with Hillary Clinton, especially if she also gains control of Congress. We would then see low growth policies, more regulation by out-of-control government agencies, and higher taxes (not just for the “rich” because they don’t have enough money to fund her progressive agenda. Also, she is a serial liar (from Whitewater to the present email scandal) who has actually imperiled national security by her actions.

    Trump, in contrast, will work with a Republican Congress to lower taxes, promote economic growth for all Americans, protect our borders and renegotiate poor trade deals. Does he have a vulgar aspect in his history? Yes, but consider that John F. Kennedy committed adultery in the White House with Marilyn Monroe and others, Bill Clinton is a serial adulterer and abuser of women, aided by Hillary who sough to smear women who accused Bill. The video of Trump that is causing so much outrage is 11 years old and typical of what many men say in locker rooms, especially those in entertainment and sports. Also, I believe he has matured considerably during the past 11 years. The French are laughing their heads off at American puritanism in politics.

    What this country needs now is a leader who can change the course of the last 8 years of Obama and Trump is the only candidate who can do that. Trump built successful (and some unsuccessful) businesses and employs thousands of people. When did Obama or Clinton ever have to face making a payroll?

    Hold your nose if you have to, but the country needs Trump right now, considering the alternative.

  • Ken wade says:

    We the people have been getting screwed by political elite for years! They, the political elite,are the entrenched career politicians that are controlled by their big money donors! Hillary is one of the political elite!
    Donald Trump is not a politician and sees our country from the We the People view. That’s why hid message is so positive to the majority of US Citizens. If Trump is elected and v is able to fulfill his America First agenda the Citizens of the USA will all benefit!
    If Hillary wins, yes USA and it’s citizens are screwed!


    What Trump said is so much more benign than what Clinton did. She betrayed Americans; she lies, she’s cozy with our enemies and careless with our security. Trump in no way is as bAD AS SHE IS.

  • Wes hyde says:

    Trump is not selling out our country he is not lying about what he will try to accomplish there is no evidence he is hiding a secret agenda. He is iblunt in politically polished and is exactly what the us an free world needs at this time in histor. He is for the right policies to keep our country prosperous and free!!!

  • Bill says:

    Trump may not be as perfect as you and I yet!
    As i look on the last 3 or 4 it seems he is as good and could turn out better than any of them.!

  • Kerry says:

    It is election time, and the dirtiest, most stinky mud always gets tossed about. Hillary is a no win situation for the people who **REALLY** work for a living. If you are a dead beat who thinks the world owes you a living, then she is your best choice. Mr. Trump is only human. Even if he were an avowed Communist, I would still vote for him, because he is still the better choice. He has a different look to running the country that we need. Hopefully he will tell the business as usual crowd to take a hike. He may very well cause the Legislature to do their job, as they should, which would be an almost unheard of event. I’ll take Mr. Trump. Maybe he will be the catalyst to get DC off of it’s pious butt.

  • Mike B. says:

    Trump may be lewd & crude, but Hillary is the most corrupt, dishonest person to run for the presidency. Read the books written by Secret Service men assigned to her… disgraceful!!!

  • Patrick Frees says:

    Hillary is a complete criminal, imprisonment is what should happen to her, Trump is being treated unfairly, and criminally by the media and the billionair who committed payment for dirt on Trump should also be jailed. We do not trust a word of the main street media, so pound sand up your A**

  • Ralph Kemmet says:

    I don’t care about the persons. I care about our borders, jobs, security, supreme court

  • Wesley says:

    Trump may not say the best things, but HE HAS MY VOTE ALL THE WAY & I’m a registered Democrat.

  • Steve Sunderland says:

    They are like 5 year olds that you can’t believe and trust.

  • Linda says:

    I haven’t heard anything about Mr. Trump stealing, raping or being associated with murders.I’ve heard about his vision for this country and his best interests for the people. He is a businessman and that is what we need to bring this huge business of government back under some control and accountability. We, the people, need to find away to terminate most of our “employee’s” we put in office.

  • Gwen LeClair says:

    At least Donald Trump doesn’t want to take away our guns and doesn’t want an open border.

  • Coy D. Honeycutt says:

    Donald Trump has more integrety in his little toenail than Clinton has in her whole crooked family. The Democrat Party that my mother and father fought for, for more than 70yrs is now lower than the sewer lines in my back yard.

  • gaea lete says:

    Trump will make our country great again!!!
    Hillary is a total pathological lier, and will totally destroy our country.

  • Paul Merlin says:

    It is a pleasure to have someone who is a business man instead of a politician

  • Herb. Voigt says:

    I am a Canadian and sort of follow the soap opera down south. It does not matter who wins we are all caught in this dilemma , US citizen or Canadian Citizen. Economy is to integrated and what hurts one will hurt the other.
    This has been in the works for a long time but most people are like ostriche with their head in the sand.
    It will be interesting how things will develop.

    Herb Voigt

  • Kathy says:

    Hillary has had 30-40 yrs. in the political field to prove herself and her record as SOS should have been a 100% top rated performance; but instead it’s full of lies, misconceptions, misleading, criminal behavior (per her email server activity and the lies she told about it) and her lying to Congress and to We The People. She is not fit to be POTUS.
    Donald Trump admits to his distasteful words, and claims that he is a different person than in his past. His personal past has nothing to do with holding one of the most important offices in our government (next to President of US); therefore I believe he deserves a chance to prove that his heart is for all Americans and improving our country. He is far more qualified to take care of the business of our nation to bring prosperity and get us out of this mess we are currently suffering through.
    I say, give him the same chance we gave the current POTUS and Hillary & Bill Clinton. There time is over and now it’s Donald J Trump’s time.

  • anthony says:

    The media, with the advice of Clinton, have created the illusion that Trump is a moral degenerate. If he is, then most of us are in our private moments. She, on the other hand is in fact morally corrupt as indicated by her actions and pay-for-play anti-American activity. I have read hundreds of accounts of the good things that trump has done for others, enough to counter-balance any of the petty infractions he has been accused of committing.

  • Tanna says:

    What about Bill Clinton (sexual harassment) so it’s ok for him to be married to Hillary and still have sex in the white house with Monica Lewinsky and then tell the grand jury “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”. Good thing she had the blue dress with his DNA. Hillary defended Bill back then too. Look at the tapes there are 6 women are at least 10 years younger than Trump they are in a bar. These model type women are crawling all over him. He IS NOT chasing them. You can’t blame a heterosexual guy for liking women.

  • forrest leatherman says:

    we are not voting for a person we like.
    we are voting for the future of the country.
    a lot more of the same!
    or change that well help every one.
    that’s what is important!

  • jan says:

    Trump is a real patriot who loves our country and wants to give the power back to the people where it belongs. Hillery is a criminal who disdains citizens and wants a NWO!

  • Dianna Penwell says:

    He is too hot headed and she is liar.

  • Gary Reddin says:

    Donald Trump may be a little arrogant and mouthy, but he’s never been accused of lying to the American public and to Congress also. Which, by the way Hillary Clinton has on a number of occasions. Clinton has become known as a black hearted lying, conniving, two faced back stabber. Why would anyone vote for an individual who has so little to offer America and so much bad baggage following her around? She’s nothing more than a socialist/communistic want to be ruler, just like our arrogant minded muslin president.

  • Larry says:

    I was for Trump , but he has proven to me that he doesn’t think before he opens his mouth and he’s too thin skinned , every time someone says something about him he flies off the handle ! He’s not listening to his advisers or else he wouldn’t be making all the mistakes he’s making ; that makes me wonder about what would happen if he was the President and again didn’t listen to his advisers before he reacted ! Hillary Clinton is a stone cold lier ; she’s doing it over and over again right on TV in front of the whole world ! Neither one of them are fit to be President and their Vice President choices are not much better ! They are both very bad for us and America ; Ryan , The Speaker of the House , right now is the best option !

  • Richard Loomis says:

    They both want big government and more restrictions on our lives, health, etc.
    I’ll vote for Gary Johnson!

  • Norbert Hewitt says:

    USA has a CONSTITUTION as written by our FOUNDING FATHERS! The USA is a REPUBLIC! Its as simple as following our CONSTITUTIONAL laws. If those people who don’t like our CONSTITUTIONAL laws then leave! You are not an AMERICAN! Its OUR CONSTITUTIONAL laws that has made AMERICA the greatest country in the world. No one in the USA is above the law! Not its citizens, not its government, not its politicians and elites. Genuine AMERICAN and PATRIOTS will always CONSTITUTIONALY abide by its laws for our FREEDOM and its LIBERTIES! Career polititcians and elites today seem to have their own agenda and self interest at heart. Trump is not perfect as no one is. He is also not a politician. I will VOTE for TRUMP against the STATUS QUO and against FRAUD and CORRUPTION by those who seem to think that they don’t have to abide by our CONSTITUTIONAL laws EVEN AS OUR PRESIDENT, career POLITITICIANS and the like. They only care about getting VOTED back in to push their own AGENDA and the backing of self interest groups whoever they may be. Our government has become way to big and complicated with its own AGENDA and only seems to serve itself to protect itself INSTEAD of serving and protecting its CITIZENS by upholding and enforcing our existing CONSTITUTIONAL laws. If a person comes to THE GOOD OLE USA for the AMERICAN dream then ABIDE by its laws and become an AMERICAN as I have! If you have come here for any other reason then you do not belong here. You cannot change AMERICANS AND PATRIOTS who ABIDE by our CONSTITUTION! AMERICANS are the most GENEROUS people in the world and will give GENEROUSLY. But don’t think to come here illegally to change the AMERICAN WAY or to expect entitlements as an illegal. Thats why I will vote for TRUMP. Our STATUS QUO goverenment and officals will not enforce our existing laws as set forth by our CONSTITUTION. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • Robert Lucas says:

    Hillary Clinton has a continuous record of failure from her earliest entrance into government service to the present. In the 1970s she was removed from the Watergate investigation because of ethical violations. The “smartest woman in the world” has had numerous “memory lapses” when her questionable behavior came under any kind of scrutiny from the 1990s to the present. Her record as Secretary of State is one of failure as a result of poor judgement. These include the Russian Reset, evacuation of Iraq which led to the rise of ISIS, support of the Arab spring, unwillingness to protect and rescue the Libyan ambassador in Benghazi, total disregard of national security by using an unprotected private server just to name a few. Her moral failures include destruction of email records and related computer hardware after they were subpoened by Congress, the blatant lies accompanying these events, her attacks on the women abused by her sexual predator of a husband and her support of the murder of unborn babies for any reason. Her vision of the future includes wide open borders, continuation of the Obamacare disaster and the appointment of Supreme Court justices who have no respect for the Constitution of the United States. Hillary Clinton has remained unwilling to acknowledge and is completely unapologetic about her record of failures, poor judgement and immoral behavior and attitudes.
    Donald Trump, despite his lack of propriety about women in his past and multiple marriages, loves our country and is willing to sacrifice a life of ease and comfort to serve America. He wants to appoint Supreme Court justices who respect our Constitution. He wants to strengthen our military. He wants to enforce our immigration laws. He wants to renegotiate our trade agreements in order to strengthen our economy. There are many other plans he has that all have one thing in common – America first and foremost! We can’t say the same thing about his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

  • karl says:

    Who cares what Trump said 11 years ago! The point is whether or not he is the candidate the country needs and I say YES!

  • Robin says:

    As a woman, I am offending by Trumps remarks, BUT, as an American I am ashamed that Clinton is being allowed to run for president. Voter fraud, illegals and Obama’s so called ‘refugees’/terrorists will insure Clinton steals the election. Shame on America for sitting by complacent and lazy. Get off your proverbial backsides and look around and take action.

  • Alan says:

    Trump is the only choice; and he’s not a career politician!

  • Robert Hoffman says:

    This election is bigger than these 2 candidates. The media missed the point that was made at the Republican Convention. The fact that with the nomination of Mr. Trump there has been a hostile take over of the Republican Party by the Working Class People of America. Since 1994 wages have been stagnant and the rich have gotten richer while the poor have gotten poorer and the Middle Class is getting squeezed into poverty. Wall Street, Big Pharma, etc. have bought and paid for our last 3 presidents and own the elites of both parties. The only way to secure this takeover and rebuild our Middle Class is by electing Donald Trump. He may be an imperfect messenger but he is “OUR” messenger none the less. Almost 4 out of every 10 Americans of working age are unemployed and many others are underemployed. Trump is our only hope to try to make America Great Again and he is one of the only Republicans not pushing for entitlement reform. Many of us who have voted Conservative in the past are now out of work and rely on these entitlements. We have to have jobs before we can think about cutting entitlements and hopefully Mr. Trump will return to his Primary Campaign idea of making SSI work like an insurance policy so that those that make over $100,000.00 a year and don’t need it will no longer receive it and the money can be used to give our seniors a big enough raise to bring them out of poverty.

  • Della says:

    Because Trump will stop the corruption in our government and stop the immigration of terrorist into our country and bring our jibs back.



  • Norman Davis says:

    Trump has plans to revive America with revision of the income tax, the wall, a restriction on immigration, reduction of the corporate tax rate, bringing industry back, releasing our domestic energy program from binding restrictions, removing unnecessary regulations on business, etc.

  • edmund j ross says:

    trump is no crooked polition I believe he will at least try to make to make things right in this country, for the working man

  • Floyd Hale says:

    Trump is for the people , not for the elite snobs

  • Gregory Lowell says:

    Mr Trump is a bit rough around the edges SO WHAT. Hillary is a crook, a liar, and possibly a murderess. We cant afford the establishment that has been destroying and WILL destroy our nation. Trump may or may not be a great president, but he is our only chance to stop the leftist loonies and PC Police (and ISIS).
    America is doomed if HRC is elected by all the dissatisfied and misled minorities she appeals to. It is an idle threat and foolish to say we will leave our country if she is elected, but we will lock our doors, close off the mountain passes and prepare for the siege, well armed and willing!

  • Beverly Evvard says:

    I really do think that Donald Trump has the potential to do what he says he will. I’m all excited about voting for him. Unfortunately, Hillary will also do what she says she will (if she can get away with it), and that could destroy what is left of America.

  • Gregory Lowell says:

    I see later in this article that you refer to Bill Clinton and his rape and disgusting disrespect for women and say these have led to no criminal charges! Just what do you think an impeachment hearing before congress is???? Why did the Clintons pay off one of the many victims of Bill’s sometimes violent immorality???

  • Donald Haynes says:

    Donald Trump, however nasty his speech may sound to many of us, is the only chance for this country to get out from under this lying, professional politician, entitlement type of mentality in government. I still believe Donald will surround himself with the best intelligence and advisers for our countries safety,economy, tax structure, business climate and overall well being. If we as a trusting nation can get past the last Clinton White House occupation as well as the Obama “do nothing” occupation, we can certainly afford to gamble on a person who promises a swift and overwhelming change to the status quo. I still believe in the American people to come to their senses and make that change. God Bless our U.S.A.

  • Mary Jo Bankard says:

    This is just one reason that I will vote for Donald Trump. He will stop our (taxpayers) money from going to planned parenthood. I am pro life and resent the fact that, whether I like it or not, my tax dollars are going to pay for abortions.

  • Steve Durand says:

    The media is controlling the race. Mr Trump can and will shake the Washington Bureaucratic establishment. The shake up has to happen.
    locker room talk? who hasn’t talked like that either male female transgender or whatever. Just because its said in the “locker room” does not mean that is the persons character.
    Trump is our only hope to get this country back on track to be the government the Founding Fathers intended it to be.
    A vote for any other person then Donald TRump is a vote for Hillary and a loss for this country.

  • Harrel Johnson says:

    If you vote for Donald J. Trump we aren’t screwed.

  • terry whitt says:

    terry whitt why you get NOT post my comment because it was not for thrump ! post it!

  • A Zeiner says:

    Trump has a great life; he does not need or want this job. He is running because he wants to make America great again, as it was when I came here as a legal immigrant in 1950. Sure, he has some flaws, but who hasn’t?
    On the other hand, Hillary’s flaws include having blood on her hands besides being a congenital liar. She has lied to the American people, she has lied to Congress, and, she has lied to the FBI, and who0 knows how many other investigative agencies. She has criminally mishandled extremely sensitive classified documents in the FBI Director’s own words. She also exhibits serious health issues, and very likely would not be able to finish her term due to ill health. Lastly, she wants to be president of the world – not just the USA. Her greed is beyond words or description. We are screwed if she gets into office.

  • Daryl Mone says:

    “What difference does it make? ” He is a man she is a lying bisexual attack dog for Bill.

  • Larry williams says:

    Trump stands for change and we sure need it

  • DOCWHITE says:

    This race boils down to just 2 basic choices: “corruption” vs “Political uncorrectness.” When will the public and the GOP “establishment” grow up and realize that Trump’s 11 yr old scandal is totally inconsequential to the job of POTUS? (…especially when compared to Mrs, Clinton’s past !!) Trump IS imperfect, but he (like Obama on same-sex-marriage) can and will “EVOLVE.”

  • Rodney says:

    Hillary is under fit to hold office anywhere! You know she’ lying because her lips are moving. She a failure to this country and the American people, she needs to go to prison for teason!

  • Janelle Skinner says:

    I fully support Donald Trump

  • Cliff says:

    The choice is clear to anyone with a half a brain. We do NOT need another CLINTON CROOK SYNDICATE back in the White House, or ANYWHERE near a “government” position.

  • Steven Desprey says:

    I will start with Trump,Trump has hi jack the conservative movement I live in NYC trump is a liberal. He’s supported bill clinton’s assault weapons ban ,We has given tons of money to the clinton foundation ,He supports plan parenthood , and those are just a few facts of what he really stands for, the list goes on and on, he is a fraud from day one. I truly believe he was a plant. the low educated Conservative voter bought into his slogans, anytime he is asked how he plans to Achieve these slogans he has no answer with substance. And a for Hillary America already knows why we are screwed.

  • FuzzyLee says:

    I prefer not having a Socialist / Communist as Hillary has been moving towards …….

  • JAMES COOPER says:

    I think Trump would run our country like a Business & put us back on the right track toward being a respected Country again. The things Trump has done are very minor compared to Hillary. Thanks, Jim Cooper

  • Robert Dayton says:

    We are only screwed if a Marxist like HRC gets in office, and the establishment republicans have been heading down the Globalist and Leftist road for a long time as well.

  • Keith Owens says:

    Donald Trump is what this country needs. He is brash and out spoken and not afraid to say what is on his mind. He is not a career politician. The career politicians and what has gotten this country in the mess it is now. Another 4 years of Obama ideas will destroy this country. God help us all is Hillary gets elected.

  • Gil Malach says:

    Trump we can live with. There will be no America left if HRC is elected.

  • Darnell Roth says:

    The Donald tells it like it is. Hillary is evil! She couldn’t tell the truth if her life depended on it.

  • kathleen backhus says:

    I want to hear Trump say , Look I have said and done a lot of things Iam not proud of over the years, butI also say I never knew it would matter so much to so many. Now I am not representing me anylonger I am going to represent you. and over this past 14 months I have learned a lot and made a lot of mistakes about who and what a President is and should do. I can’t learn it all over night but I promise you I will have a team around me that is knowledgeable and I will learn from them and you. and together we will do the best that can be done to make America Great again . The world will respect our flag once again and we Will FEEL SAFE with our MILITARY once again and when these young People come home and if their injured All America will see to it that they are WELL taken care of for the rest of their lives.Not pushed by the wayside like trash. Our low-income Seniours will have clean well-kept places to live and all the meds. they need.AlsoI don’t think employers should have to pay for maternity leaves or insurance.This is up to the individual.If they are Pregnant or not has nothing to do with their Job. The small job owners simply can’t afford this.It would be great if the bigger companys could have a daycare right at the job to help the moms be more available. and they should only have to pay a small amount for each child. It should be enough to balance out what the cost of the care is for the boss. he’s not in it to make money . He’s doing it to make more money by hiring mothers and helping them be all they can be. One more time If Trump would just show a humble side of himself this is not showing weakness it is meeting us on our level . if he would just keep saying over and over that He has learned a lot these last 14 months and He’slearning every day and withour help he will become a Great President one we can say we were proud to elect. The people would catch it and say Trump at least wants to grow and he wants our help. I know this would swing the vote. but right now we already know about Clinton, but though we have hopes for Trump we don’t hear or see any humility, any willingness to want our help. He needs to show that WE matter. AFTER ALL WE ARE AMERICA> thank you for letting me give you my opinion. what we don’t want is just a horse of a different color.

  • Mona says:

    So what if Trump has a dirty mouth. I will still vote for HIM. I think he will be a great president he has guts. I hope he will kick some of those old crooks to the CURB. I watched the debate I was very pleased that Mr Trump took Hillary down a bit with her smug attitude and how great she is. She must think we are all stupid and can’t see her for what she really is. She will do any crooked thing she can to get elected. VOTE TRUMP !!!



  • F. C. Hilnbrand says:

    Because I think TRUMP is the MAN and he will repair what Obama has done to our country. Hillary would only make it worse by 1000% as she wants to continue the way Obama has but many times more. The ONLY things Hillary cares about are MONEY and POWER and not the people like TRUMP does.

  • Kathleen Backhus says:

    I want to vote for Trump but honestly can’t see much of anything that gives me a reason to other than the Supreme court and the illegal mess.and Isis. All these are great but as a conservative I am known for my Character. people trust what I say and respect me for my decency, I not only don’t see any of that in Trump. I don’t hear anything to tell me he is trying to learn and become a decent respectful citizen. Also ,I only hear his prejudice against , well almost everyone other than whites. Knowing how he did business with soo many other cultures I expected sooo much more from him.Like everyone says we have all been life time die hard republicans, but I don’t think so not this time. I think its too late.

  • WCohen says:

    Granted Donald Trump is a male pig in the classic sense, he far less flawed then Hillary Clinton. The lame stream media is raising a storm over what he has said, but we’re hearing very little on what SHE HAS DONE. Remember actions speak louder than words

  • kimon george says:

    Trumps policies are much better for the countries in virtually every area.

  • Name says:

    Donald has much better plans than crooked Hillary

  • Richard F, Buckley says:

    One is a loudmothed nitwit, and the other is a proven habitual liar who supports, among othe atrocities, killing the unborn!

  • Bobbie Brantley says:

    If all they have to use against Trump is his locker room talk, they’re just pitiful. EVERYone, including women, talk like that when amongst intimates. If they say they don’t, they’re either really unpopular or they’re lying. Besides that, it’s my opinion that a very good man (e.g. Jimmy Carter) cannot do this job. It’s essentially a dirty job. Politicians have gotten us into this mess; perhaps a businessman (with a little backbone) can help us extract ourselves from our financial and immigration problems. Resources in this country are finite. This present ‘regime’ is simply trying to fill the country with democratic voters; and they really don’t care about our resources, because they can (and have) just taken away from senior citizens. Also, because they don’t know just what he’s capable of, maybe some of these little, pain-in-the-neck countries will be a little leery of Trump. As for Hillary, she’s a liar, a cheat and pretty much responsible for numerous deaths. What’s more, she could care less. Plus, I’ve had first-hand information of how she treats her guard detail. She doesn’t deserve even to clean my house. The biggest punishment for her would be to force her into anonymity.

  • Eileen Coffin says:

    I was a Democrat many years ago now I am a conservative, Republican .The Clintons are cheats and liars from day 1.I do think Trumps mouth gets in the way, Some of congress are unbelievable idiots. We need to let Trump try to fix this nation. The News media, lobyist and the democratic party are sending us down the wrong road.We all know that all the horrible things we have found out about Hillary are true.How anyone can be so blind. Bottom line ,MONEY, GREED and POWER. My husband and I pray for this nation. We do not need 4 more years of what is going on now.I’m a SENIOR

  • Bret Campos says:

    Neither can be trusted and Trump is definitely mentally disturbed,I hope that the people see this as a government squueze-play forcing us to vote for the lesser of two evils.Lets not let this happen again

  • m pochowski says:

    He doesn’t know when to shut-up -and is too thinned-skinned. She knows way too much about lying, falsifying statements, lack of security of communications, and the list goes on.

  • Catherine Siebert says:

    Hilary wants the government to take care of everything.
    Donald wants us to hate anyone different.

  • sherman says:

    Hillary will destroy American if you can not see that you do not care about this usa.

  • Kathleen Keller says:

    Hillary cannot be trusted at all. Just look ar her past. Donald has his heart in the right pkace. I worry about his volitivity. He alienates the people he wants to help. I will vote for him because Hillary would be a fisaster for the “deplorables”. With what us comibg for this natuon soon, he is better equipped to help. With Hillary, the debt woyld soar even higher and destroy this coytry and the freedom it was founded on.

  • Keith Christy says:

    IF Killery gets in , were in for another 4 yrs. of obummer & his band of ragheads & fun loving muslim radicals.

  • Name says:

    It’s a secret ballot, I’m not tellin!

  • Joe HUFFMAN says:

    Trump is what is needed to shake up the Elite!

  • Douglas B Osborne says:

    I value my freedom and I don’t think Trump will
    turn our nation into socialism. I have no doubt that Hillary will! Also if she gets to appoint the next Supreme Court Justices we will be stuck with a liberal court that will become so powerful that they make decisions based on the Constitution. They will claim they are allowed to make the law!

  • GK says:

    Trump is the ONLY one that can turn things around and stop the corruption ! ! !

  • C. Siuta says:

    Our political system is broken. Only a political outsider can fix it. Trump is the only one running who has a realistic chance of winning. God help us if Hillary gets elected.

  • Jim says:

    I disagree on the bases is that if Mr. Donald J.Trump become POTUS. Things will be cleaned up, decent, and orderly! The other choice would be the Libertarian Party Nominees; Governor Gary Johnson/Governor David Weild (Both Former GOP’s)! No Way Should Secretary of State Hillary Clinton be POTUS!

  • Scott Walker says:

    I am not impressed with either candidate, but I would choose Mr. Trump over Clinton any time. She belongs in prison. While Mr. Trump may be arrogant and sexist, at least he appears to be honest. She on the other hand is a known liar and has done much to damage the national security of this. Country.

  • Mickie Yates (Veterane) says:

    Trump can be the best for this country and break the hold big money has on the long term politicians we need a system for the people by the people and it will take someone outside the politician brotherhood to see the corruption and to put a stop to the nightmare and put our country back on track for the people and not for the big money and other countries

  • Mickie Yates (Veterane) says:

    Trump can be the best for this country and break the hold big money has on the long term politicians we need a system for the people by the people and it will take someone outside the politician brotherhood to see the corruption and to put a stop to the nightmare and put our country back on track for the people and not for the big money and other countries

  • jeff says:

    I think Trump will be better than clinton because he has not broken laws,put the country in war after war and I haven’t seen him in a lie to the people and he doesn’t have a pile of dead people tied to him.

  • Mary Ehrhart says:

    We know what Hillary will do, her track record is evidence of that…she is about accumulating wealth and power for herself. We don’t know what Donald will do. If elected President we hope he will not “run off the rails” and make things worse that they already are.

  • Michael A. Merola says:

    Neither of these, or anyone else can “Make America Great Again”. This country is on the same path Rome was on, and we too have crossed the Runicon. This country has spit in God’s face too many times and I believe He finally had enough of our collective immorality, infanticide, impurity, etc. Just as Rome was destroyed, so shall we be destroyed. Oh gee, was that politically incorrect or intollerant? Sorry…not.

  • John says:

    I was very happy when Trump began his campaign. I knew he’d shake things up. We need change desperately, he would be the one to bring it. Through all the democratic bull, he has been himself. they [dems] hit him for trivial crap,nothing serious, at least not in the world of reality. I have followed Hillary since she was first lady, and can find no redeeming quality, nothing she has done is of any substance. Her legacy should be one of shame for the lack of leadership she has shown ,for the many who have died because of her ineptness, because of her self serving goals. I am and have been all my life a New Yorker. I was appalled to learn she wanted to fill the vacant Senate seat from N.Y. She wasn’t from N.Y. But she quickly filled that gap by purchasing a place. She did nothing on her own for N.Y. She sold out to Obama dropping out of the race only to allow him to name her Secretary of State, a job she totally f’d up. now she wants to be president? She can’t control her own husband, how will she control our nation? Hillary? the worst thing for our once great nation. Trump? well who knew he’d come so far. iwas glad he shook things up, still am. Will he do right for our country? I don’t know, but by Hillarys track record I know who will be better, I’d rather Trump than Hillary any day. I only hope America wakes up and realises we need a real leader, not a figurehead elected because its a SHE. I hope he wins. GOD BLESS AMERICA! May HE keep it safe.

  • Edward Irvin says:

    Trump is crude but has ho dead body trail as Killary does. Trump is American. She is globalist,liar, and crook.

  • Heather says:

    I’m with Trump!

  • Lonnie Willard says:

    Trump needs to start coming back on the dump trump Rep. who started this with the Tape.

  • BILL says:


  • BOB says:


  • A McDaniel says:

    I believe that Trump is what America needs

  • Robert says:

    Hillary represents an extension of Obama. Trump is a pragmatist. Looks at a problem and tries to solve it. An elite like HRC has horrible judgement and nearly always takes the wrong path

  • Billy T. Hill says:

    A Always with Trump, it is he’s ideals that
    Can made America Great Again. Hillary
    Would only sale and give our country, away and do nothing for OUR COUNTRY She is
    A fake & a con artist. Don’t be taken in by Her Promise’s

  • Darrel says:

    My personal opinion

  • john estrada says:

    choices are not good …but it does concern me about choice of supreme court justces
    hillary & her husband & their history are the ultimate evil & corruption!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charles Mervis says:

    I believe that Donald Trump cares about this country and that Hillary Clinton cares only about herself! Trump doesn’t need the job he was happy just being a billionaire. Hillary wants to be “queen” and the country’s security be damned. So I don’t agree that either way we’re “screwed!

  • charles forman says:

    Clinton will continue to wreck America and be worse then the president is Just for starters

  • Andrea Velvick says:

    Donald Trump is our only hope to save our country. Hillary is so corrupt. She will continue the destruction of America that barack “Hussein” Obama started. She can not become President.

  • Mike Short says:

    We need someone different in office. The establishment has destroyed America. The Republicans are mostly democrats in disguise. We need a change. Vote Trump and quit listening the the liberal media lies and stupidity.



  • Steve says:

    Of the two candidates, Trump is the obvious choice to save this country from the degradation that has been happening over the last 16 years. Any person that puts his own wealth into a campaign like this to become President of the United States then he is the man for the job and does not owe any favors to anybody other than the American public.

  • Steve says:

    People need to quit focusing on the mud slinging and focus on what is at stake for our country. Kennedy in his first inaugural address said, “Ask not what your country can do for you but, what you can do for your country.” That thought has been lost by Americans focusing on how much the government can give them for nothing. What we have to remember is that somebody has to pay the bill at some point in time. Trump is willing to help us be proud again and we need to get back to work of making our country great again as it once was. Quit sobbing over some leaked tapes or any other crap and elect a man who is willing to roll up his sleeves and put America back on track. We certainly do not need a lying criminal who has a very dark and checkered track record to put our country into oblivion.

  • R Merks says:

    both are bigots, racist, self centered, scamming assholes, Clinton is a war monger, Trump is in it because his friend is running and i would bet a days wage that he will drop out at the last minute, After all thats what friends do, the best thing both parties could do right now is replace them with people we can trust, I’m leaning toward Dr Jill Stein, at least she has a head on her shoulders and actual policies, these two are just pathetic.

  • Nicki says:

    I’mvoteing for trump. I’m proud to do so.

  • Sue says:

    The only way that this country is screwed is if Hil-liar-y gets elected. The corrupt are pathetic and despicable human beings. They are not involved in service to others or to their nation. They care for nothing beyond the fruits of their corruption, which only rots their souls further. The only people worse than them are the people who enable them by voting for them.

  • Ronnetta Seroka says:

    Donald Trump will bring back jobs & not allow open borders that will allow ISIS a way in2 the U.S. but he needs 2 get back on message. Talk about what his supporters r really upset about. That’s, creating jobs, what Clinton said about wanting open borders, her recent emails that were released & his tax plan. He’s lowering taxes, Clinton wants 2 raise them. Stop fighting with republicans. He needs them 2 win. The ones that pulled their support, they never fully supported him anyways. We don’t care about sex scandals (his or hers.) He needs 2 attract new voters. Fighting & insulting Paul Ryan & the others won’t get him more voters. Talk about the issues only. I hope SOMEONE can convince him. I will support Mr. Trump till the end.


  • Tom says:

    Keep Trump.If the party keeps going against him I will NEVER VOTE REPUBLICAN AGAIN

  • Dennis Drew says:

    Semantics and deflection have confused so many people, and put the real issues affecting this country to the side. Donald Trump is the only one who has a rational plan for saving this Country and moving it forward in a positive direction……

  • Frank Weiner says:

    Because the only person that has a chance to win is DONALD J. TRUMP he is the only one running that has any chance to dismantle the crooked establishment.

  • Rick Goodman says:

    Both of these individuals are what we use to call “Hawks”. That is, both are likely to lead the US into another endless war. Since neither have the guts to raise taxes to pay for such, they will drive us into another Depression.

  • evelyn says:

    What you see with Donald Trump is all real, on the other hand with Hillary Clinton all she does is lie to her supporters and would say and do ANYTHING to be elected! SHE WILL be like the Fox taking care of the hen house! God help us if she is elected, our country will be lost!

  • gary sundman says:

    at least with Trump America has a chance of appointing conservative supreme court justices, with Hillary we know we are going to shift the supreme court to libtards

  • Forrest London says:

    I am still with Trump what he said 11 years ago means nothing I don,t believe he is the same man he was then as for Hillary she will never change and I know of at least 4 deaths she is responsible for and many many lies and possible security breaks and more

  • keith williams says:

    Nobody can be more greedy, slithering, repulsive than Hilary. She talks about being a Christian but her actions speak louder than words………….just like Muslim Obama !

  • Name says:

    Trump is to weak to handle a poisionus congress that hates him. Hillary won’t be able to get anything for the same reason. Not impressed over her support of neoliberal big war

  • Bill says:

    Trump has no clue as to what he is doing. His trade policies could easily get us into a trade war with high tariff walls crushing jobs. He changes his mind on policies like other people change socks

  • Clinton T Meneely says:

    Hillery is corrupt and fixed on destroying all conservative and religeous thought, although she lies about this just as she lies about anything that demonstrates her incompetence.

    Donald obviously a newbie at political things (which may be a plus), but he hasn’t demonstrated a learning curve that will be over by the time his first term would be over. His crudeness, bluster, and lack of thought-out planning is a detriment.

  • Ray Smith says:

    Trump is a rich arrogant ass hole but he loves his country and that is what it will take to possibly turn this mess around!!

  • Don says:

    There is no excuse for Mr. Trump’s “locker-room” talk. However, there is no room for HC’s lies, deception, and illegal actions. She has a smile that I would say is phonry, as a nervous twitch, and on the side of evil. I would take honesty over lies and those who speak them should be considered a child of the Devil.

  • Steven V Trebus says:

    Hillary Clinton is corrupt. She should be in jail. Trump is who we need to be President.

  • Ricfhard Husted says:

    Clinton, and I mean all the Clinton Family, are elitist Socialist….who very easily slide into Communism at the drop of a hat…..Trump, on the other hand, has made more money as a private businessman than most American citizens will ever make…he is self-sufficient, a man who says what he means, bows to no one and follows his words with actions……The Clintons steal from the US citizenry, suck up to our international enemies, trade our good will and tax dollars with unfriendly, lying foreign governments….all at the detriment of our once great Republic!!

  • Wanda Russell says:

    Look at their track record, they both have demons in their closets. One is a lying murderer, and the other is a racist sexist bigot.

  • Jack J. Berry says:

    We’re screwed if Hillary wins b/c we’ll get 65,000 Syrians & that’s like pushing the “Self-Destruct” button. If Trump is elected and honors his election promises, I couldn’t care less what he said to Billy Bush (who is a dink, btw).

  • DEavid Fowler says:

    Hillary will destroy the country. I don’t care what Trump said 11 years ago.

  • Michael Barrett says:

    we need a leader with AMERICA FIRST, and one the Philippine leader would NOT call NAMES. the Chinese would not even assist him off the plane! no one respects barry. probably they see what he’s done to AMERICA, the used to be the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ? now is third world country UN UNITED states of AMERICA

  • Nina says:

    I really believe in my heart that Trump really cares about America and for what it stands for and what it was founded as regardless of his “mouth” no one is perfect.We are not electing a Pastor,just someone that wants to keep our freedoms going for “all” including Christians and not to give our nation away to the UN,so can keep our sovereignty.He will be so good at trade agreements.But people always want to “hang” Republicans over smaller stuff yet the Democrats get away with everything including murder.They think and feel they are above the law where everyone else isn’t.I am tired of politically correctness and unfair treatment for Christians and government continually stepping in and telling us we have to go along with them even if it is against our conscience.I really think Trump will take care of that and be so good at this illegal nightmare.Stop all these refugees from coming in our country and destroying our parks,wildlife,forests,etc.Come on of those that love nature,tree huggers,vote for Trump.Hillary doesn’t care about anyone or anything at all except herself.

  • Rod Roberts says:

    If you believe in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights you CANNOT vote for Hillary! My vote is for THE DONALD! So is my wife.

  • Jan Burket says:

    I still support Trump. Add up all the unsavory things about either party, and Hillary is the loser. She has had people killed, lies about Everything. She is a thief, she is a useless piece of S_ _ _ just like her ratbag husband. Unfortunately, the rank and file of US voters — either party — are mostly sheeples. No guts, no idea how bad it is just because the democrats have given the lazy ethnicities and illegals more and more freebies.

  • David L. Koelder says:

    She’s a socialist, he’s a capitalist nuf said!

  • stevie rimer says:

    he’s still the one to beat Clinton who’s the enemy of our country

  • Henry Teja says:

    Clinton is corrupt, a liar and has put this country at risk. She has accomplished nothing in 30 years in & out of public service. Trump on the other has in the private sector.

  • walter hughes says:

    Trump will negotiate& Hitlery will threaten, impose sanctions, bring more terrorism& world war three.

  • walter hughes says:

    Trump will negotiate& Hitlery will threaten, impose sanctions, bring more terrorism& world war three.


    I think this country has had enough do nothing lifelong politicians, and we need someone that will turn this country around, and get us back on track, and I think Donald J. Trump is the man for the job, I understand it can’t be accomplished in a few days, but he can stop the bleeding until it is.. there is no way this country can survive under cheating, crooked , corrupt , dishonest, Hillary the Liar Clinton, and I think that would be a good honest bet….

  • sherlene tarte says:

    I believe that Trump is the only one that can turn this country around. Hillary will be the down fall as Obama is leading her. Trump will make a great President and he is not getting his votes by cheating such as Hillary is. Go Trump 2016 president

  • Char says:

    Trump has the heart and mind to lead this country in a much better direction. Clinton is a criminal and will stop at nothing to ruin this country like OBAMA. There IS a clear choice and it is Trump. People who can’t see the difference are WEAK!

  • steve abril says:

    Everything being said about Trump and his no nonsense style of responses is true. So what. That’s Trump the aggressive business man. Does he hate women or find them unequal to men …No. But media politics spins that and not just on this issue ALL issues and the masses are swayed by it. T.S. Elliott warned us of this : foresaw the Internet Age and the absence of truthful , validated information where perception is (illusion) accepted as reality. So this is the reality : Trump builds strong Teams of leadership. He hires SMART people NOT “suck-ups” and the Supreme Court would be fair and balanced . That’s more important for America . Hillary is mired in scandal : panders to haters of ORDER : makes excuses for lawlessness ; lies for political gains; author of foreign policy meltdowns and compromises National Security. That’s reality; not perception! America problem is denial of this obvious phenomenon. Like GK Chesterton once said many years ago: ” In a world where everything is ridiculous, nothing can be ridiculed. You cannot unmask a mask.”

  • Carl Sox says:

    I have been determined to vote for Trump since he started because I believe that it is time for the American people to tell our government that we will not be bullied any longer and Trump is just the fist we need to shake in their faces. He may not be the perfect one for the job, but putting him in office will send a strong message. Besides he can not do any more damage than has already been done. VOTE TRUMP !!!

  • Lauri Hurst-Maner says:

    Because I still feel Donald could surprise us all. For awhile now, I’ve felt we needed a little more business sense in the office. I’m VERY CLEAR on the DISASTER is Hillary. She’s evil, self-serving,and wouldn’t recognize the truth if it hit her upside her lying head! I KNOW for a fact what Hillary is, and want NO part of it.

  • Troy says:

    Trump has the backbone to get things done and has some very good ideas. You can’t hold words that were said 11 years ago against him. Almost every man alive has bragged about sexual exploits or fantasies. Hillary is the devil in disguise and has a record of lying and getting folks killed.

  • walter says:

    i dont like hillary an would not vote for her if my life wrer at state

  • Fred Hedrick says:

    Hillary has a track record of negative impact on this country. Hillary has had countless screw-ups. (Email scandal) Hillary has had people DIE on her watch. (Benghazi) Is for Socialized medicine, UN Interference in the US, Whitewater, etc, etc.
    With Trump, the best they can come up with is his Potty Mouth, and, his business dealings. On one hand, they say his business acumen does not qualify him for the Presidency. Then, they say his “failures” at some of his business dealings or takeovers, buying/selling are proof he cannot occupy the Office of The President. More proof they are scrambling and scrounging for ways to keep him from disrupting “politics as usual”.

  • Leona belcher says:

    I really didn’t find Donald trumps locker talk offencive guys sometime talk that way however having a whole house of military sons brother husband and daughter in laws I find Hillary Clinton extreamly offencive with the way she has run our country and now her and Obama are sending a hand full of special forces over there with targets on there backs and letting in the enemy in our country by the droves she is the most corrupt person in history to ever run for commander and chief

  • Daniel says:

    “If you vote for the lesser of two evils you are still voting for evil… You should always vote for the best possible candidate, whether they have a chance of winning or not, and then, even if the worst possible candidate wins, the Lore will bless our country more because more people were willing to stand up for what is right.” – Ezra Taft Benson.

    Darrell Castle for me!

  • Jack Mochel says:

    Go Trump

  • Joe says:

    I still don’t completely know what to expect from Trump, but I do know what to expect from HRC and its not good. So stick with Trump.

  • Randy Will says:

    I wish I were Trumps editor, so that I could restate some of his thoughts to explain what he meant rather than what he actually said. Some of his stuff comes out very strangely expressed.
    The idea that “we’re screwed with either one” is nonsense. Hillary is wrong on all the issues…and when she gets through with the Supreme Court our kids and grandkids will be living in a totalitarian state. I choose not to even comment on her total corruption.
    Trumps situation is pretty rough, and I make no apology for anything therein. BUT Trump is right on all the issues.
    This is our last chance to save our country as we used to know it.
    If we get Hillary we will be reminded that the framers invented the second amendment to provide for the time that we would need to replace our tyrannical “government”…by force.

  • rick bennett says:

    Hillery lies about anything, and everything that my be to her advantage. If elected, she will sell all of our remaining rights, to the highest bidder,for personal money, and power gains. She clearly leaves us only one choice. I pray she is not elected, I believe she will take away our freedom of religon, in order of all other remaining rights, she will continue O bama’s ruination of the constitution. We have only one choice, and one chance.

  • David Allen says:

    So, Trump said something over a decade ago, in a private, joking conversation. Unlike Hillary, Trump has not been milking the public for years so there will be instances where he has made mistakes in the past. Hillary has been a life long politician and she has made far worse blunders but the left media refuses to make them public.

  • Anita Kessler says:

    Donald Trump has the good of our country in mind. Hillary Clinton is a liar and she could care less about the American people!

  • Tim says:

    I’m sick and I’m tired of the good Ole boys club of the political elite in both parties! We need an outsider to shake things up! I’m angered by the fact I would be in jail for what our leaders do with impunity, I teach my children to be honest. We fought a war to defeat tyranny and build a place to be free, maybe it’s that time again?

  • bee richards says:

    He thinks he is the Alpha male. He is self opinionated, does not apply himself to the great issues facing America. With that enormous gob of his he thinks he can bully everyone to obey him They have to as employees but not citizens. He is well past his sexual prowess but that is all he thinks of. Instead of how to govern a country. Knows nothing about foreign policy
    She is very clever well educated and qualified, but seemingly tells lies, and is constantly engaging in
    spats with that idiot Trump. They should not pull Bill Clintons behaviour into the argument, but nevertheless they have which has further dragged herinto the mailstrom of bad publicity doubt and scandal. Whe will the pair of them grow up talk about the economy education and above all healthcare which is a human right. Put the pair of them together and they would not have one brain. halfwits

  • John McEwan says:

    I believe that Mr. Trump is a patriotic American and truly wants to make America great again. Hillary is self serving and willing to do and say anything that helps her advance her agenda. Of the two, Mr. Trump gets my vote.

  • Bill says:

    Trump being the business man will put qualified people into key positions to efficiently run them while Hillary will go along with the good old boy system & nothing will change

  • ll says:

    I think that Donald Trump would actually do a good job as President. hillery, on the other hand, would be a disaster–the end of the US as we know it.

  • JB says:

    One of them is not bought and paid for, not a career politician, NOT evil, a good negotiator, not interested in socialism, loves America & capitalism, wants to stop illegal immigration /voting that goes with it etc. He has a big ego but who cares? He had raised a good family which days a lot about him. He’s not a creep with women the opposite candidate & her spouse. He doesn’t murder people who get in his way. He’s also not guilty of treason, lying, conspiracy, angering the enemy, stealing from taxpayers, speaking out both sides of his mouth on every issue. He’s not interested in adult fun camps (FEMA camps) for those who aren’t compliant with what the gov’t wants you to do. He’s not interested in disarming you. He respects your religious beliefs. I coils go on forever. Nothing good about the Dem candidate & hasn’t been for at least 40 yrs that I remember.

  • nancy shannon says:

    Clinton is so corrupt. i cant stand to even look at her

  • Nick says:

    I am fairly sure that Trump’s 10 year old poor verbal judgment can’t hold a torch to the criminal, corrupt and ongoing lies produced by any form of the Clitons

  • Eugene Fields says:

    Tump may be the answer to our problems. If he has a chance.

  • Bill Weaver says:

    They should both be kicked out of the USA soon before more damage is done.

  • Donna Dodson says:

    I believe in Donald J. Trump. He may not have led a perfect life & made many wrong choices in his private life, but we are not looking for a new Pastor here. We NEED a new LEADER for our great nation! We need someone that does not believe in aborting a fetus, even up to the 36th week, someone that actually wants America to be great. Will restore our military, strengthen our dollar, secure our borders, believes in law & order, protect us from terrorism (not help & encourage them) etc, etc, etc. I see nothing in the Clinton’s but lies, cheating, deception, & nothing good at all. She has said she will approve of Planned Parenthood & the woman’s right to murder her baby. She has said she will raise taxes on the middle class & shut down mine workers livelihoods, and many other things that are truly anti-american. We do not need four or eight more years of what we have just experienced. Thank-you. I could go on & on. But, thank-you.

  • Cindy allison says:

    I’m voting for Trump. I feel he has America as his first priority. I think he can bring back a better place .

  • Joanne Czech says:

    Trump is the only one taking a cut in salary to FIX this mess in DC. He has everything to lose …just for the love of the USA.
    A real MAN !!

  • James Nelson says:

    Two words supreme Court !!! No fucking Hillary Clinton

  • Chad brannon says:

    Any vote or lack of vote that benefits clinton is a vote against American values.

  • Lena Hitt says:

    if Killery wins it will be by fraud. America won’t tolerate that. Mr. Trump, they are going to unleash “pure hell” when he is elected. If he thinks “making deals” is gonna’ cover it then he will be sorely disappointed.

  • Mr B says:

    I feel that Trump is our only hope for our country. He is an outsider who has the best ides to help getting our country moving forward again. He believes in protecting us with strong borders to keep out the Radical Terrorists, including Isis. If we do not protect our country, we will lose it. He will not sell us out to the highest bidder, as the Clinton machine has been doing with their law breaking pay to play deals. He will actually try to help build up the middle class and cut our taxes, not raise them as Clinton would do.He is against open borders. Clinton is for them to allow anyone into our country, although it is not possible to clearly vett all who come in.Clinton would do the same as Obama and let them come in, even if some are terrorists.T Obama has been a terrible President, but I think Hillary would be even worse. Our country has already gone broke under the Obama administration and Sec Hillary. The DOJ and FBI are crooked now by letting Hillary off without filing any charges against her after all her lies. But if someone else does something thing similar to what Hillary did, they would be charged to the highest extent. It appears that if you are a Clinton you can get by with anything, and that includes breaking the law and putting our Military in harm’s way and allow them to die without any help. Now who wants someone like that in the Whitehouse making decisions? On the other hand I feel Trump would put our country first. He would surround himself with some of the brightest minds and be able to make the best decisions for all of us citizens, and that includes taking care of our Vets, the people who have made the greatest sacrifices. Trump knows how companies operate and how to get them to come back to the U.S and hire our people to help pay taxes and get our country on the move to seeing better days ahead. If Trump doesn’t get in office, I would say we are about done for because we will end up being like a Third World civilization. Mothers, we need to vote for Trump so our children can be raised in a safe environment and not have to always worry about our family’s security. This is the one time we need an outsider, not a lifelong Politician. As Trump once said “what have we got to lose by voting for change”? When you think about it, it may be the best idea for us all, especially in today’s time as dangerous as the world has become. If the Clinton machine went behind Bernie Sander’s back and made sure he lost in the Dem’s race for Pres, how unethical would they be with all of us in the basket of deplorables? Hillary has no respect for anyone. This is no way to be a leader, but it is a way to be a tyrant. She thinks she is above everyone else. She definitely has the media fooled and she is just using them as her puppets to keep them from doing their jobs. She is the biggest liar to ever run for office in my lifetime. She will say and agree with anything that the American people want to hear. If the people don’t wake up and realize what Hillary is all about before it is too late, we will not have a nation as we have always had.


  • larry martin says:

    If trump is guilty of these accusations it should have been brought up a long time ago. Dont bring it up 15 30 years later that dose not hold water.

  • Michael says:

    All democrats are corrupt evil people. Hillary is a devil. People who subscribe to the democrat platform want the government to take other people property and give it to them. Greed is synonymous to democrat voter. Liar and thief is synonymous to democrat politician.

  • Yvonne says:


  • diane belanger says:

    I rather have someone who can change corrupt Washington than another rapist be around the white house and a liar who do not care about American all talk enough is enough

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