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Seattle Occupied by Protesters, Closes East Precinct and City Streets



Black Lives Matter sign held at Protest on Streets | Seattle Occupied by Protesters, Closes East Precinct and City Streets | Featured

Following weeks of protests, kicked off by the Memorial Day death of George Floyd while in police custody, demonstrators and protesters are occupying 6 city blocks around Seattle’s Capitol Hill. Called the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” or CHAZ, the area includes the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct, which has been boarded up and abandoned.

CHAZ has refused entry to any police force but has thus far remained peaceful, as citizens camp out and discuss ideas for police reform. But they have barricaded themselves inside and are using armed guards to confirm that anyone entering “belongs” inside. Washington is an open carry state, but citizen-led checkpoints are against the law; forcing residents to show ID to gain entry to their streets is also illegal.

Rumors have circulated that the group has broken into and taken up residence in the East Precinct, and that the group is extorting local residents and businesses in return for “protection,” but neither rumor has been confirmed.

Photographs of CHAZ show community speakers, chalk art, documentary screenings, and camp-outs in the streets. The movement is peaceful but disruptive to residents and businesses. Music is played through speakers throughout the night.

Response times to 911 calls in the area have increased from an average of 5 minutes all the way up to 18 minutes, and secondary calls are taking closer to an hour.

Assistant Chief of Police Deanna Nollette has been vocal about trying to begin negotiations with the leaders of CHAZ in an effort to regain control over the region. However, the movement is not organized, and identifying leaders has proved challenging. Raz Simone has given statements and appears to be in a leadership position for the group.

Seattle Fire Chief Harold Scoggins has made the most headway into working with the group, stating that, “we are working through this and there is some trust built and I don’t want to compromise the trust.”

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan ordered police to retreat from the area and discontinue use of tear gas for 30 days in response to reported police brutality during protests. CHAZ is still calling for her resignation or removal from office for her lack of leadership.

Baffling reporters, Governor Jay Inslee denied knowledge of CHAZ during a Wednesday press briefing. By Thursday, he seemed to have finally learned of the situation and demanded that President Trump cease threats of military involvement. He instead deflected back to the President, requesting the PPE they’ve been asking for, for months.

President Trump has tweeted repeatedly about Seattle being taken over by “Domestic terrorists” and insisting that officials take back their city. If not, he warns, he will send in the National Guard.

Governor Inslee has stated that the situation is peaceful and he hopes for a peaceful resolution.

CHAZ has released a list of 30 demands that encompass the criminal justice system, economics, health and human services, and education. They include reforms such as abolishing imprisonment, closing youth prisons, diversifying Seattle hospitals so that black doctors and nurses treat black patients, free college, repurposing funds from the Seattle Police Department to free housing, and reforming education to increase focus on black and Native American history.

In response, Seattle Public Schools have suspended their district’s partnership with SPD, which includes removing SPD School Emphasis Officers and School Resource Officers from schools.

The Seattle City Council has also made an inquest into the police department budget, with members saying they are open to redirecting the funds to public programs.

There has been no comment on how Mayor Durkan or Governor Inslee plan to handle the ongoing situation in Seattle, or how long CHAZ will occupy the area.

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  • LEO ROCHE says:

    You people need to wake up and run these terrorists out! Let Trump send in the troops and stop this insanity!

  • XXX says:

    What is the ‘FASCIST’ Antifa and BLM terrorists inside the ‘CHAZ’ going to do when all of the services are shut off,businesses are closed,the president invokes the ‘Insurrection act’ and sends in the military?If you want to know who Black Lives Matter is,look for their platform.After you read their platform,you will see it closely resembles the ‘Communist Party’ platform.

  • Det1967 says:

    If they want their own city, let them have it and pay the owners fair compensation. Let them develop their own infrastructure. See how long that lasts. Even with hand holding they could not do it.


    this kind of rabble is what you get when you raise your children without ever hearing the word NO. they have absolutely no concept of the word common sense.EVERYTHING FREE NO WORK REQUIRED JUST PROTEST AND DEMAND, free dope free education, free medical, dental,health care. this is right down the communist line of bullshit. the only thing this looser-governor will use the national guard for is collecting papers for welfare recipients . DEMOCRAPS, PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE DOPE-HOUSE LONG ENOUGH TO FIX THIS CRAP OR THE MARINES WILL.

  • Dan says:

    This occupation could probably be ended quickly. All it will take are strategically positioned snipers to take out the leaders of this terrorist organization and game over. This is a threat to national security and and embarrassment to every American.

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