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Senator Says to Stop All Immigrants From Entering




  • “People who work on their feet and work with their hands in this country, they haven’t seen a pay raise in a long time,” Cotton.
  • Cotton also played down the possibility of tension between Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., saying the two agreed on most issues.

Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Monday that President-elect Donald Trump and the next Congress must work to reduce legal immigration as well as illegal immigration.

“People who work on their feet and work with their hands in this country, they haven’t seen a pay raise in a long time,” Cotton said on the premiere of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” “and part of that is because legal immigration has been at such high levels and it’s driven down wages and taken a lot of jobs. That’s why Donald Trump ran pretty well with Hispanics compared to some past Republicans as well.”

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Trump told CBS’ “60 Minutes” over the weekend that his first immigration-related priority was securing the southern border, followed by the deportation of criminal illegal aliens.

“I think Donald Trump has got the right approach to immigration,” Cotton said. “You heard that some on ’60 Minutes’ last night and that’s one reason why he appealed to so many working voters all across the country.”

Cotton also played down the possibility of tension between Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., saying the two agreed on most issues.

“On those small areas where we might have some disagreements, we can work those out in private, between ourselves,” he said.

“But, immediately, the most important thing we can do to get all of our government back on stable financial footing, to reduce our deficits and get the debt under control,” Cotton added, “is to have a healthy growing economy, which we haven’t had under the Obama administration [and] I believe we will have now.”


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  • Bruce Dzamba says:

    We need time to catch up. Plus the immigrants coming after 1965 are not assimilating into our culture! Allowing 1.1 million people to legally immigrate into the USA every-year is way too high! Going back to a 250K maximum would be better for us taxpayers and maybe a complete stop for several years! And illegal aliens have to be removed from our country….

  • Thomas says:

    Its the law pure and simple we dont need new ones jusrt enforcew what we have and get those invaders out

  • Patti Goettler says:

    We need to get “our house” in order…illegals need to be sent back where they came from; Muslims need to go to other Muslim countries for help, for a change.
    We need to take care of Veterans, other Americans and NdNs.
    We need to be America, again.
    With a President who is proud to be American!

  • Ronnie says:

    America first!

  • We the People says:


  • Gisela H Fehr says:

    When we have taken care of – placed in jobs – homeless veterans and able-bodied welfare receivers, then we can consider taking in more immigrants, but until then our first priority is to see to it that EVERY AMERICAN is employed, paid, has housing and food sufficient to support his/her family.

  • Alice Cokefair says:

    It’s time for Americans FIRST! The entire Obama administration has been about carve outs for Illegals, criminals, BLM (criminals), moslem immigrants, etc. REAL American citizens are getting cut out of colleges (so illegal immigrants like the Somali OSU terrorist) can have a slot at this prestigious university. Now we can thank communist mayor of NYC commrade DeBlasio for admitting felons to the fire academy in place of genuine candidates that DID NOT SCREW UP THEIR LIVES. Now I guess NYers can worry about their goods getting stolen while these criminal firefighters have full access to their homes. And lets not forget the current push to put illegal aliens on our police forces, why would we possibly expect our law enforcement officers to be US citizens?! After all, I have my doubts that the current President is a citizen, although I am certain he is a TRAITOR.

  • Jeff Tidwell says:

    If you stop all immigration, you are going to hurt a lot of innocent people as well

  • Albert Bryson says:

    We have 45 million immigrants legal and illegal without committed crimes to assimilate and get them to learn English. We should deport those who have committed crimes besides illegally entering. We need to get those who overstay their visas to self deport and apply legally to come back.

  • Crystal Morabito says:


  • Howard West says:

    We don’t need more “gimme” imigrants. Our people are already suffering under a heavy load of working so others can watch TV.

  • jerry redfern says:

    Take a long hard eyes open look at Dearborne Michigan

  • Nathan says:

    It will help people that need it

  • Mark says:

    Because our schools, hospitals, and all of our infrastructure is stretched beyond its capacity till it no longer is dunctional. Just look around, jobs is only a fraction of the problem. Just watch the traffic problems alone!!!

  • John Stravino says:

    All immigration laws that are on the books need to be enforced and they have not been enforced by the president and both political parties it ls long overdue!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • patricia brookhart says:

    If we continue on this awful path, we will be a third world country– almost there!!!

  • MARK BOTHAM says:

    costing our country to much money

  • Elizabeth says:

    Right now, we already have too many illegal and undocumented aliens in the country. We need to seal our border first and ship out all criminal aliens who are already here. THEN we can start a responsible program to insure that anyone who is allowed to enter the country is going to assimilate and not be an enemy of the Republic!

  • Mary says:

    There are way too many Americans out of work. We NEED the jobs !!!! Plus from what I understand, WE, pay there way, welfare, food stamps we don’t need anymore people

  • Thomas says:


  • Terry White says:

    We do not need a mass of immigrants when we have millions of people who are unemployed.

  • Russell Wilson says:

    1. No more immigrant
    2. All illegal immigrants documents be thoroughly inspection for issues for deportation. Specfically criminal activity, false documents.
    3. All must go through a US History course become a citizen of the USA. As well as taking a loyalty oath to USA. ALL foreign born people must be sponsored by two U.S. Citizens

  • Garland Parks says:

    Our banking system is already in “bursting bubble” condition, the muslilm immigration is probably only to spread worldwide Jihad destruction, a plan layed out by Mohammed in the QurAn–make them go back home and fight off the ISIS battles.

  • wilma vanlandingham says:

    We have no way of knowing who these people are and we can no longer pay our tax money for their living expenses. If we can’t know who they really are and if they can not pay their way, along with being able to follow our way of life , then don’t let them in. We have way to many already that we haven’t vetted properly.

  • Robert Kahlcke says:

    Americans need jobs first.
    No more refugees, would you leave your front door unlocked before going to sleep?

  • Jon Exner says:

    The Pre-Amble to the Constitution of the United States of America says it all.

    WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty and to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    In my view the key words that are very important to understand are the following;


    If American citizenship is to have any meaning at all, we must all understand that immigration policy should not, must not put American citizens in a position to compete with foreigners on any level.

    It seems to me that the progressives and many in the republican party are systematically attempting to have a continual flow of immigrants to replace one generation after another and putting American citizens at the back of the lijne.

    In the beginning of this great nation we were a growing country moving form the east coast to the west coast where we needed immigrants to populate the land going Westward, there has been other times when immigration was needed to fill jobs at the stare of the industrial age.

    Today the progressives want immigration to obtain their votes, the republicans want immigration to satisfy the chamber of commerce and the business community for the cheap labor.

    Evidently the do not understand the meaning of the words;


    Again immigration should not jeopardize the liberty or future wealth of its American citizens.

  • Janice Dougherty says:

    as the need for old manual labor and manufacturing jobs declines, so does the need for large #’s of unskilled labor. New immigrants will vote only for their own, not our traditions, we’ll be unrecognizable and without any culture or continuity soon.

  • John R. Sans says:

    The immigration system has been completely out of control for decades and drastic action is needed to save America.

  • bill says:

    we have altogether to much criminal activity in our countrol both from within and out, we need to end the immigration of everyone, the chinese have said the only need to wait us out they have cells who live and work in the U.S. until called to active duty thats the same with muslims and other groups . we are a young nation with no patience to grow and learn. we need foresight, be able to look down the road ahead.

  • Bob Montmoran says:

    At present we have many illegal which is costing both lives and money, until we have
    better vetting and get back to legal means of entry.

  • Lewis R. Keith says:

    It becomes necessary that the gate is closed until normalcy is restored after the Obama dictatorship is finished running amok; and causing the chaos which ensued as a result of his selling the USA into a third world state!

  • Gerald says:

    sounds to me like things are in the works that should have already been done, no thanks to our out going self serving Idealist

  • David Cochran says:

    our nation is not producing enough jobs ro even handle all those who are graduating plus the 90 million of those who our unemployed and not looking or have just given up on finding a job. Immigration laws must be enforced and this is to include all illegals as they have all broken the law when tey intered this country illegally.

  • Frederick Falkenberry says:

    I believe a temporary ban of not letting emigrants enter the U.S. is a sensible action. Once the U.S. policy of returning illegal aliens to their home countries has been better defined and put into action, then we can allow a more conservative program to allow aliens to emigrate to the U.S.

  • Tom McDonald says:

    We do not need any more people entering the U.S. We can’t take care of our own at the present time!

  • Christina Oliver says:

    I believe legal immigration is part of what makes this such a great country!

  • Jerry Rand says:

    Americans need jobs that immigrants are taking.

  • Levon Baxley says:

    There are to many illegals in our country, many of them are drug dealers and many are taking jobs for our citizens.
    It is against Federal law to cross our border but nobody is prosecution them.

  • Richard says:

    Immigration is only just, valuable and realistic when it is a benefit to both the immigrant and the host country. When immigration imposes suffering on both the immigrant and the host it is unjust and immoral.

  • Robert B Stephenson Sr says:

    time to get the illegals out and let no more in….. americans need work ……. illegals go home…. else we will have a shooting war here in the usa…………..all hunters get ready we may need you…….muslims also

  • Nena says:

    We do need to stop them until they can truely vetted and they are who they are

  • James says:

    America is/was built on immigration. That’s what America is

  • Edwin Grauke says:

    Our immigration laws have NOT been enforced for 16 years, during which time millions have entered illegally. We need to stop all immigration for 6-12 months and get things back on an even keel.

  • Janet Duhon says:

    We do not want illegal immigrants in our country that do not go thru the proper channels of immigration. They will bring in terrorists and, bring in diseases that we won’t be able to deal with.

  • Art College says:

    USA taxpayers cannot afford to support the influx of illegals currently flooding over our borders. We also need to stop the “Anchor Baby” process that makes absolutely no sense.

  • Allen S. Boyd. says:

    In 1970, the population of the U.S. was about 150 million. The price of a nice house was about $20,000. A Corvette cost about $6,000. My point is that the larger the population, the more people you have competing for things. Therefore, these items are going to be in higher demand, which means that the sellers will charge more and more for all of these things. Also, the larger the population, the more stressed becomes the infrastructure, both natural and manmade. More land needs to be cleared to build homes for the influx in people. When you clear land, you destroy animal habitat as well as a lot of beautiful trees. And as far as manmade infrastructure, more pipe needs to be laid to provide sewage and water. The roads see more traffic and need maintenance more often. So I feel that we need to protect what we have. And end immigration altogether. And do what we can to teach other nations to do what we have and make their countries better places to live.

  • jess moran says:

    there needs to be a 25 or 30 yr national moratorium on immigration.
    we have already reached negative population growth. our water resources are showing signs of depletion and our human waste disposal systems are at max!!!!

    we need to drastically depopulate our country…Overpopulation is to the demise of any country.
    1.4 Americans die annually yet they allow 2 million legals in…these people are over breeders….

  • John Henry Ford says:

    we have way too many Americans out of work and homeless. The American people should come first.

  • monty murrin says:

    take care of tax paying citizens only!!!!

  • Charles Thompson says:

    This needs to happen , as we have no control of who is coming into our country and this is ( shameful ) . If your from a country that does not support the US philosophy and the Constitution then you have to need to be here .

  • Charles Thompson says:

    This needs to happen , as we have no control of who is coming into our country and this is ( shameful ) . If your from a country that does not support the US philosophy and the Constitution then you have to need to be here .

  • Carl Smith says:

    Just pausing the influx of people who are from areas and Theocracies that are anti American and have NO intention of assimilation is NOT the answer. It Must STOP–for how long? As long as it takes to figure out if We The People want to live in a Republic or a Banana Republic administered by Progressives.

  • Alan Vella says:

    I thing legal immigration should be allowed
    but no quota on any countries that are not USA friendly.

  • James Johnson says:

    We don’t want the United States to look like the absolute mess like it is in Europe! America need to reduce BOTH ILLEGAL ALIEN criminal law breaking tresspassers and reduce ALL LEGAL immigration to keep our nation safe/responsible, law & order abiding citizens. I support Senator Cotton 100%!! And, deport/imprison ANY demonstraters/protect who deface this great nation (i.e. burning our flag/flying their country flag, making death threats to ANYONE, etc.)

  • james says:

    lifeboat USA full not against helping others but time to help are own

  • Joleen Worden says:

    Illegals have broken our laws and have no right to be here. Most are on welfare which is taxpayer money that should only be used for legal citizens. Many have committed terrible crimes including murder. They also smuggle illegal drugs which causes even more crime. We must close our borders now, because some are also terrorists.

  • Last WorldWatcher says:

    It is Quite apparent that there possibly could be thousands if not tens of thousands of people in America with bad intentions. This is America’s last chance to get mankind using over 15% of his brain. If that is not the case in these are the last days.

    • Jade1956 says:

      It is quite apparent that there could be …. how can you possibly follow that opening with anything? What you say there is I don’t have a clue what’s going on, but here’s my story. Facts impress. Fiction does not.

  • Linda Bennett says:

    All because terrorists are coming in that way and will do more deamage. Look at other country’s. Plus, I will never change to please them. I am American and do not think we should change a thing to please them.

  • Harlie says:

    WE have to many people let in already that we don’t know if they are killers or not and finding out when they start killing people is not the answer

  • Bob says:

    NOBODY ! should be thoroughly vetted before being allowed in this great country, we have a plethora of terrorists already here

  • JOE VEY says:


  • Cliff says:

    The reasons that I agree are the non-vetted ILLEGALS that OSCUMBAG is flooding our Country with are increasing crime and the jobs are being “stolen” from LEGAL citizens because employers can “get away” with paying them less. They of course “say” that these are jobs “our” citizens won’t do, but in actuality this is a false statement. It is ALL ABOUT the MONEY they save hiring ILLEGALS. I have actually witnessed this first hand in my area on farms hiring non-english speaking foreigners by the busload and DENYING local people the jobs.

    • Jade1956 says:

      Name calling is third grade playground garbage. Your post loses credibility because you can’t just speak with reason – you mus spew hate and show off all the cool names you thought up. Pull up your big boy panties and try speaking with reason.

  • James Sanderson says:

    We are i debt up to our ears and don’t take care of the people who have lived here all their lives. Why bring in more who would take our funds!

  • Name says:

    Why do u think, for God’s sake?

  • alex guthrie says:

    Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. We are a country of immigrants.

  • Mitchell Baldwin says:

    Until we can get a handle on who is in this country that should be or not be here, stop it all.

  • Joe Kadash says:

    Stop 100% of illegal immigration, temporary suspension of legal immigration until our economy gets straightened out.

  • david botelho says:

    not enough jobs for people already here.

  • Dan Croft says:

    Illegal immigrates are hurting Americans. They come illegally, are supported by the government against the majority of the most people’s will, they do not attempt o assimilate, start making demands, kill (Florida, San Berdo, CA, Ohio Sates Univ, 9/11, want to impose Sharia law, take over communities and push Americans out, etc) commit crimes against American’s, get subsidies from the government even Americans can’t get, and etc.!!!!!!!!

    • Jade1956 says:

      Do you have some evidence that illegal immigrants took down the twin towers and attacked the pentagon? Of course not. Your post loses credibility when you fling wild accusations and hate. How did your family get to America?


    it is time we take care of our own people and keep terrorism out of our country.

  • John Spearman says:

    I believe that all borders should be closed until the backgrounds of all persons be completed and only those that pass the background check be admitted. This would help the US to screen out all persons that have criminal backgrounds.

  • J says:

    Because enough is enough need I say more.

  • Dale Whitney says:

    They are welcome to come visit for one month thenLEAVE!

  • Name says:

    I want to know what/why there’s a DEPOPULATION thing supposedly going on and then those washed up libs wanna let in…NO, have been sneaking in millions of immigrants?? Makes no sense and I haven’t seen anyone mention it!! We..AMERICA…USA…NEED to keep those people OUT!!!!! Trump is sooooooooooo RIGHT!!!

    • Jade1956 says:

      What? Washed up libs are doing what? Do please translate your post You might find that if you excise the hate and stick to the truth, you will sleep better at night.

  • Ken Clouse says:

    It is long past the time to clean up and take care of our own country and stop givning help and taking care of the rest of the world! When was the last time all those we have helped. have come to help us in a natural distaster!

  • glenn says:

    increased cost of services, increase in crimes, their disrespect for our laws,and other US citizens,they already aren’t wanted by their own country ,rather than pay the piper there, they want secret new start here at our expense and lose,

  • Mike Lamberth says:

    Our resources are stretched to the limit, we are almost twenty trillion dollars in debt and we have hungry and homeless American veterans sleeping out in the cold. No more immigrants until we take care of our own people. I also say “stop giving money to foreign countries that hate us” when Americans have to do without the basic necessities. Hell Yes, I agree!

  • robert Powell says:

    we in america do not want a new belgistan or californicastan ..keep the illegals in the middle east there is many areas that no one other than the scorpions and goats live they can stay over there where sharia law is based.we do not need them or want them. they will not blend with our morals. and may i add please take a democrat with you when you leave……..please

  • gene says:

    not one red cent of any aid to illegals and their brats. our veterans need deserve and demand it

  • Randy Kemp says:

    are country needs to take care of the people who are here first and protect us from enemies outside our borders

  • dale geldreich says:

    to many immigrants get here and get on welfare,we can only afford so manyand benefits are taken away from citizens who have paid taxes for years

  • Terri Siau says:

    When we have the illegals in hand, we can be open for legal immigration again.

  • linda fletcher says:

    We need to put our American people to work first.

  • Mae Pouslen says:

    Our country and infrastructure can’t support our own population. We need to finally think about our own population and the needs of our own people. If you can’t monitor who comes here they need to go home.

  • David Hansen says:

    Immigrants have been a drain on our economy. When they want anything citizens have to go without in order for the illegal aliens to get what they want.

  • susan lenihan says:

    America welcomes immigrants, but, the legal way…we use to have rules, bring them back!!! We must be stricter in allowing folks in….this day and age, it is only the smart thing to do.

  • Clairee Meeks says:

    I am definitely NOT against immigration or immigrants, but I do think we should totally close our borders until we can get some of our unemployed working again, and try to get this country back on track towards again becoming the country it used to be. Then we should be selective about who and how many immigrants we should allow in, and definitely be cautious about, and strongly vet all those from Islamic countries.

  • Camille says:

    This country has become overcrowded, and we need time to catch up. We still need the land for farming, too! We provide so much of the world’s food that we have to be careful, because we are over using the fields to the point that they don’t rep;enish themselves with the vitamins and minerals that are bodies need.

  • Edward Swisher says:

    The border has been left wide open and we have so many dangerous people in America now! It should only be done legally if there is a need. Almost 100 million Americans do not have employment!

  • Gerald Woods says:

    We already have ISIS in the U.S. now and don’t need anymore. We have too many illegals here so we need that problem fixed before anymore immigrants come in!!!

  • c says:

    We need to get a handle of who we are, where we are going and reconnect to our founding principles…that’s easier said than done be most do not even know what those principles are.
    Until then, we should close the door until we get our “you know what” straight.

  • MICKEY JONES says:

    As a country, we can not afford to feed and support illegals who can not work and pay their own way. As a state, we can not afford to school all of the children who do not speak English,are not up with their age group and must have free lunches.Most do not have their vaccines to enter school. Diseases are being brought into the states that we have had under control for years. That’s just more hardship on the states. As for the Muslim population, I am sorry, but they just do not integrate with Americans. Their beliefs in Sharia Law do not mix with our laws, and I have to admit that having laws that allow wife beating, sex slave holdings, beheadings, stonings, child weddings, do not mix with my upbringing. Those who do believe in those things do not belong in the US.

  • Ken says:

    #When every American Citizen that wants to work, has a good paying job- then we can let in a few.

  • Lenne P. Miller says:

    That’s against all of the principles on which this country is founded. Every U.S. citizen has an immigrant in his/her bloodline. Are you proposing to scratch out the words, “Give us your tired your poor…” on the Statue of Liberty?

  • Tammy Henson says:

    Not until they are intensely investigated & fully aware of why they are entering our country. NO MORE!!!!

  • Richard Elliott says:

    We need a moratorium on immigration for at least a year or two due to the enormous numbers that have come through or southern border in the recent past, as well as the numbers that Obama has brought in from the middle east and the numbers that have overstayed their visas. We need time to secure our borders and develop better systems to monitor who is here and how long they are allowed to stay.

  • Gregg Ricker says:

    The American citizens are fed up with supporting the illegal immigrants and immmigrants who do not asimulate to our western cultures. Enough is enough, American citizens should be first and foremost!

  • Jerome says:

    We are not settling this country anymore, do not need people in mass numbers anymore as labors. We only need people like doctors, engineers, etc. to fill jobs that are short in supply. Most immigrants these days are just a financial burden on the taxpayer today.

  • William Bowen says:

    We cannot take care of and feed educate house and get good paying jobs for the people that we have here in America now how can we keep letting people in this country when we can’t take care of our own people that’s here now

  • joe connolly says:

    at least 30% of them are terrorests they aren’t here to live they are here to distroy

  • wood says:

    aa lot of people dont even know what they do with their food stamps when they get here ived personally seen what they do they cant buy beer or chigarettes with food stamps so they buy meat then take it home lay on counter overnight to let it spoil then take it back to store the next day the store. pays them cash back then they buy beer and chigarettes with cash that u worked hard for is thhat what u want america

  • dennis r. Drake says:

    I agree, we should stop all immigration for one year. Then we should investigate how many millions of illegal immigrants really are here, I believe it to be over 50 million now.

  • linda tynan says:

    You need to straighten out the ISIS infiltration before we can let people come back in. Our country, our laws. Why does Mexico have a barbed wired fence and shoot to kill orders on their Southern borders?

  • Douglas Brooks says:

    It is time to take care of Americans first, get
    all Americans back to work, help the elderly
    more, take care of the veterans. stop paying
    illegals our social security money, send them back to where they came from, the wars are going to stop, so they don’t need to be here.

  • Clare E Butterfield says:

    Our youth are left without the opportunities that they desire to become productive citizens!

    • Jon Exner says:

      Clare E Butterfield, you are correct about the youth not having the opportunities, the irony of this is that the youth of this country have been brain washed, they support the progressive views that amnesty for illegal alien invaders, for increased legal immigration.
      Trump needs to stop talking about eliminating the Department of Education and use it to force school districts to get back to teaching the true meaning of being an American citizens and the great things this nation has done since 1776. There is nothing wrong in teaching the warts but the good things far out weigh those warts.

  • Joseph Giorgi says:

    I personally ,Absolutely Agree With Tim Cotton.All Immigration must cease temporally. Give our nations economy sufficient time to catch up with the over flow of immigrants , Give our nations education infrastructure,Legal system sufficient time To recover.

  • John says:

    This is truly a US Sovereignty issue. We must resolve OUR NATIONAL Immigration problem, starting with enforcement. This is affecting millions of Americans through increased crime, job loss to illegals and a burden on our entitlements system, just to name a few issues.
    Suspend immigration, build & enforce our borders, make fixing these issues a priority, then we can open our immigration again

  • Raymond Proctor says:

    we are 20 trillion in debt, we can not afford to feed the world any more, we must address our own problems first.

  • Anthony says:

    Only for a time, until the system can be fixed, wall built and process in place to streamline the process. Too many coming in too fast for US to absorb. They need to assimilate to become a US citizen, otherwise we will have no country left. Chaos is not a country!

  • Jon Exner says:

    Every patriotic American citizen must ask and answer to themselves the following.
    Are we a sovereign nation where citizenship has meaning which give us rights and privileges over foreigners?
    Or is the United States of America nothing more than an employment office for the worlds cheapest labor pool?
    Patriotic American citizens need to demand that aristocratic political elite politicians like paul ryan who wants to increase legal immigration under the H1B and H2B visa programs forcing American citizens to compete with cheap foreign labor for the scarce jobs in America must be forced out of the leadership positions.

  • kimber zerweck says:

    Get control of our broken and abused immigration system. Then orderly re open the fixed immigration system.

  • Lonnie says:

    Too many here all ready!!!!

  • rich says:

    Time to take care of american workers first.It used to be MADE IN AMERICA by american workers .That is not so any more.We are a melting pot of people who a BETTER life Not a Pot of people who want to Kill us.



  • Jim says:

    How can we continue to take in more people when we can not say “grace” over the ones already here? We

  • Dennis says:

    Theres no jobs we are being over run and forgotten. Fuck you Obama. The only reason youre not dead is because no sane man want to spend time behind bars for a nigger piece of shit like you.

  • SARA PADGETT says:


  • floyd-bradley says:

    With the world the way it is today and the number of psychopaths coming into America after being released from jails for violent crimes, no one should be allowed in without some kind of background check and without a clean bill of health.

    There is no reason not to keep the public safety at a higher standard than it is at this time. Which rates a D at this time headed for an F.

  • Bryan Haroldsen says:

    It is Not our responsibility to take care of all those who want to leave their country for one reason or another.. They are not my problem..They cone here to these United States of America to take our Jobs, Housing and anything else they can take from us!! Sorry Were full.. stay the Hell Out!!

  • Cassandra says:

    With all the immigration, it is getting too crowded and wild animals can’t run freely, because all the land is being developed!

  • susan says:

    we need long pause on all immigration, we need to identify and deport most illegal aliens, criminals, and any on the public dole, all refugees need to be sent to a safe zone, and we need to identify what constitutes a refugee, no economic or gang violence refugees, then we need time for all immigrants of the last 20 years to assimilate, we need a twenty year pause with little or no immigration. then we need to change our immigration system, no chain migration, no poor to get on the public dole, immigrants must have a sponser, no anchor babies

  • chris says:

    I’m sorta torn on this one. On one hand I agree about cleaning out the illegals who are here illegally , but for those who are really going thru the processes necessary to gain legal residence as a citizen or whatnot I dont agree . Its just not very American to deny all immigrants . Secure our borders yes, clean up the illegals I agree, but closing America to all is a bit overboard I think. There are people , good people out there whos only chance is America . To deny them is possibly and probably a death sentence.

  • Patsi Moffatt says:

    Absolutely wonderful comments appearing here. So much truth, it is hard to understand why people can’t realize what has happened to America since 9/11. We have become an angry divided nation. Time to wake up before it is too late.

  • Victor Canfield II says:

    I agree because it will stop the terrorist and terrorist allies from coming into the land and causing disturbances and destruction.

  • Barrie says:

    To many undocumented people here, very dangerous to our security here in the USA! Wake up before it’s to late

  • Name says:

    We need the jobs and benefits for the Americans (and people who came here legally and didn’t overstay their visas, etc. Enforce the laws on the books, get our country in order with jobs and less entitlements and then and only then do we consider reopening our doors. Also, those immigrants that are legally here, MUST assimilate, speak English, honor our laws and customs, etc.

  • David Martin says:

    This country was founded by immigrants and persons who were persecuted in other parts of the world where they came from. That is our heritage and the principals on which our country was founded, and the resulting diversity has made our society richer. The current xeniphobia and racial and religious discrimination are disgusting and don’t belong in the country I grew up in. Osama bin Laden stated he wanted to change our way of life… look around folks… he did it.

  • Anonymous says:

    American people needs to get back on its feet. People on Social Security haven’t had a raise for several years. Social Security is not an entitlement and illegals should not be allowed to receive what the American people have paid into it. Congress should never be allowed to draw from Social Security, ever!!!! Illegals have taken many Americans jobs and their are laws that require businesses to hire an illegal before an American. We need to get rid of the Trade Agreements. I could go on and on but you should get the drift…Politically Correct is BS.

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