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COVID-19 Killed The Same Number of Americans As Spanish Flu



People in protective suits from the Spanish flu epidemic coronavirus contaminated background | COVID-19 Killed The Same Number of Americans As Spanish Flu | featured

It’s official: COVID-19 already killed as many Americans as the 1918 Spanish flu. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is still raging on. Any time now, coronavirus will officially grab the title of killing more Americans. 

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COVID-19 Has Same Mortality Rate As the Spanish Flu

Approximately 675,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 since last year. This is the same number of people who died at hands of an earlier pandemic, the 1918-1919 Spanish flu.

As the US population was only a third of what it is today, it meant that the Spanish flu remains the deadlier deadly medical issue between the two. However, COVID-19 presents unique challenges of its own.

Given the scientific knowledge about the virus, plus the availability of vaccines, COVID-19 remains a tragic outbreak that should've killed fewer Americans than it did.  

Medical historian Dr. Howard Markel of the University of Michigan rued that many Americans still refuse to vaccinate. “Big pockets of American society — and, worse, their leaders — have thrown this away,” he said. 

Like the Spanish Flu, COVID-19 Might Never Go Away

Similar to the virus outbreak more than 100 years ago, COVID-19 might never go away. 

Scientists hopefully look forward to a time when the virus will turn into a seasonal bug. They also hope that human immunity builds up against COVID-19 through vaccinations and repeated episodes of infection.

“We hope it will be like getting a cold, but there’s no guarantee,” said Emory University biologist Rustom Antia. He suggested an optimistic scenario of COVID-19 turning into the common cold. This could happen over a few years.

At present, however, coronavirus remains a fearsome virus that preys on the weak and the unvaccinated. Even as scientists say that delta infections have already peaked, the US is still recording around 1,900 deaths a day.

This is the highest level of daily deaths since March, which was back when vaccines were unavailable. As a result, the country’s overall death rate is now 674,000. It’s still counting. In addition, many experts believe the real number is much higher. 

Brace For A New Surge This Winter

Health experts are now fearing that the approaching winter will bring about new surges. In fact, the University of Washington's influential model projects an additional 100,000 Americans will die of COVID by January 1. This will bring the overall death toll to 776,000, greatly exceeding the Spanish flu record. 

The Spanish flu’s 675,000 death count is the official number given out by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Many believe the number is a rough estimate, given the incomplete records.

Poor scientific understanding of the illness also muddled the figures. This means the actual count could be much higher than the official count. 

 Spanish Flu Killed 50 Million Worldwide, COVID-19 4.6 Million 

In addition, the influenza pandemic killed 50 million humans globally. Considering that the world’s population is only 25% of what it is today, the number is very frightening. In contrast, COVID deaths worldwide are currently at around 4.6 million.

Scientists hope that the virus will soon weaken, which can lead to reduced infections. Only through vaccination and surviving an earlier bout will improve a person’s immune system against COVID-19. Also, breastfed infants can gain some immunity from their mothers.

Watch the 12NewsNow video reporting that COVID-19 death toll surpasses estimated death toll of 1918 Spanish flu pandemic:

Which is more deadly: Spanish flu or COVID-19?

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Do you believe that the COVID-19 is far more deadly than the Spanish flu? Or, do you think that the Spanish flu is way more severe than COVID-19?

Let us know what you think about the global pandemic and their record deaths. Share your comments below.

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  • Elaine says:

    We have several treatment options today that was not available in 1918. However those in power simply refuse to promote the possibility of treatment options.
    Many of these options were proposed by middle of 2020.
    It was more important to pour money into vaccinations than actual treatment options. When you have a 97%+ survivability and a 1.8% mortality of those who actually contract the disease we should have been researching and promoting treatment options all along.
    One thing that this article fails to compare is the United States population 1918 versus today.

  • Anonymous says:

    There weren’t nearly as many people when the Spanish flu was involved. Try doing the percentage.

  • Bev says:

    Covid 19 is a manufactured disease and has nothing to do with any natural occurring flu. Not only that, but the numbers of covid 19 are inflated and mean nothing. The local school system has said covid 19 is the reason for the children to be coming down with illness, when they have done NO testing and the symptoms are nothing more that the normal head cold and snotty noses that has happened every year since school was originally started!

  • Curtis D Myers says:

    These are estimated and inflated as has been documented now. Like the Spanish Flu, this is a man made bioweapon. The Spanish flu was initiated with the Rockefeller vaccines given to soldiers Fort Riley, KS and contained the equine respiratory virus. We need to quit screwing around with micro-organisms in the name of “science”….unless of course it is intentional

  • Huapakechi says:

    The “Spanish Flu” killed about 0.64 percent of the total population in the United States, a little more than six in every thousand people. By contrast, the more than 500,000 deaths attributed to COVID-19 make up about 0.15 percent of the total population, or between one and two in every thousand people. If COVID-19 caused deaths at the same rate as the 1918 epidemic, the total would approach two million.
    The death rate is exacerbated by the “authorities” deliberate suppression of treatment modalities that have shown promise. Ya have to wonder at the agenda.

  • kh says:

    Per the CDC website a year ago 94% of the people who passed with Covid had 2.6 other underlying conditions. The trick is people passing with Covid versus from Covid. We all have viruses in our system all the time so if they put the PCR number up the majority will show a positive test for the virus which they call Covid. Last summer my daughters boss had an aunt who passed from cancer but they put Covid related on her death certificate. When all those people were dying in nursing home/assisted living facilities Coumo was complaining about not having tests to see if they had COVID. How would you even know if they had a virus? Also why isn’t our US Congress and US Postal Service mandated to take the vaccine when companies with 100 or more employees are mandated for the vaccine. People think think think don’t just believe everything our government tells us. Statistics can be easily manipulated.

  • Pete Bishop says:

    Huapakechi has it right. The lead in for this article says COVID has the same death RATE as the Spanish Flu. Death rate is calculated as a percentage of the population not the actual number of deaths. The number of deaths from both diseases being roughly equal does not give the same death rate for each as we have a much larger population today. Stating this not just wrong, it is dishonest and is an obvious attempt to show that COVID is as deadly as the worst pandemic in American history. If you couple this with the known manipulation of the cause of death reported to the CDC, researchers are going to have a really hard time sorting out just how lethal COVID really is. This article promotes an agenda, it does not promote fact based understanding. Trisha Sebastian, if I were your Professor in Journalism school this paper would receive an “F” and if I were a Nun in the newsroom your editor would get a ruler across his knuckles!

  • Bonnie says:

    The Spanish Flu was a True virus that swept thru the port of entries killing many. However, history has shown that there were MORE deaths due to Bacterial Phenomenon vs Spanish Flu! The masks that they wore trapped in droplets and we’re not cleaned properly causing respiratory system failure. This is why masks are frowned on because of infections!! Covid is NOT a viral infection, but a manmade virus!!

  • S. Carpenter says:

    This is only to those American citizens who ‘bah humbug’ Covid 19:

    I’ve about had it to the eyebrows with all the whining and crying over a pin prick called a VACCINE. Not just from the common folk, but from politicized newscasters who also continue to pedal their disdain for anyone who gets the jab, anyone who mandates the jab, completely ignoring all first person accounts coming out of our hospitals of doctors and nurses developing PTSD from the continuing horrific deaths they cannot stop. There is no “treatment” after a very short window of warning most of us would mistake as a simple cold. Now, I’ve watched half the doctors walk off from the clinic where I go for health care.

    The other comment I’d like to make is those of you who are sniveling about numbers and how anyone “making you get the jab” are endangering the lives of others as well. I get a single negative comment on social media platforms for encouraging people to get vaccinated, I will begin to report them as a danger to society: because that’s what you are.

    Again: Don’t be a danger to society. YOU don’t want the vaccine, fine. Don’t take it. But stop with the bellyaching. Allow others to do so without your interference.

  • BBA says:

    All I know is the fact that in the Spanish flu era there were way more smarter people in this country than what we have now. Too many clueless cowardly sheep think our corrupt Government knows best even though they lie, manipulate and manufacture ridiculous numbers of the sick for the scare factor. When you hear the term “dumbing down America” know that you are living in the era of total f’n stupidity right now!

  • vietvet says:

    During the Spanish flue Pandemic they did not classify every death as flue,unlike covid, auto accident, gun shot to the head,still covid death because WE GET MORE GOV MONEY if we say it was COVID

  • Sam says:

    Here’s the thing. NONE of the politicians care about anyone, or anything but money. Current days prime example. We have a “pandemic” although not very deadly even by cdc’s standards and in comparison, BUT, let’s say it’s EXTREMELY deadly for argument sake. They have politicized it, democrats and republicans alike. They can’t even take care of the “people” during a pandemic. In fact many, includong our VP said she wouldn’t take it if it came out under Trump. Secondly, this “vaccine” was seveloped in 8 months, and tested for 2. NEVER went through phase 3 testing, that’s the people taking it. We also know they’re saying it’s completely safe, even long term. Why say this? You can’t say that when you don’t know. Also, the government is saying EVERYONE has to take it, even if you had covid? Or, everyone is going to die…except if you work for Congress, or an illegal migrant, a judge, USPS, and I believe judges,or you are a welfare recipient. Why would these be exemptions? And if it’s “completely safe and effective,” why is there a need for a booster, and, why would anyone WANT an exemption? Much less based on those terms. Even people vaccinated voluntarily must have questions at this point?
    There are no standards for anything from masks(why no standard? Surgical masks are useless. I have a box from the US and Japan, it says, ” does not protect agaonst virus or disease) to stupid plastic shields in between people (like the super microscopic virus particles aren’t going to float around or over them), to taking temperatures or using hand sanitizer.

    And to S Carpenter. It appears you’re open to people having a choice? We have that with everything else, right? Even abortions, even late term abortions. That’s great because what’s happening now is medical malfeasance. Look it up and try to argue it isn’t. AND there are a lot of Dr.s and nurses saying the treatments themselves, in particular remdesivir and ventilators are killing the patirnts. Even the other side is saying ventilators aren’t a good solution. Why aren’t we allowed to hear their side? They were qualified to care for them but they’re not credible, or qualified to speak about it? The swine flu vaccine which actually was tested was pulled for 32 deaths, we’re doing that daily with this one. Why? Why are people villified if they beat it naturally or with alternative medicines? Even US Dr.’s
    were migrating towards that…before covid19. What’s happening now violates the Constitution, the Nuremburg Act, The World Medical Association, the Medical Protection Society, Parliamentary Aswembly Of The Council Of Europe, The Convention of Human Rights and biomedicine, UNESCO, Universal Declaration On Bioethics and Human Rights, UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Article 7, and people are losing their jobs, dying, experiencing heart attacks, bells palsy, blindness, threatened with the loss of health insurance and many others, so that’s why people are “bellyaching,” as you so sensitively acknowledged. If we allow the Government to break the law during an emergency, they will always create an emergency to break the law. What’s next, forced sterilization? Forced birth control through schools? Why not, schools are mandating masks (deemed a medical device) and vaccinations. What about the Tuskogee “scientific experiment?” Lobotomies? It wasn’t that long ago they were being performed on this country. Be careful what you wish for!

  • RJS says:

    There is a difference between real illness from airborne illnesses and a fabricated weapon of destruction known as biological warfare created in a lab in Wuhan China and released to bring down democratic societies. Cooking the books and inflating statistics to drive the communists’ agenda of America is no surprise. Stuffing and exposing people to God only knows what into nursing homes then blaming the deaths on Covid. I know because my cousin in Michigan is an example of the deaths reported after being forced to a nursing home. The majority of deaths in nursing homes and the very elderly are pneumonia and are not linked to covid, just old age and lung disease primarily from smoking their whole lives and fluid develop in the lungs. Never let a crisis go by is the motto of the communist party of America and they are experts in following Alinsky and Chomsky teachings. Democrats are communists trying to destroy America and becoming CORPORATE AMERICA. If you have ever worked at a large corporation then you know all about socialism and controlling the people is what CORPORATE AMERICA thrives on. We the people DON’T WANT CORPORATED NOSES STUCK IN OUR PRIVATE LIVES. Giveme liberty or give me death.

  • Joseph Russo says:

    Apparently the author of this article didn’t bother to tale in the fact that there were less people during the Spanish flu Era. So to say it killed just as many people is a lie and mis information by the left.
    Stop spreading lies to support your BS cause.

  • Jo Cooperman says:

    Most of the death “statistics” are people who died with Covid – not from Covid. Majority also died due to medical malpractice by forcing patients to be intubated and take remdesivir which is killing patients with its’ side effects like kidney failure. Patients should be receiving hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. Doctors and hospitals are being directed to NOT give patients these two effective medicines that have been on the market for 60 plus years. Can you say population control. Killing off nursing home patients saved State and Federal Governments millions of dollars spent annually on these patients. Bill Gates is up to his you know what in this, owning the companies that do the testing. Does that instill confidence – Gates is a long-time proponent of population control

  • David says:

    Who wrote this article. No way, 675,000 people died from covid. We kmow numbers were exagerated because each body is worth $39,000. We also know the vaccine deaths aren’t being tracked. Baerse is a VERY unreliable system but the CDC admits to at least that many. The military has more deaths from the “gene therapy” than the virus itself. They were going to do jt in 2003 but caught too much flack from DARPA. Look it up, its in the CDC papers, working with NCU Chapel Hill.

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