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Trump Kills It With Speech Heard Round The World



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  • Trump gave a 41-minute speech yesterday bashing his opponent Hillary Clinton, from his skyscraper in New York.
  • A correspondent from NPR said that his speech was “the speech Republicans have been waiting 20 years to hear.”
  • People are saying that this speech alone could unify the Republican party.

The speech that Donald Trump gave yesterday, where he brutally attacked Hillary Clinton, has been getting a lot of praise. The political correspondent for NPR, Mara Liasson, smeared it with approval to the point where she said it was “the speech Republicans have been waiting 20 years to hear.”

Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, gave a 41-minute speech from one of his skyscrapers in New York, great setting right? His main target was Hillary Clinton, who he bashed for corrupt deals that she made while serving her stint in the State Department. Of course, he also responded to some of her jabs on his economic policies.

Liasson said that Trump had made a case against Hillary that Republicans have been unable to do. She believes that this speech may have just unanimously unified the Republican party once and for all.

She wrote:

The speech will be fact-checked, and before it was even delivered, the Clinton campaign and its allies were pushing back with a detailed rebuttal. Nevertheless, the political significance of the speech is undeniable. After wasting the first six weeks of his time as the presumptive nominee of the GOP — getting sidetracked almost daily by petty personal feuds and provocative statements — Trump finally laid out a case against Clinton on foreign and domestic policy.

This speech should quiet some of the angst inside Republican circles about the quality of the campaign Trump is running (or not running). Opposition to the Clinton's is one of the strongest strands in the GOP’s DNA — and now that decades-long animus seems to have found a focused champion in Donald Trump.

It’s the speech Republicans have been itching to hear, in a crystallized way, since the 1990's. Trump gave them exactly what they wanted and likely quelled some fears about his candidacy. They might not be totally behind him, but Republicans are virulently opposed to her.

If Trump can stick to this kind of strong approach to politics, he may just have the candidacy in the bag.

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  • Betty Armstrong says:

    I am a Trump Supporter and have been from the beginning. 1st reason is that he hasn’t (to my knowledge) been bought and paid for by those SUPER PAC, entities. He says it like it is. I, someday would like to have a woman President, but she has to be really sharp, no baggage, only not HRC. She is as crooked as they come. Trump will make America Great Again !!!

  • Judy says:

    Just what did Trump say, word for word?I read these things over and over and still it does not say what Trump said. But that is OK he bores me anyway.

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