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State Of The Union Takes A Scary Turn Into Socialism



The best thing about President Obama's State of the Union speech was that it will be his last one. Obama basically treated it as a giant pat-yourself-on-the-back party where he self-congratulated himself on any little thing he could find. He even boasted about things he hasn't done, like curing cancer, as if giving the go ahead was the same as accomplishing it.

Obama also took a page out of Bernie Sanders playbook by giving a long list of socialist dreams that he would accomplish if no one stood in his way.

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  • Jack Peddy says:


  • Matthew N. Feller says:


  • Undex says:

    Barry and his IslamMarxist minions (including now Paul Ryan) forget that America is shaking off their oppression and will soon shove that “socialism” right up …..

  • Steven Hyde says:

    His speech is full of lies, he is without doubt the worst president in the history of the USA. He has single handedly brought our country to the verge of collapse. He wants to import Islamic jihadists to the US, knowing full well that it would cause a state of national emergency, & prevent a presidential election. His gun control policy is intended to prevent the people from opposing him after he declares martial law. His energy policies are intended to cause brown-outs & black-outs. His foreign policy is intended to cause an EMP attack that would bring down our electrical grid, leaving the populace without transportation, heat, lights, food, water, or septic systems. Millions will die. He doesn’t care. He just wants power.

  • Steve Naylor says:

    This dictator is trying to get us all killed he’s kicking every pilar this great nation was built on as he goes out the door that I hope will hit him in the ass WAKE UP SHEEPOLE !!!!!! Blel. Libialism is a cancer killing this great country

  • Ron Burnell says:

    Lets see. Increased my healthcare cost by 53% last year. Increase unemployment (Changed reporting from M6to M3) Killed an ambassador. Gun running in Mexico. Devided the country, No growth in wages. Made America the laughing stock of the world. Started WW3 in the Middle East. Yep best el president.

  • Michael Hughes says:

    Birth to death social support is called socialism. Who is left to support all this generosity? In a socialist society, there are no suppliers when everybody is a receiver. Even paternalistic socialism degrades in a much meaner system as that is the way that people are built. Absolute power corrupts absolutely…….

  • neal says:

    a bunch of bs

  • T Floyd says:

    “Barry” is a brainwashed narcissistic, delusional, psychopathic marxist muslim jihadist who is merely a pawn in his “massahs”
    hands. He has sold his soul to satan!

  • T Floyd says:

    Obama is a pathetic, psychopathic, narcisssitic, marxist muslim jihadist puppet of his satanic “massahs”. He has sold his soul to satan!

  • Paul rutan says:

    The Iran nuclear dear alone makes him the worst president in our history

  • terry says:

    He is the worst president ever. He is a Nazi & the people are not going to tolerate him stealing the peoples land in Oregon, Nevada and all over, as well as stealing people’s guns. Send the fag with the stud wife back to Kenya forever. He is a no good THIEF. He authorized the mutilation of Benghazzi Admiral Stevens, and his whore friend Hillary a Nazi Fake Jew from Khazaria. He also autohorized Lois Learner to rob people’s bank accounts & hand their substance over to the whores in IRS, the whore Queen and the whore pope. All 5 of them should be shot to death by our National Guard firing squad, for treasonous traitors. They are all stinking rotten whores who need to be put in a gas chamber and gassed to death, by our National Guard. They are a detriment to society and are terrorists to the good people of America.

  • Name says:

    Grandiose personality

  • gf says:

    Well, I will give BO credit for one thing, how this Mother Fucker, became the POTUS, is one of the most unbelievable chapters, in US history.

    Sorry, a MF typo!

  • William says:

    He already knows that he is lying—-it s his normal state——hes the worst president ever!

  • William Hoard says:

    His plan is to destroy our country and our way of life and bring in all the worst of the 3rd world to help him. IT puts great fear in my heart as a veteran that he is doing these things to our country I served for and would gladly give my life. If he has his way us veterans and our families will have nothing for what we did and gave our country. He is ripping it all away as fast as he can. I have a friend who is retired military and has been waiting for 2 years to get his hip replacement. From Injuries received in the first gulf war. That is what he has done to the VA. It is a tragedy and now he is pulling more funding from our VA and Social Security and telling me I paid for 48 years and don’t deserve Social Security and that money needs to go to support people who are refugees and our enemy and also want us dead. A True Tragedy He wants our money our food stores and our guns he should be impeached and charged with Treason for aiding and abetting our enemy. Who he has been supporting since he came into office. He wont get any of mine!!!!

  • Richard says:

    At the present time Barack Obama has led this nation down primrose lane we do not have the finances to do all of the things that he talks about he is leading this nation further and further into debt he has no real plan to lead America to greatness he talks like a man with a paper but why doesn’t he just quite his job and let someone take over that can lead this country

  • Keith Darby says:

    Obama preaches a socialist message but I suspect he is a Muslim at heart. he is a puppet of the money men who put him there, he is not even qualifies to be the President (British Father and born God knows where?) who once accepted a foreign student loan to study at an American college! He was put in place as President, to disrupt and run down America as much as possible (and he has done a good job at that) so that his backers can put in place their vision of a new World order which is very socialistic!

    Keith Darby

  • Slaton says:

    Everything this person has done has demolished the entire Country.

  • Jean Knight says:

    Obama wants to take our country down. To make it a third world nation.

  • that is bull bullhit says:

    obozoe is so ofhit

  • that is bull bullhit says:

    obozoe is so ofhit

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