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78% Of Americans In Favor Of Stronger Voter Laws



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An overwhelming majority of Americans are in favor of stronger voter laws. They support the implementation of stricter voting laws, including expanding voter ID requirements.

They also want stricter rules on accepting ballots after Election day. This was according to a new poll conducted by the New York Post last week. 

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Stricter Voter Laws To Safeguard Elections

The Republican National Committee commissioned the survey, and Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway conducted the polling. Republicans continue to advocate for election reform and suggest stricter voting laws. As a result, Florida, Georgia, and Arizona recently enacted stricter rules on various voting procedures. 

Meanwhile, many Democrats decried Republican efforts. They insist that the GOP is pushing for a power grab by disenfranchising voters.   

The GOP conducted the phone survey between June 8 to June 13. A total of 800 registered voters participated in the survey. 31% identified themselves as Democrats, 29% said they were Republicans, and 36% said they remain independent.

Despite the wide representation, 80% said that stricter voter laws in verifying voter ID remain an important security measure. In addition,  89% of respondents said they favor purging voter rolls whenever an individual died or changed residence.

Majority Of Americans Favor Voter IDs

Appearing with RNC chair Ronna McDaniel, Conway said that the changes in Georgia’s voting laws received widespread approval because  “large majorities of Americans” prefer the security of voter ID.

McDaniel added that even critics of voter ID laws, including voting rights activist Stacey Abrams, now voice support for the changes in voter laws. Reportedly, Abrams changed her stance due to the results from numerous polls. “Stacey Abrams in April was against voter ID, it was voter suppression, all of the sudden she says, I was always for voter ID,” she said.

In addition, the survey also found out that 78% of respondents want more than stronger voter laws on IDs. They also support signature verification, a chain of custody controls, bipartisan observers, and regular cleaning up of voter rolls.

In addition, 71% of poll respondents do not want voting precincts to accept ballots after election day. A further 87% opposed what is termed “ballot harvesting.” 

GOP Voting Laws A Pushback From Democrat Efforts

Meanwhile, 66% of Americans wanted early-voting ballots counted once received, with just 18% saying they disagree. An additional 53% said special voting measures put in place due to the pandemic aren’t necessary anymore. 

The new voting laws are a result of GOP lawmakers pushing back against Senate Democrats who want sweeping voting laws but going the other direction. A Democrat to approve a voting bill didn’t last long due to a lack of support from the GOP. 

Watch the PBS NewsHour report on Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on the battle over voting rights, the fight against COVID-19:

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Do you agree with implementing stricter, not looser voting laws? Do you think these measures can help safeguard the ballot? Will more American voters benefit from these stricter laws?

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