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Supreme Court Takes on Second Amendment Case That Can Undermine Gun Laws



Supreme court-Supreme Court Takes on Second Amendment Case That Can Undermine Gun Laws-ss-Featured

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case that will involve the Second Amendment that will have new restrictions and ramifications on our Country’s gun laws. Most are fearful that this case could strip away many state laws. It could also place limitations on legislators dealing with gun violence.

The case The Supreme Court will hear is New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. Vs. Corlett. This case deals with the state’s guidelines for approval of concealed carry weapons permits.

New York State law currently requires a resident to “show” he/she has what the state calls “actual and articulable” need in order to obtain the license.

A ruling on a case of this magnitude could impact concealed carry permits in more than just New York, Jacob D. Charles, Executive Director of the Center for Firearms Law at the Duke University of Law. He also mentions that the decision made in this particular case will prove how the current Supreme Court views Second Amendment rights.

The last major case dealing with 2A was more than a decade ago which makes this a high-profile case. With the current state of events, the left has pushed this anti-gun agenda throughout America. This makes the case even more important.

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This is the first case directly involving the right to bear arms since the confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett. In the wake of mass shootings throughout the nation, all of America will pay attention to what happens.

Paul Clement, the lawyer representing the NYS Rifle & Pistol Association, wrote that the current laws make it impossible for law-abiding citizens in New York to obtain a concealed permit. A client stated he was refused his permit with a clean record while living in an area with a rise in robberies.

The Supreme Court tends to stay away from Second Amendment cases. The last case was in 2008, District of Columbia vs. Heller. Justice Scalia wrote a decision that put limits on gun ownership that gun advocates did not like. We now have a right majority on the bench dealing with a case that could change gun owners’ lives.

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  • Rhonda Reichel says:

    not so sure about gorsuch & Kavanaugh…Trump really screwed up with those 2 traitors

  • Arnold Lausevich says:

    don’t have any confidence in any of those black robe traitors

  • Mark Hiatt says:

    New York needs a tsunami, that would fix that shit hole

  • Anonymous says:

    We a need win for the good guys. A Bible in one hand and a gun in the other.

  • Ben says:

    New York and California should fall in the ocean.

  • Gary M Homer says:

    sleepy joe needs to worry more about the crisis he caused at the border and less about gun control. me being a tax payer i am tried of them spending our money. start spending on more important things. like taking care of our own people in this country not everyone else. do your damn job.

  • Lily Laureano says:

    I agree that clown sitting in White House is worthless

  • Grant A. Flemmings says:

    You know in this country about every hundred years we have major technological changes turn of the century 1900 Automobiles airplanes newer style trains mass transit trolley cars buses and Henry Ford making it so that every American household can on the car now it’s time for new technologies things that in there are self on the surface same wonderful but we’re giving up all those things that we know and have loved and grown up with they’ve dumb down America changing things in schools new math what a joke take away cursive writing why so we don’t read history that was written in cursive like our constitution so here’s all this new change that looks like it’s leading us in the direction of a New World order paper money a thing of the past socialist behavior in our government if this is the direction of the future I want nothing to do with it I’m not a communist I’m not a socialist we already know those systems don’t work any better than ours time to regroup people I’m old I won’t be here long but for you young people be careful what right you give up their rights you’ll never get back again So write your congressman and your senators express your views tell them to do their job they work for us and if that doesn’t work you do the next thing you stand up and be counted because we are good Americans and this is the American way don’t just take it because they want you to make sure it’s good for everyone.

  • BBA says:

    EVERYONE that believes in our 2nd amendment should be very concerned about this case. This Supreme Court lead by the corrupt sellout Roberts is VERY dangerous when it comes to protecting our constitutional rights. Trump made some horrible choices for so called “conservative” Justices so just because on paper it reads we have a conservative majority in reality this is one of the most socialist acting High courts we have ever had in place.

  • CCHGN says:

    IMO, the author of this article and some folks are reading too much into this. For one, the SCOTUS is NOT above the Constitution. New York went WAY unconstitutional. ANY gun permit is an infringement of the 2A. In Heller vs DC and McDonald vs Chicago, SCOTUS said the the 2A means that NO state shall prevent ANY law abiding US citizen from keeping and bearing ANY small arm, even if it resembles military small arms. PERIOD THIS case is no different. NY is WRONG and I expect SCOTUS is taking this case because of the ridiculous, draconian practice NY has, they want to make an example out of them,to strike them down. I can’t imagine SCOTUS, already establishing precedence that the 2A means that NO ONE shall prevent law abiding citizens from keeping and bearing arms, taking a 180 degree stance on this case.

  • BBA says:

    @CCHGN!! Your comment of ” SCOTUS is NOT above the Constitution” is false in today’s SC. Look no farther than what happened with the mass amount of voter fraud in the last election which was totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL but yet the highest Justices in the land did nothing (except Justice Thomas) and pretty much said “nothing to see here now move along”!! Do not become complacent in thinking that this seedy Government cannot try and take your weapons and not permit you to legally carry if you decide to. The Constitution means nothing to most of these Justices in the SC at the moment.

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