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Biden To Announce Extreme Gun Control Executive Orders



President Joe Biden-Anti-2nd Amendment Biden To Announce Gun Control Executive Order -ss-Featured

President Joe Biden will sign a gun control executive order that would ban “ghost guns” on Thursday. Many consider this move to be a direct assault on the Second Amendment.

Apart from banning such weapons, the said action may also involve a directive against “assault” weapons. However, whether the order will actually involve this remains unclear.

As per a Politico report, Biden is expected to reveal a number of executive orders aimed to curb gun violence. Also, the president will instruct his administration to start the process that would require buyers of “ghost guns” to undergo background checks. Attorney General Merrick Garland will reportedly join Biden at the event.

Over 100 Democrats signed a letter that demands the president to take action against “assault weapons” last week. These Democrats cited a gun control law created initially to regulate the selling of machine guns in the mid-1930s. In later decades, lawmakers updated the said legislation to keep up with the evolution of technology. The Democrats claim that the measure would allow the president to ban such weapons without Congress’ approval.

Many expect the president to push back on using executive orders to possibly go beyond regulating “ghost guns,” which would send the topic back to the Congress democrats.

Biden Administration on Gun Control: Legislative Fixes Still the Priority

Responding to the criticisms from gun control activists, who say the administration moves too slowly, the White House said that legislative fixes are their priority. The president will likely make this point again on Thursday. Apart from this, he will also likely express his support for bills that would expand background checks and close what many call the Charleston loophole. This said loophole allows firearm transfer from licensed gun dealers prior to the completion of a background check. The president will also likely propose legislation that would keep guns away from those considered a danger to themselves or others.

Last month, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki alluded that Buden would sign gun control-related executive actions that would go against the Second Amendment.

When asked about executive orders connected to gun control, Psaki said that people should expect that Biden would sign them. Back then, however, she said she couldn’t provide an exact time frame since they needed to conduct a review.

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  • Billy says:

    He will be sued on day one of this unlawful order. People will ignore it so why do it to please only some voters? The left really must want a war.

  • JJ Johnson says:

    I agree and have been saying it for months….the democrats are doing their VERY BEST to start a civil war…and I predict they’ll succeed, sooner than you think!

  • Linn says:

    This will only affect legal gun owners. The criminals will still get the guns they want no matter how hard you make it on legal owners. This is BS!

  • O.L. Conlon says:

    Joe you work for the people, The People don’t work for you, You took a oath to protect the connotation, so you lied and should be remove from office and them that agree with you. Forfeit all pay and retirement pay. If you want change off the the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, then lets put it up for VOTE of the people, not the sectary that work on the hill.

  • Phyllis poole says:

    He will start a civil war! They ( Marxist like him. )pay people to shoot people and get others scared. Don’t be duped! Just get alert to a shooter – someone who is bigger that a gun could be hidden Report them. All stores have detectives and they should be alerted to anyone suspicious. And has anyone followed up on what happens to shooters. ? Do they walk right out the back door of the jail? With a pocket full of cash??
    I don’t trust Marxists. !!

  • me says:


  • D boy says:

    That dumass what the hellos a ghost gun!!!

  • Me two says:

    Bit by bit, our freedoms are being taken away, This sad small excuse of a president hasn’t a clue what “we the people” is all about.

  • Patriot says:

    The president (any president) does not have the power or the authority to issue such a mandate through executive order. The office of president DOES NOT MAKE LAW! Only the Congress makes law. The executive branch enforces law. Wake up people!

  • Patriot says:

    This man is a traitor to the Constitution and an enemy to the people of the United States. He thinks he is a dictator. Democrats are proving themselves, time and time again, to all be enemies and traitors to the Constitution and the people of the US. We need to cut these Marxists out of the fabric of American politics and society.

  • Chad says:

    China joe and his handler’s hard at work to distroy our great country! A bunch of living theves everytime they open there pie holes!

  • Patriot says:

    It’s time for Patriots to stand together! We don’t care what joe biden says…WE WILL NOT COMPLY!!!!

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