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7-Year-Old Throws Private Prom for His Babysitter as COVID-19 Lockdowns Canceled Hers

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7-year-old Curtis Rogers from North Carolina threw his nanny a surprise private prom because hers was canceled.

Curtis hadn’t seen his nanny, Rachel Chapman, in two months.

“I planned it out because Rachel probably wanted to see me a lot,” Curtis said. “She also is one of the best people I’ve known.”

“I was kind of like bummed putting my dress on because I was sad; I don’t get to wear it to my senior prom,” Rachel said. “After leaving it and having that time with him because it was the first time I had seen him in two months, it was like, really fun, and I’m really glad that he did that.”

The Surprise

Rachel’s mother, Becky Chapman, tweeted some photos with the caption: “My daughter has been a nanny for this amazing kid for over a year. When he realized she wouldn’t have a senior prom, he wanted to throw her one. He planned a socially distant prom, complete with dancing & her favorite foods.”

“First he was waiting outside when we got there with the pool noodle and then he led me into the backyard,” Rachel said. “He had all my favorite foods and everything. I could tell he put a lot of thought into it.”

Curtis’s mother, Elissa, said her son was “very excited and wanted to make sure everything was just right and get his suit on and pick out his bowtie that matched her dress.”

“It was really cute. He was really excited for it to start and make sure he was ready to impress her,” she added.

ABC11 reported that Curtis had the whole night planned out. There was their favorite after-school snack – peanut butter and apples – as an appetizer. They used a pool noodle to practice social distancing and had Google as the DJ playing Rachel’s favorite songs.

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