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Visitors of Park in Brooklyn Practice Social Distancing with “Human Parking Spots”

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Visitors of Park in Brooklyn Practice Social Distancing with “Human Parking Spots”

With coronavirus restrictions slowly being lifted, more people will begin to go outside – while still practicing social distancing, of course.

Domino Park in Brooklyn, New York has white circles painted on the grass. These circles serve as a guide for parkgoers in keeping distance.

A video posted by Jennifer 8. Lee on Twitter shows parkgoers occupying each circle – stretching, exercising, lounging. “They’ve made little round human parking spots in Domino Park in Brooklyn! (This park is often the poster child for social distancing fácil),” she said in her tweet.

“Looking at those circular human parking spaces in Domino made me think, if you were to take video footage from the world today and show it to someone from 2019, they would think it was from some near-future Hollywood dystopian television show instead of real life,” she said in a later post.

Guide Circles

New York Post reported that some parkgoers had the circles all to themselves. Meanwhile, others gathered with as many as four people at a time. Nearby benches held parkgoers who were waiting for a spot to open up.

“We’re taking the issue really seriously and we wanted to figure out ways to keep the park open,” said Michael Lampariello, Director of Domino Park.

According to Brooklyn Paper, the “creative enforcement effort” emerged on May 15th. Lampariello and his colleagues bought white marking paint and started marking the circles six feet apart from each other.

“We weren’t sure if it was going to work, but as soon as we put the circles down, folks were going to them and started policing themselves,” he said.

Untapped New York predicts that “these circles are going to pop up in more places here in New York City and the country as the weather continues to warm up.”

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