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Biden’s America: US Weapons, Artillery and Tanks Stolen by Taliban



Biden's America US Weapons, Artillery and Tanks Stolen by Taliban-ss-Featured

According to a new report, the Taliban has managed to seize US military weapons and equipment, including guns, artillery, and tanks.

The Washington Free Beacon released the bombshell report, which came after video footage showing the terrorists brandishing US weaponry has surfaced online.

Per the report, the Taliban managed to get a significant number of US military weapons and equipment. The group reportedly seized them from Afghan security forces while it pushes forward with its takeover, following the US forces’ withdrawal in the country.

Included in what the terrorist group has seized are US-made military vehicles, armored tanks, artillery, and even anti-aircraft guns. Afghan security forces initially received these munitions to secure the country while America ends its war there. However, the terrorist group managed to overwhelm the said Afghan forces and took over important provinces.

“These captured systems will increase the mobility and lethality of the Taliban, making them a more formidable adversary,” Bradley Bowman, the senior director of the Center on Military and Political Power at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, said. He added that “We have already seen the Taliban using captured humvees to patrol Kunduz and Sar-e Pol.”

Biden Promised to Send Troops in Evacuating US Embassy in Kabul

The situation in Afghanistan has become an embarrassment for Biden. The “commander-in-chief” has previously announced that he would send 3,000 American troops back to the country to aid in evacuating the US embassy in Kabul. However, immediately after making the announcement, the president went on vacation.

“It is very reasonable to expect that Kabul will fall by the 20th anniversary of 9/11 this year,” Annie Aleman, a GOP strategist, said.

“Concerns regarding the captured artillery have prompted U.S. airstrikes,” Bradley Bowman also stated, adding: “Hopefully those U.S. airstrikes will increase and continue beyond the August 31 deadline. American support for the Afghan security forces is not charity. It is helping a brave partner fight a common enemy over there so that they can’t target us here.”

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